Thinking about “peer review” …

Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence

This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.


Although clinical trials and real-world studies have affirmed the effectiveness and safety of the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines, reports of breakthrough infections and persistent emergence of new variants highlight the need to vigilantly monitor the effectiveness of these vaccines. Here we compare the effectiveness of two full-length Spike protein-encoding mRNA vaccines from Moderna (mRNA-1273) and Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT162b2) in the Mayo Clinic Health System over time from January to July 2021, during which either the Alpha or Delta variant was highly prevalent. <Source>

I take exception to the phrase “certified by peer review.”

Peer review is a publishing process to select and polish scientific papers for publication, mostly in prestigious scientific publications. Peer reviewers are knowledgeable in the field and are charged with weeding out research that does not meet publication standards or lacks the clarity to convey a message.

When you’re reading the manuscript…

  • Identify the research question and key claims.
  • Think about context and related literature.
  • Look at the figures and tables. Are they clear? Do they represent what the study is about?
  • Examine the results. Are they supported by the data?
  • Read the conclusions. Do they make sense?
  • Check the methods. Are they appropriate and reproducible?
  • Review the journal guidelines and publication criteria.
  • Keep everything confidential! <Source: PLOS>

Peer reviewers do not validate or replicate the research, nor do they vouch for the legitimacy, accuracy, and authenticity of the paper. Thus, “certified by peer review” is meaningless and grossly misleading. As we saw in the Climate-gate disclosures, the peer review process can be both subverted and manipulated by peer reviewers to suppress dissent, protect reputations, and advance narratives.

Thinking about the Tucker Carlson domestic spying issue…

Watchdog to probe 'alleged NSA targeting' after Tucker Carlson claim

The National Security Agency's Inspector General will open an investigation into what it described as an "alleged targeting" of a U.S. member of the media after Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed the agency spied on him earlier this year.

The inspector general said in a statement Tuesday that it was "examining NSA’s compliance with applicable legal authorities and Agency policies and procedures regarding collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination activities, including unmasking procedures, and whether any such actions were based upon improper considerations. If circumstances warrant, the OIG will consider other issues that may arise during the review." <Source>

Yada, yada, yada. From the work of previous Inspectors General, we know that their investigations are limited to their own department, cannot investigate employees who have quit or retired, and lack enforcement authority beyond criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and agency recommendations. As we saw in the Intelligence Community Inspector General (which includes the NSA), the IG can be highly partisan, perjure themselves in Congressional testimony, and aid and abet illegal activity without consequences. They tend to protect their organizations and maybe as political as other partisans.

Thinking about the impact of the Alphabet people (LGBTQ+) on the Culture…

Robin becomes a bisexual icon in new Batman comic

Tim Drake is now canonically bi thanks to Batman: Urban Legends.

There's a new LGBTQ superhero on the block, but DC Comics readers already know him well.

The latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends, a monthly anthology series, revealed that the Caped Crusader's longtime sidekick Robin, specifically the Tim Drake version of him, is bisexual. <Source>

Comics should entertain, not indoctrinate. And where is it written that a cartoon world must be sexual and mirror human interactions? This is an example of an extremely vocal minority destroying traditional norms. Tyranny by the minority.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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