Thinking about MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and the Cyber Symposium circus…

EXCLUSIVE: Cyber expert says his team can’t prove Mike Lindell’s claims that China hacked election

The cyber expert on the “red team” hired by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell now says the key data underpinning the theory that China hacked the 2020 election unveiled at the Cyber Symposium is illegitimate.

Several cyber experts at the symposium became frustrated late into the first day with not being provided with packet captures.

Mr. Merritt and Mr. Wiebe said the missing packet captures could be a result of either the format the data was sent in or they were withheld by the source of the information, Dennis L. Montgomery.

Mr. Montgomery is a former government contractor who developed cyber tools named HAMMER and SCORECARD, which were allegedly used by the U.S. to influence foreign elections. Mr. Montgomery came forward with the data after he said the tools were being used to influence U.S. elections, according to Mr. Wiebe.

Mr. Merritt confirmed that Mr. Montgomery was the source of the data.

But the data Mr. Montgomery sent contains no packet captures and cannot be used to validate Mr. Lindell’s marquee theory, which he planned to unveil at the symposium, said the two experts.

Mr. Montgomery reportedly suffered a stroke on the eve of the symposium and has not been in contact with Mr. Lindell’s team or any cyber experts at the symposium.

He has been behind several other high-profile conspiracy theories, including allegations that U.S. security agencies wiretapped Trump Tower while Mr. Trump was running for president in 2016.   <Source>

Alan Dershowitz rips Dominion case at Cyber Symposium

High-profile defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz Thursday berated a federal court’s decision to allow Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 billion lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to go forward.

Mr. Dershowitz‘s comment came during an appearance at Mr. Lindell‘s Cyber Symposium, where Mr. Lindell had promised to present “irrefutable” proof that China hacked the 2020 election.

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the voting machine manufacturer’s lawsuit against Mr. Lindell could proceed, despite Mr. Lindell‘s requests to dismiss the suit on First Amendment grounds.<Source>

I believe that Lindell may have been flattered, stroked, and conned by various individuals who saw Lindell was enjoying his newfound fame and willing to spend a portion of his fortune backing his beliefs. I have seen nothing in the presentations of Attorneys Sidney “Kraken” Powell, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and L. Lin Woods, other than a number of declarations and affidavits from dubious sources, that would convince me of their fantastical election claims.

I believe that the voting systems, like all big projects modified over time, contained exploitable vulnerabilities. While hacking always remains a possibility, I have yet to see proof that the vulnerabilities were actually exploited in the ways described by the legal documents. I plan to keep an open mind and continue to wait for some proof that will withstand a court challenge by court-recognized experts.

As for constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz, I am not convinced that the First Amendment gives you the absolute right to slander, libel, and defame commercial enterprises, inflicting great reputational damage and requiring the expenditure of large sums to mitigate the damage. When you file allegations in a court document and use “expert” witnesses, one might reasonably expect that the witnesses were vetted and the allegations were corroborated with more than hearsay and speculation.

From the persistence and ferocity of the attack on forensic audits, I believe that there were significant irregularities in the election process and, when totaled, might overcome the margin of victory.  However, I do not believe there will be a constitutional remedy beyond a footnote in history and asterisks next to Biden’s name. If anything, the impermissible and illegal changes in the laws and procedures governing the conduct of the elections are likely to be the smoking gun – in plain sight for all to see.

Considering the audit reports so far and the historical record of the Democrat Party on election fraud, my estimate is 80/20 that the election was subverted.

Thinking about the origins of the virus…

Smoking Gun Evidence of Chinese COVID Cover-up Emerges

As the COVID Delta wave rages across the globe, China’s role in creating the pandemic is once again under scrutiny. The Washington Post is now reporting that Ben Embarek, head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19, is admitting that CCP officials essentially dictated what was to be put in the report.

Part of that appears to be a clear attempt to cover up the lab leak theory, framing it as a distant possibility with no evidentiary backing. <Source>

WHO Scientist Says Chinese Pressured Investigation Team to Drop Lab-Leak Theory

“Follow the science,” right? Probably not the best advice when the science is tainted because of pressure from a Communist government to manipulate the conclusion.

The WHO sent a team of “blue-ribbon experts” to China in order to investigate the origins of COVID-19. The investigation is vital to discovering how the coronavirus responsible for the disease made the leap from infecting animals to infecting humans. Knowing which animal was responsible could lead to better treatments for COVID, more effective vaccines, and perhaps clues to how we can stop the next pandemic from starting.

The WHO team went to China because that’s where the first cases of COVID-19 appeared. But from the beginning of the team’s investigation, the Chinese Communist government put roadblocks in the way of the WHO’s efforts to uncover as much information about the virus as possible.

The Chinese delayed visas so that the team was several months late in assembling in China. The team was not given access to early patients or their histories. Reports about the research were lost or the team was denied access.

After solemnly telling the world they would cooperate fully, the Chinese stonewalled the effort. <Source>

So true -- “Follow the science,” right? Probably not the best advice when the science is tainted because of pressure from any government or political party willing to create political narratives by manipulating findings or suppressing alternative theories or findings.

From the virus sequencing I reviewed, I believe the virus was artificially created and probably leaked from the lab.

I do not doubt that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did try to cover up their responsibility and that delays in notifying the global medical community contributed greatly to the global pandemic. It is also possible that, once the virus escaped, the CCP did exploit the pandemic, and for this, they should pay reparations and be excluded from the community for a period of time. Considering they appear willing to use military threats to stave off threats of political and economic sanctions, it remains for a strong coalition of nations to push back against China – which is unlikely. 

Thinking about masks and mandates…

Fact: The virus has been unleashed into the world, it exists, it will continue to exist and mutate, there is no such thing as zero-covid, and the answer is natural immunity and effective therapeutics to treat the disease and its symptoms.

Fact: All government actions taken were to “flatten the curve” and prevent healthcare facilities from being overwhelmed.

Fact: bone-headed government policies under Governors Cuomo (D-NY), Whitmer (D-MI), Murphy (D-NJ), and others killed thousands of elderly individuals without one shred of consideration for “the science” and the well-established and customary protocols of infection control in nursing homes and senior facilities.

As a member of the highest risk cohort (age plus comorbidities), I have been reading the medical literature about masks, vaccines, and therapeutics. My conclusion is that we are essentially playing a game of “he said – she said.”

I have lost all faith in government and other well-credentialed “experts,” prestigious institutions, and scientific journals—a shattering loss of trust. In addition to a loss of trust in the “experts,” I am losing faith in the data – much of which seems highly manipulated and cannot be measured against a metric that allows us to make rational decisions. Therefore, my only advisors are my own physicians who know me, my conditions, and what they have seen in clinical practice at the world-class hospitals in which they work.

As for the politicians who are using their emergency powers for political purposes, prioritizing protests over religious and other celebrations, they are beneath contempt. They should be ignored, defeated, and thrown out of office—ditto for school boards.

Thinking about Afghanistan…

'Not an Evacuation,' Insists State Department as Pentagon Sends 3,000 Troops to Evacuate U.S. Personnel

During Thursday's State Department Press Briefing, spokesman Ned Price said that the "increased tempo" of the Taliban's offensive is "of grave concern" but sought to tamp down assertions that a reduction of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Kabul is an evacuation as the Taliban closes in on Afghanistan's capital and the Pentagon readies an airlift.

Characterizing the reduction in embassy staff as a continuation of April's ordered departure that is resulting in fewer civilian personnel while leaving just a core diplomatic presence on the ground, Price struggled to make a convincing argument that the Afghan people could be confident in its partnership with the United States.

Price insisted the "overall status has not changed" at the embassy in Kabul which "remains open" — albeit with a smaller staff — as more civilian diplomatic staff prepare to leave Kabul through what increasingly appears to be a hastily planned evacuation. <Source>

This is Saigon 2.0! To pretend otherwise is similar to pretending that Joe Biden is a functioning President and our foreign affairs are not being run by Susan Rice and a cadre of Obamacons.

The fact that Joe Biden publicly announced 9/11/21 as our final day in Afghanistan was amateurish, dangerous, and just plain stupid. Why not just announce TVIA day – Taliban Victory in Afghanistan day when the existing government and those who assisted the United States will be beheaded? Accompanied by an iconic photo of the Taliban in the U.S. Embassy. Sounds like a Susan Rice/Ben Rhodes/Samantha Power production.

It was idiotic to think we could democratize a foreign culture rooted in the 12th century by troops, money, and good intentions. However, considering the profits to be made and the untraceable cash flowing through the system, much of the blame should be placed on our political leaders and the special interests who profited from the conflict.

For all those liberals who scream about human rights and protest over the use of police force in the United States, where is your voice about Chinese ethnic cleansing, live organ harvesting, and the women who will be condemned to a life of torture under the Taliban? Where is your voice on black-on-black crime in the progressive communist democrat-governed inner cities?

I am still waiting to see the U.S. punish Pakistan for hiding bin Laden while we were looking for him in the tribal areas of Pakistan?

Biden's, or should I say Susan Rice's, handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal is almost an invitation for Putin to take Ukraine and Xi Jinping to take Taiwan. 

Will we let our sunk costs in terms of time, effort, costs, and lives determine our future actions?

Bottom line…

We appear to be slipping toward the abyss and need new conspiracy theories because, unlike what we were told by the progressive communist democrat propagandists in the mainstream media, the old conspiracy theories are coming true.

-- steve

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