There is NO doubt in my mind that smarmy elitist Gavin Newsom must be recalled. Our state is aflame with wildfires, $30 BILLION in unemployment assistance has gone to criminals and fraudsters. The unions are dictating educational policy that creates racial animosity and division, and we are regulating small businesses out of business.

My recommendation to begin this change is to vote for Larry Elder, a commonsense conservative with roots in the South Central area of Los Angeles, and who knows what dangerous and ineffective schools look like.

A nod to former Democrat Mayor of Chicago and Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel…

During the “pandemic,” it’s all about your safety…


Are these the threat vectors? Considering the extended early voting, who is ensuring that votes from heavily GOP areas are securely collected, transported, and processed?


Can we trust the election officials? 


Dear Voter, 

This September, California will hold an election asking voters if they want to recall (remove) the current Governor from office. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to cast your ballot early and safely.

In the coming week, every registered voter in Los Angeles County will receive a Vote by Mail ballot with two items:

  1. Do you want to remove the Governor?
  2. If the recall is approved, who should replace him?

The easiest and safest way to return your ballot is by mail (no postage required) or at any secure Ballot Drop Box in your community.

While you’re waiting for your ballot to arrive, you can easily view your Sample Ballot online with the Interactive Sample Ballot.

While the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to be a threat, we encourage all voters to take advantage of early voting opportunities and avoid crowds to keep ourselves and our community healthy.

During this election, we want you to stay healthy and have your voice heard.

Learn more about your safe and contactless voting options at!

Stay safe,

Dean C. Logan

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

[OCS: Can a partisan hack with a dubious history be trusted with the recall election? Is this a cautionary tale?

Dean Logan stole ’04 governor’s race, and he’s at it again in California

The man who stole the governor’s election in Washington state is now doing the same thing in Los Angeles. We had absolute criminals in charge of the Democratic Party in Washington in 2004.

In case you need your memory refreshed, that was when Attorney General Christine Gregoire was running for governor against Republican candidate Dino Rossi. When they counted all the votes, Dino Rossi was the winner – by 261 votes. Such a thin margin triggers an automatic recount. When they did the recount, they found some more Gregoire votes, but Rossi won again — by 42 votes this time.

And that is when the Democratic machine of Ron Simms, Christine Gregoire, and the head of King County Elections at the time, a guy named Dean Logan, got involved. What was revealed in subsequent lawsuits was remarkable. On the third recount, they miraculously found a few hundred more votes for Gregoire to steal away the governor’s race. Apparently, there were 300 illegal votes, 400 more where the voter could not be verified, 240 felons who voted illegally, 44 votes from dead people, and 10 people who voted twice. When all of those votes were counted, the third time around, all of a sudden Christine Gregoire was the governor.

Then and now, I think it was a Democratic Party criminal conspiracy. The guy spearheading this in King County was Dean Logan, who was finding uncounted ballots all over. He was absolutely amazing at finding Gregoire ballots in between counts.

Dean Logan had to resign in disgrace from King County Elections. Where did he go? Los Angeles County. <Source>

What could possibly go wrong?]

Does invisible electronic manipulation start at home?


Frequently asked questions

What is the Interactive Sample Ballot?

The Interactive Sample Ballot is a digital version of your sample ballot booklet that will allow you to make selections and generate a Poll Pass.

What is a Poll Pass?

A Poll Pass is a QR code containing your selections. You can transfer your selections from your Poll Pass to a Ballot Marking Device at any vote center.

Is my personal information stored in the Poll Pass?

No. The Poll Pass saves your ballot type and selections. No information about you is stored.

Are my selections private?

Yes. Your selections are only saved in your Poll Pass or on your personal device.

Am I required to use the Interactive Sample Ballot and Poll Pass?

No. The Interactive Sample Ballot and Poll Pass are optional tools to expedite your voting experience at the vote center.

Where can I find a Vote Center?

You can find a Vote Center by visiting

The unasked questions…

  • Are your selections being recorded and tallied by any system during the sample ballot and marking process?
  • Do I still need appropriate identification to vote if I have a poll pass?
  • Can I drop my poll pass into the absentee ballot envelope, and will it be counted?
  • Is this QR system similar to those used with some of the electronic tabulators that cannot be audited?
  • How do I reassure myself that election officials and poll workers will act appropriately?

The poll pass…


My recommendations for a better California and to reduce the political waste, fraud, abuse, union, and special interest corruption…


Bottom line…

Under normal circumstances, I would consider this an enhancement to our present voting system and the precursor to biometrically-authenticated voting using electronic devices. However, given the millions of dollars spent in delaying or derailing forensic audits of voting systems, I have zero trust in any election system managed by overtly partisan progressive communist democrats.

While the quote “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything" might be misattributed to the communist tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin, the core truth is self-evident.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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