In a classic case of projection, where the progressive communist democrats attribute their actions and lies to their opposition…



Donald Trump demonstrated that our democracy is only as strong as the people elected to preserve it. And in the case of the GOP, that meant not very strong at all.

[OCS: A shameless lie considering that President Joseph Biden cannot manage a press conference without lapsing into incoherent babble and considering his surrender of Afghanistan to terrorists, stranding thousands of American citizens and Afghan employees behind enemy lines and vulnerable to death, torture, rape, and multination.]

He set a dangerous new precedent for Republican lawmakers. He gave them permission to lie. To embrace conspiracies. And to attempt to overturn our elections. In fact, he demanded it.

[OCS: It is the Democrat Party that is lying about almost everything they mention. They are trying to subvert our elections with H.R. 4 to make the illegal actions they used to subvert the 2020 election legal and permanent – nullifying state sovereignty and federalizing elections. Ask yourself why it is the Democrats who are spending millions fighting election audits that could prove them right about secure and honest elections?

As for conspiracy theories. unfortunately, most of them have proven to be true, and even worse than originally thought.] 

He ushered in a destructive new era of far-right, authoritarian politics where GOP members defend right-wing extremists, rely on voter suppression tactics to win elections, and put loyalty to party ahead of country, and the American people.

[OCS: One need only to observe the Democrat’s tacit approval and protection of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both far-left, authoritarian extremist groups, to illustrate the lies and hypocrisy of Schiff and the Democrats.

As for Party loyalty over the country and the American people, one merely needs to look at the lock-step voting on legislation to see the truth.]

And we are not out of the woods.

[OCS: I absolutely agree – the Democrats cannot be easily deterred or defeated when they are willing to use violence, murder, and mayhem to press their radical progressive communist democrat agenda. I was hoping you could show me a city that anyone on the right of center has significantly destroyed in a protest.]

But neither are we powerless to do anything about this assault on our democracy. We can devote ourselves to preserving the Democratic majority, and making sure that as long as the GOP remains an autocratic cult of the former president, they never occupy a position of power again. If we can do that, we can save our democracy.

[OCS: Look around you at our country and our standing in the world. Our nation is in shambles and held hostage by a thin majority of democrat voters that is being treated as a national mandate to fundamentally transform our nation into a socialist authoritarian nation. Are you insane to want to support our decline into communism?

Supporting the progressive communist democrats will destroy our nation, not save it.]

Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and dozens of GOP challengers are raising millions upon millions for a full-fledged Republican offensive to take back the House and Senate and make Joe Biden a one-term president. We’ve already fallen dangerously behind, and we can’t afford to let this continue if we’re going to protect our slim Democratic House and Senate majorities in 2022.

[OCS: Truth be told, Biden should be impeached as a failed, incompetent, and mentally impaired president if not court-martialed for the unnecessary surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban with a major loss of American lives and sophisticated military weaponry that can be used to threaten our homeland.

If the GOP doesn’t take over Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024, then the America we know and love may cease to exist. With Chinese overlords.]

So Stephen, will you chip in $10 or more right now? Republicans are pulling out every stop from gerrymandering to voter suppression laws to beat us in 2022 — your donation sends an important message that we won’t let that happen.

[OCS: With all of the Democrat billionaires, media moguls, and tech tyrants supporting the Democrat cause, the Democrat Party no longer represents the working man or middle class. They are the elites who believe they are so smart as to demand the authority to rule over us for our own good.]

Where is Schiff?

Why is Schiff, the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, preoccupied with fundraising and partisan politics? At the same time, his Party has just surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and turned the terrorist insurgency into one of the most well-equipped forces in the region, and armed with sophisticated American arms?

Is he overseeing the massive intelligence failures of the CIA and DIA, or preparing to impeach President Biden?

Is he asking about the intelligence agencies who knew the actual status of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces that left behind thousands of arms, accessories, military vehicles, including Humvees, heavily armored "Mine Resistant Ambush Protected trucks," hundreds of helicopters (including Blackhawks), dozens of heavy transport, reconnaissance, and surveillance aircraft including the A-29 Super Tucano light attack fighters?

Is he asking what intelligence led to the abrupt withdrawal from Bagram Airbase? The intelligence that led to the redirection of the 82nd Airborne units?

Is he asking about the intelligence about the wide-open border and the expansion of drug cartels, Communist Chinese spying, and cyberwarfare?

A mouthpiece for Pelosi and the establishment couldn’t wait to leak?

Representative Adam Schiff News Conference on Afghanistan

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff spoke to reporters after receiving a classified briefing on the situation in Afghanistan. Chair Schiff spoke about moving forward with investigations into why the political leadership in the country collapsed so quickly and failures in U.S. intelligence. When asked about meeting the August 31 withdrawal deadline he said it was “possible, but very unlikely” considering the number of people waiting to be evacuated from the country. He also spoke about the threats presented by ISIS-K in Kabul. <Source>

Bottom line…

Adam Schiff lied and leaked his way through the impeachment of President Donald Trump on bogus charges. Encouraged and assisted by a cadre of progressive communist democrats who attempted to legislatively overthrow the government of the United States. He has nothing to say about fellow committee member Eric Swalwell who was previously compromised by a Communist Chinese spy. He knows nothing about intelligence failures in Afghanistan. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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