It is one thing to have empathy for those who are afflicted by circumstances beyond their control, but it is quite something else to extend the misery and suffering to countless others in another form of communist wealth redistribution.

Another email full of bullschiff…



Stephen —

Today, 3.6 million Americans woke up facing eviction. Because Republicans in Congress uniformly opposed an extension.

[OCS: No! They woke up facing eviction because they lacked the resources to pay for their housing. I would suggest as a direct consequence of the government’s destruction of the economy with draconian lockdowns and restrictions that destroyed tens of thousands of jobs. Not to mention the good-paying jobs that were destroyed by the progressive communist democrats and their demonization of coal, fossil fuels, and pipelines.]

The federal eviction moratorium has been a lifeline for millions of people who have been laid off or had their businesses closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through no fault of their own.

[OCS: The eviction moratorium is an unconstitutional taking without compensation under the Fifth Amendment. It disrespects the right to own private property and imposes a serious financial burden on those forced to make continuing mortgage, utility, and tax payments without compensating or offset cashflow.] 

Billions of dollars are owed in back rent, and while Congress has authorized $46.5 billion in rental assistance, too many states and municipalities have been slow in distributing the funds.

[OCS: Where is the compensation for property owners who are being forced to default on their financial obligations due to a cascade of events exacerbated by government policy?]

Now, as Covid-19 cases continue to surge among the unvaccinated population, it would be an act of unspeakable cruelty to allow millions of people to be forced from their homes in the midst of a global pandemic. While some states have taken action to extend their individual moratoriums, it won’t be enough to protect all Americans from eviction. Congress must step in now before it’s too late.

[OCS: Congress has done enough. It is time to let the marketplace sort it all out. And, not at the taxpayer’s expense.]

Add your name to my petition demanding Congress extend the federal eviction moratorium immediately. We have no time to waste — this crisis is unfolding right now.


Everyone deserves a roof over their head. That’s why as part of the next budget reconciliation package, I’m calling for the investment of billions of dollars in affordable housing — in addition to health care, mental health treatment, and substance abuse counseling.

We must address the root causes of houselessness and invest in solutions to ensure that every person, no matter their income, has a roof over their head.

[OCS: The root causes of homelessness are: mental illness, drug addiction, the greed of developers who cut sweetheart deals with the government, corrupt public policies – and temporary financial conditions that mandate the legitimate use of social safety nets.]

Congress must return to DC to act if the White House cannot. Thank you for adding your name next to mine and taking action.

— Adam

Bottom line…

It is one thing to say tax the rich, but it is quite another to decimate ordinary middle-class citizens who may own rental property to earn extra money or to fund their retirement. An example of the progressive communist democrats stealing from everybody – especially the poor.

It’s your money that is being stolen and parceled out to the special interests by Congress to fund their campaigns, purchase legislative influence, and buy votes.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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