While the progressive communist democrats scream about equity and the tragedy of the school-to-prison pipeline, they are reinforcing systemic racism and creating prisons of the mind.

Like Hamas, the teachers' unions hide behind civilians; in this case, the classroom teacher who is often too afraid of union reprisals and peer pressure to call out the obvious evil in our schools.

Teachers' unions no longer represent their constituency. Still, they have transformed themselves into a communist front group that is now powering the democrat party with campaign contributions, voter support, and partisan election workers.

There is no doubt that charter schools represent one way, perhaps the best way, for minorities in the inner cities to escape decrepit schools with incompetent teachers.

Funding charter schools forces public schools to compete for students. Becoming better or forced to close due to lack of student enrollment.

If you need an example of systemic racism, look no further than union-controlled education, in reality, political indoctrination.

And the progressive communist democrats are to blame...

How can you explain why the Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee voted to cut $40 million from the federal Charter Schools Program while approving a 40% increase in federal education funding to $102.8 billion.

Look at Section 314 buried in H.R.4502 - Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2022...

“None of the funds made available by this Act or any other Act may be awarded to a charter school that contracts with a for-profit entity to operate, oversee or manage the activities of the school.”

This is insane. Schools that use for-profit vendors to supply food services, janitorial services, and even school supplies could be defunded under this language.

Bottom line…

There is a reason why the unions oppose testing teachers for teaching competency and subject matter knowledge and continually lower acceptable test scores to hide their record of continuing failure.

The teachers' unions do not own your children, and school funding should follow the student, not automatically sent to the local school system.

Do not accept another decade of functional illiterates who cannot compete, not on a global scale, but with individuals in their own communities.

Without the teachers' unions, it is unlikely that the progressive communist democrats would continue their evil agenda, including the indoctrination of our children -- teaching them about perverted sex practices and how to hate one another.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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