UPDATE (07/24/21)... In an interview with John Solomon from "Just the News," Freedom Phone's CEO Erik Finman pushed back against some of the negative reporting on his Freedom Phone. Characterizing much of the reporting as ill-informed or politically motivated.

Although Finman is promising to provide the phone's specifications and vendors in the near future, his basic points are: (1) this is not the cheap $120 burner phone as some sources claim; (2) the phone uses a "de-Googled" customized version of the open source Android operating system with built-in security features that "silo" apps to prevent them from interacting with each other and allow a user to turn off location tracking; (3) the basic chip is not made in China but in Taiwan; and (4) the phone may be less suceptible to viruses.

It should be noted that all phones are trackable and connection metadata captured as a normal cell-phone function. Even changing SimCards does not charge the embedded device ID.

The big point Finman stresses is FREDOM -- your choice of carriers and pre-loaded apps which stress privacy and censor-free usage.

I guess we will have to wait for more details.

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Have you ever wondered why right-wing publications often carry advertisements for dodgy advertisers offering medical and financial advice newsletters, vitamins and supplements, and off-brand electronic gadgets and gizmos? Or why well-known, if aging, right-wing personalities shill for such offers?

Like progressive political consultant James Carville might say, it’s the money stupid.

The margins are often so great as to purchase large ad campaigns and pay significant money to right-wing influencers.

Now comes the latest device…

Ostensibly created by  Erik Finman, self-proclaimed as the “youngest bitcoin millionaire,” the “Freedom phone” promises to free you from the intrusive Silicon Valley tech tyrants with their prying eyes and right-wing censorship.



The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy first focused phone. With features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store.

Works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, & Sprint, and all other domestic & international carriers. Move phones over in 60 seconds as soon as the phone arrives.


Uncensorable App Store

Our own app store. Read what you like. Watch what you like. Think what you like. Nothing is censored.

Pre-Loaded Apps

Some of the most popular banned & unbanned conservative sites & apps. Pre-loaded directly on your phone.

A Free-Speech First Operating System

We've developed the first mass-marketable mobile phone operating system based on free speech.


Say Hello To Trust

Your data, your rules. With powerful tools such as Trust, you are in control of what your apps can do whenever you want.

Trust will help you understand the security of your device and warn you about possible threats.

We want to create a future where free communication is not banned by Big Tech.

We want to bring back free speech. Forever.

The Phone.

Not just making America great. But also making a great phone.



So many unanswered questions…

  • But what is it really?
  • Who manufactured the phone?
  • What are the phone’s actual specifications?
  • What is the operating system?
  • Who controls the app store?
  • And, most of all, who is really behind the phone?

According to published reports…

“The Freedom Phone appears to be a simple rebranding of a budget phone called the “Umidigi A9 Pro,” made by the Chinese tech company Umidigi.”

“The Freedom Phone’s $500 price tag would represent a substantial markup on the Umidigi A9 Pro. That phone is available on Chinese retail giant AliExpress for $134 — less than one quarter of the price of a Freedom Phone.”

While “Finman claimed “Nothing’s manufactured itself in mainland China,” Umidigi’s headquarters is located in Shenzhen City, People’s .Republic of China, a mainland Chinese city near Hong Kong.

“Freedom Phone’s “Freedom OS” operating system is based on Google’s Android operating system.”

“The device appears to be based on a MediaTek processor which are notoriously known for being easy to hack.”

Who are some of the conservative “influencers” flogging the phone…

  • Roger Stone
  • Ali Alexander
  • Dinesh D’Souza
  • Candace Owens
  • Jack Posobiec
  • John Solomon
  • Ryan Fournier

It appears that using a “promo” code can earn the influencer $50 per sale… <Source>


Bottom line…

Nothing free about Freedom Phone. You may be still supporting our enemy, who uses slave labor and live-organ-harvesting. Not to mention that little global pandemic thing. At least with the known brands, you know someone is standing behind the sale.

Would I buy a cheap Chinese phone for $500? NO! My best advice, follow the Better Business Bureau – “Investigate BEFORE you invest.”

Being conservative doesn’t mean you should believe everything being promoted by even well-known right-wing influencers.

-- steve 

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