Explain the indictment against the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, its chief financial officer, when no high-ranking democrats were criminally indicted for financial crimes involving the quasi-governmental agencies Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac during the 2006 financial crisis?

Fannie Mae Won’t Face U.S. Charges Over Its Books

Almost two years after it started investigating accounting improprieties at Fannie Mae, the Justice Department is no longer pursuing criminal charges against the mortgage giant, the company and federal officials said yesterday.

The move, which follows a settlement the company reached with securities and housing regulators three months ago, removes a significant legal threat against Fannie Mae, but it was unclear yesterday what the decision meant for two former executives fired by Fannie Mae after the $11 billion accounting scandal came to light. <Source>

Especially troublesome because Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s multi-million dollar executive compensation and bonuses were directly related to false and misleading financial information. Or ask why Representatives Barney Frank and Maxine Waters were not charged for their participation in Fannie Mae’s activities? Remember, there is a huge difference between criminal and civil indictments?

Why did the Attorney General of New York fail to investigate and criminally prosecute New York-based financial institutions headed by Democrats?

Coercion to Cooperate…


A grand jury returned a 15-count indictment against the Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg. 


Weisselberg’s crimes of the century…

  • The Trump Organization's Payment of Rent, Utility, and Garage Expenses for Weisselberg's Apartment on Riverside Boulevard.
  • The Payment of Tuition Expenses for Weisselberg's Family Members.
  • The Payment of Leases on Mercedes Benz Automobiles for Weisselberg and His Wife.
  • The Receipt of Unreported Cash used to pay personal holiday gratuities.
  • The Payment of Ad Hoc Personal Expenses for for his homes and for an apartment maintained by one of his children (new beds, flat-screen televisions, the installation of carpeting, and furniture).

Nobody believes the Department of Justice gives a rat’s ass about Trump’s CFO Allen Weisselberg or his family. The prosecutors want Weisselberg to roll over on Donald Trump to provide some basis for charging Trump with criminal activities. Why else would they devote significant time, effort, and money on a Trump employee who received company perks commensurate with his position rather than prosecuting foreign spies, organized crime, and drug cartels operating in New York? 

This type of matter is normally handled with a civil complaint and resolved with a slap on the wrist, fines, penalties, and a "go forth and sin no more" admonishment.

They had the time and the tax returns for years…

Consider the fact that the Internal Revenue Service and the New York tax authorities have had all of Trump’s tax data and decades to detect and prosecute criminal and civil wrongdoing. So what the hell was that shit-weasel Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance doing for the last three years with millions of pages of documentation? Nothing was hidden and everything was disclosed in the company's books. 

Vance tried this same ploy with Michael Cohen, who served as Trump's attorney, and threw Trump to the wolves in an attempt to settle criminal wrongdoing that occurred before Trump was even a candidate. Cohen is now a convicted felon and a confirmed perjurer -- and was even coerced into pleading guilty to a non-criminal matter.

Bottom line…

Lawyers for the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg pleaded not guilty to all charges. What should have happened was a civil complaint with followed by a negotiated settlement and fines.

Our country is big-time screwed when we see politicized governmental institutions targeting individuals and organizations to advance a narrative and political agenda.

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