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The Democrats are doing everything in their power to delay, discontinue, and discredit any findings in an independent election audit…



Department Of State Decertifies Fulton County’s Voting System

Harrisburg, PA – Acting Secretary of State Veronica W. Degraffenreid has informed the Fulton County Board of Elections that she has decertified the county's voting system for future elections because it was subjected to a post-election review by a third party in violation of Pennsylvania's Election Code.

[OSC: This is little more than financial coercion – politicians must use auditors that agree with those who are running the elections or face media-exploitable additional taxpayer expense to replace the “audited” equipment.]

"I have a statutory obligation to examine, evaluate and certify electronic voting systems," Secretary Degraffenreid said in a July 20, 2021, letter to the county. "These reviews include verifying that the voting system conforms to federal and state law and any regulations or standards regarding confidentiality, security, accuracy, safety, reliability, usability, accessibility, durability, resiliency, and auditability."

[OCS: By her own words, Degraffenreid has acknowledged and highlighted either her incompetence or dereliction of duty. If she is unable to verify that the voting system “conforms to federal and state law and any regulations or standards regarding confidentiality, security, accuracy, safety, reliability, usability, accessibility, durability, resiliency, and auditability” before each election, she has not performed her sworn duties.

What makes it necessary to re-certify the equipment and software is a well-known fact: operating systems, anti-virus software, and election software are all updated periodically, and thus a certified system needs to be recertified before use in an election. This includes hardware replacement, repairs, or upgrades.

Outsourcing these system updates and recertification to a vendor is unacceptable. Those managing the election must be able to independently certify their systems and procedures.]

Earlier this year, Fulton County officials allowed Wake TSI, a company with no knowledge or expertise in election technology, to access certain key components of its certified system, including the county's election database, results files, and Windows systems logs. The county officials also allowed the company to use a system imaging tool to take complete hard drive images of these computers and other digital equipment.

[OCS: Do you see the problem? If these election officials were concerned about actions performed by the auditors, it was their duty to copy the files and then make those “certified” copies available to the auditors. Election officials should have monitored every phase of the audit.

Moreover, the county’s election database, results files, and Windows logs have nothing to do with upcoming elections and should not be present for the next election.]

"These actions were taken in a manner that was not transparent," the Secretary said in her letter. "As a result of the access granted to Wake TSI, Fulton County's certified system has been compromised and neither Fulton County, the vendor, Dominion Voting Systems, nor the Department of State can verify that the impacted components of Fulton County's leased voting system are safe to use in future elections."

[OCS: Three points:

(1)  Transparency – Again, if these election officials were concerned about actions performed by the auditors, it was their duty to copy the files and then make those “certified” copies available to the auditors. Election officials should have monitored every phase of the audit.

(2)  Dominion Voting Systems – best practices would be for Dominion to supply a single certified disk with hash signatures to the election officials for testing and certification. This doubly certified disk would then be replicated and loaded to each of the voting machines used, preferably manually, without using a network. At any point the hash signatures could be re-verified, or the disk could be compared with a bit-for-bit image of the reference disk. The same applies to reference hardware.

The degree to which Dominion Systems provided election assistance and hands-on equipment operation appear to be problematic.

(3)  Since these systems are leased and the property of a third party, it is mandatory for the Secretary of State and the elections board to independently certify both hardware and software and control the election process. Because of the allegations of election defects and the participation of Dominion in the election process, the need for independent review capabilities should be mandatory.]

The third-party access to Fulton County's voting system undermined the chain of custody requirements and strict access limitations necessary to prevent both intentional and inadvertent tampering with electronic voting systems. The unauthorized access prevents the vendor from affirming that the system continues to meet state and federal certification standards.

[OCS: There are numerous unanswered questions about the chain of custody of the hardware, software, patches and updates, removable media, and pre-election and post-election ballot handling. The hardware and software chain of custody appears to have been violated before the audit.

Additionally, if Dominion cannot recertify their own hardware and software – and present it to election officials for their independent recertification, Dominion should be disqualified as a vendor.]


Wake Technologies…

Election Assessment in Pennsylvania County Uncovers Five ‘Issues of Note’

Wake Technology Services Inc. (Wake TSI), a Pennsylvania-based firm, conducted the assessment in Fulton County. Workers visited the county’s offices late last year and about a month later, on Feb. 9.

Wake TSI personnel did not conduct a technology forensic audit of the operating system or election management system (EMS) but did review some system file dates, log files, ballot images, and other files.

Wake TSI said in its report summary that it found that the election “was well run, was conducted in a diligent and effective manner and followed the directions of Pennsylvania.” No anomalies were reported during the election process and expectations were that the assessment would not show any indications of fraud, error, interference, or misconduct.

However, Wake TSI said it found five “issues of note,” including that Dominion failed to meet the commonwealth’s certification standards; that the election management system had Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools installed, despite the software not being part of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s certified configuration; and that changes were made to the management system just three weeks prior to the election.

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Bottom line… 
If anything should be replaced, it is the corrupt and incompetent election officials.

(1)  Shouldn’t the responsibility to demonstrate the integrity of an election and the correctness of its tallies lie with those government officials who managed the election?

(2)  If a third-party audit would demonstrate the integrity of an election, that an election was run honestly and efficiently, allowing, of course, for minor localized glitches encountered in any large undertaking, why do we find that the government officials who ran the election resisting any audit attempts where they do not fully and completely control the audit?

(3)  What is the appropriate method to handle legitimate “evidence” advanced as allegations by citizen-voters who have provided sworn, under penalty of perjury, declarations, and affidavits detailing their direct observations?

(4)  Shouldn’t the duty of election officials include acceptably answering credible allegations advanced as declarations and affidavits in a transparent manner?

(5)  If election equipment is required to be examined, documented, and certified before an election, why are election officials refusing to use election equipment that has been examined by third parties using documented forensic methods that do not alter or modify the hardware or software in any manner? They need to recertify and recalibrate the equipment before the next election anyway. 

It is a bitch that we can no longer trust our government in this hyper-political age. Or, I might have suggested that an independent election audit department be created in the GAO (Government Accountability Office) but certainly not in the corrupt FBI or DOJ which can’t be trusted to investigate and prosecute criminal activities involving the Democrats or its member politicians.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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