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For those of you who believe that winning an election in 2022 or 2024 will reverse our nation’s slide into the abyss, you are foolish and mistaken.

Historically, changing from Democrat governance to Republican governance has, at best, slowed the speed at which we are crippling our own nation. The GOP is feckless and afraid to exert power – even when they control Congress and the Presidency. It is either that they are cowards, corrupt, or being blackmailed into submission. There is no other reason to explain why they won’t fight for America. Just looking at Senators Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and other aisle-hoppers makes me sick.

Can you dispute these seven observations?



The global pandemic is being used to continue as a crisis that enables politicians to assume extraordinary powers that would normally violate constitutional protections under the aegis of a widespread “public health” emergency.

Danger: The normal checks and balances designed to protect the system from abuse are being bypassed.


The government, controlled mainly by the Democrat Party, has initiated a public-private partnership bordering on fascism. This has resulted in extraordinary influence over a corporatized mainstream media and social media platforms. This includes cancellation and censorship of government-claimed “disinformation.”

Danger:  No institution or individual has a monopoly on “the truth,” which is normally discovered through the free and open discussion of competing ideas and information.


There is no accountability in the government as we have seen the nation’s premier intelligence, law enforcement, and other critical agencies politically compromised with few repercussions for obvious criminal behavior.

Local law enforcement has been demonized by lawbreakers while our government openly attacks the American people under the guise of a faux threat from white supremacy. All the while, violent black supremacists and communists have destroyed over $2 billion in property and taken hundreds of lives.

Danger: Again, the normal checks and balances designed to protect the system from abuse are being bypassed. The law enforcement that protects our communities is being eroded at an alarming rate.


It appears that the government, sometimes using private contractors and vendors, is engaging in systematic surveillance on American citizens on behalf of a political party.

Danger: With the control and surveillance of your electronic devices comes hyper-awareness of politicized issues and the type of self-censorship which curtails free speech and the open debate necessary for a free and open society.

Note:  Today’s hot topic is the Pegasus Project, software produced by NSO Group Technologies, an Israeli technology firm whose spyware called Pegasus enables the remote surveillance of smartphones – and is characterized as a lawful “intrusion tool” for government use. Beyond the surveillance of political dissidents, imagine the corruption of our financial systems using insider data.


It appears we have a scared and politicized judiciary that refuses to accept controversial cases that may result in outcomes with historical significance. Especially those which may tilt the balance of political power or hold powerful people of influence criminally responsible for their actions.

Example: The secret FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) was demonstrably lied to and those appearing before the court knowingly perjured themselves. Yet, the Court has held no evidentiary hearings, issued no sanctions, and has done nothing to restore the integrity of the Court in the public’s mind.

Danger: Without a neutral arbiter, our political system is on the verge of collapse into mob rule where a thin political majority can rule rather than govern the country without the consent of the governed.


It appears that the government and educational institutions are indoctrinating rather than educating. Using identity politics to promote unlawful discrimination and foment racial violence in America. The goal being a Marxist transformative revolution that destroys America’s history, institutions, and culture to bring about an oligarchy, a government by a relatively few powerful individuals.

Danger: When children and others are taught hatred and forced to accept lies in the place of truth, we are losing the moral basis for our existence as an exceptional nation.


When Americans refuse to stand up for America, our Constitution, and our exceptional country, there is a slow slide into the abyss – until suddenly, we find ourselves in an unrecoverable freefall.

Danger: Game over, welcome to slavery!

Bottom line…

To say we are screwed is an understatement. Our President is both corrupt and mentally deficient. Our government is being run by the Obamacons, who were empowered by our former communist-in-chief. The Democrat Party has been infiltrated by communists who are using our own laws against us in political jiu-jitsu where a tyrannical minority is dictating terms and conditions to an apathetic majority.

On a local level, district attorneys and the courts refuse to hold hardened criminals accountable for their actions. In what world do you allow people to openly steal up to $950 in merchandise per visit and then write them a ticket – if you even bother to pursue them?

I can think of no better time to arm yourself and prepare for a flash breakdown in civil law and order.

-- steve

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