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It starts with an objective view…

There can be no disagreement that, in order to honestly examine the subject of systemic racism in the United States, one must start with a definition of systemic racism and proceed to an unbiased, objective examination of the phenomenon.

So, it makes perfect sense to me that a high-ranking official of the Democrat Party, the party of slavery, segregation, racism, Jim Crow, the KKK, and the fight against civil rights legislation, would invite members of the anti-America and manifestly corrupt United Nations’ Human Rights Council, whose members represent some of the most horrific human rights violators in the world, to examine the systemic racism found in American institutions which are mainly controlled by Democrats. 


It’s not their words; it’s their actions…


Key Outcomes at the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

At the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), June 21 – July 14, the United States pushed forward on priority issues as an observer state while actively pursuing election to the Council for the 2022-2024 term.  We continued to model the integrity we intend to bring to Council leadership, recognizing that we are most credible and effective in our international engagement when we remain forthright about our own human rights struggles.  During HRC 47, the United States helped advance resolutions, joint statements, and interventions responding to dire human rights situations.

Countering Systemic RacismBuilding off the U.S.-led joint statement on racial justice at HRC 46, the United States looks forward to cooperating with a new mechanism on systemic racism to advance racial justice and equality in the context of law enforcement.  We welcome the High Commissioner’s report underscoring that systemic racism demands a systemic response and calling for an agenda that promotes accountability and redress for victims.

[OCS: How is it possible that any council whose members include China, Cuba, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Libya, Pakistan, and the Russian Federation, among others, can exert the moral authority to examine human rights when they are some of the worst violators and far exceed any egregious behavior that might appear sporadically in the United States?]

Elimination of Violence Against Women and GirlsThe United States co-sponsored a resolution on “Accelerating efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls: preventing and responding to violence against women and girls with disabilities,” led by Canada.  The resolution urges stakeholders to address the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination that women and girls with disabilities face.  We also support the ongoing work of the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Dubravka Simonovic.

[OCS: Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the Democrats abandon generations of girls and women to the predation, rape, torture, maiming, and death meted out in Afghanistan by the  Taliban? Has the United Nations failed to intervene in demonstrable genocide and ethnic cleansing in China, a Human Rights Council member state? Are Uighur men, women, and children in China not worthy of protecting? The U.N. Human Rights Council has zero credibility and moral authority to say one word about America.]

Human Rights on the Internet:  The United States re-joined the core group and served as a main co-sponsor for a resolution on the promotion, protection, and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet, along with Sweden, Brazil, Nigeria, and Tunisia.  The resolution affirms that the same rights people have offline must be protected online and includes thematic focuses on bridging the digital divide and the importance of the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. <Source>

[OCS: Am I crazy, but isn’t it China, Russia, Cuba, and other nations who side with the Democrat Party and agrees that the internet must be controlled and administered by governments who are the ultimate arbiters of truth and should be allowed to delete, censor, flag, and annotate anything, in any message or form, on the internet?]

Bottom line…

'The real cure for any perceived systemic racism in the United States would be to eliminate the Democrat Party, the adopted name of the Communist Party in the United States. It is the Democrats, with their Marxist identity politics, critical race theory, and constant racial agitation, that is the problem.

Or, in the words of Morgan Freeman… 


When will the Democrats stop picking at the nation's racial scab, allowing the underlying tissue to become infected and fester – all to pursue their goals of a transformative revolution that cripples or destroys America from within.

Never since the days of the racist Communist-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, have we seen race relations deteriorate to the point of sparking a race war.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell


On June 13, 2021, I received my eBook copy of Mark Levin's heavily self-touted book, "American Marxism."

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American Marxism
Mark R. Levin

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Threshold Editions (July 13, 2021)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover : ‎ 320 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏  : ‎ 150113597X
  • ISBN-13 ‏  : ‎ 978-1501135972

#1 in United States National Government

#1 in Political Commentary & Opinion

#1 in Political Conservatism & Liberalism

Chapter One - It's here.
Chapter Two - Breeding Mobs
Chapter Three - Hate America, Inc.
Chapter Four - Racism, Genderism, and Marxism
Chapter Five - "Climate Change" Fanaticism
Chapter Six - Propaganda, Censorship, and Subversion
Chapter Seven - We Choose Liberty!

About the Author

MARK R. LEVIN, nationally syndicated talk radio host, host of LevinTV, chairman of Landmark Legal Foundation, and the host of the Fox News show Life, Liberty & Levin, is the author of six consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers: Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, The Liberty Amendments, Plunder and Deceit, Rediscovering Americanism, and Unfreedom of the Press. Liberty and Tyranny spent three months at #1 and sold more than 1.5 million copies.

Beginning in 1981, Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Levin began at ACTION, the federal agency that oversaw VISTA and other volunteer agencies, before serving as deputy assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education at the U.S. Department of Education and deputy solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior. He ultimately became chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese.

Levin is an inductee into the National Radio Hall of Fame and holds a BA (Political Science) from Temple University (magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and a JD from Temple University Law School.

After religiously listening to countless hours of The Mark Levin Show in podcast form, including weeks of book self-promotion, I developed a few fundamental expectations.

(1)  Given the title, I expected Levin to go beyond the tedious and endlessly debated technicalities of Marxism to provide a working definition before exploring the various flavors of modern-day Marxism in America. And how these versions were being sold by the multiple factions attacking and subverting America from within.

(2)  I expected the book to include an actionable playbook which the lovers of liberty could use to debate, persuade, and help defeat the toxic and malignant Marxist opposition.

(3)  And, I expected the book to conclude with a passionate call to action, Urging all readers to become freedom fighters and to engage the enemy with any and all abilities and resources they could muster.

I was somewhat disappointed. Some of my expectations were met, although this is not an easy read, nor are there any illustrative timelines or diagrams to explain connections between concepts and events.

Here is an example of a useful illustration explained step-by-step in Curtis Bowers' documentary film "AGENDA: Grinding America Down" which illustrates the progression of Marxism through our culture.

Bowrer-Chart["As the Marxist Revolution accelerates, our country is in crisis. Unmask America’s enemies, discover their strategy, and combat their influence with truth."]

There was no traditional front matter such as a table of contents or an introduction to prepare and guide the reader through the various chapters and to motivate them for the battle ahead. 

There were continual references to Levin's other works, which serve as a contextual background for his present thoughts.

“I have written about Marxism at length in two earlier books—Ameritopia and Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism and discuss it regularly on my radio and television shows."

"American Marxism has adapted the language and allure of utopianism, which I wrote about at length in my book Ameritopia."

"Again, as I wrote in Ameritopia ..."

"I wrote of mass movements in my book Ameritopia..."

“As I explained in Ameritopia...”

“I closed my book Liberty and Tyranny…”

“Moreover, in my book Plunder and Deceit…”

I am surprised that the editors did not correct references to the "Democratic Party" and replace Democratic with the party's proper name, the Democrat Party. [My bad - see a comment from a reader Mark.]

While there are many references arranged by chapter, there is no index.

And surprisingly, his self-proclaimed “most important book” ended not with a dedication to his family, but to his beloved dog “Barney Levin.”


Will this book, with its massive pre-sales, inspire a movement like the Tea Party? Providing a rallying cry to patriots across our nation? It’s possible but unlikely given its density.

My primary takeaways are: pay attention, stand up, participate in local politics, and use the time-tested tactics of the leftists (e.g., Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, BDS) against the leftists. Personally, I would add -- do double dirty to them before they do it to you. 

Bottom Line...

An analogy: I expected someone to tell me the time, not how to make a watch. In other words, I find a Ben Shapiro easier to read and more actionable than a Mark Levin. Perhaps I am somewhat biased because, as a daily listener to the podcast, I may be rather blasé. After all, Levin has already read excerpts from the book extensively on his radio program.

Would I recommend this book to my friends or give it as a gift? The short answer is no. I might send a favorable review to see if they were motivated enough to purchase the book independently. Because without motivation, few would slog through the book, fewer still would take notes, and even fewer still would take action. But, of course, this is true of most political books.

A friend invited me to receive a signed copy of the book and meet Mark Levin at the Reagan Museum, about fifteen minutes from where I live. I thanked him and told him to offer the opportunity to a fanboy.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell