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WARRIORSI can not believe the shortsightedness of our senior military leaders to allow the teaching of critical race theory, which, in my mind, borders on dereliction of duty and illegal politicking…


Opinion: I’m a professor at a U.S. military academy. Here’s why I teach critical race theory.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley’s recent defense of teaching critical race theory at the U.S. military academies shows that it is not unpatriotic to understand a fuller version of American history, nor does it promote division among our military members.

[OCS: The history of the United States is misrepresented by those who teach critical race theory, primarily because it views every event, individual, and institution in terms of a Marxist struggle between competing racial forces: the oppressor and the oppressed.

It starts from the premise that the United States was illegitimately conceived, the land was stolen from the indigenous people of color, and proceeds to denigrate and disparage every current event in terms of what occurred decades ago.

How can it not produce division among servicemembers when it informs some of them, the majority of them being outstanding high achievers, that they are somehow to be viewed by their white classmates as second-class citizens? Something that is guaranteed to reduce good order and discipline, and possibly, well-armed and well-trained future domestic terrorists.] 

As a professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I teach critical race theories to our nation’s future military leaders because it is vital that cadets understand the history of the racism that has shaped both foreign and domestic policy.

[OCS: There is something to be said for teaching military history, especially tactics and outcomes, in the context of the times. But to skip ahead, to use the past to paint a picture of systemic racism and continued victimhood, is grossly inappropriate in today’s future officer corps.]

Cadets, like all military members, take an oath to defend the Constitution with their lives — so it is crucial they have a sensitive understanding of that Constitution.

[OCS: Our Constitution is an ideal that was designed specifically to protect our inalienable rights and the rights of the individual states from a powerful federal government. It is a color-blind document having nothing to do with race.

And for those who argue about the three-fifths clause diminishing blacks, let us remember, it was not claiming that a black person was 3/5ths of a person, but part of a compromise for counting the population for the purposes of limiting the influence of the Southern States in the House of Representatives. The goal was intended to provide rough equality in representation between the North and the South. Yes, hateful things may have been said, but they should be viewed in the context of their time and not used as an attempt to prove systemic racism.]

In my classes, cadets learn about the ideals embedded in this founding document. We explore the liberalist theories that promoted these ideals, and we embrace our democratic system of government. But we also acknowledge that the United States was founded on a duality: liberalism and equal rights on the one hand; inequality, inegalitarianism, and second-class citizenship on the other.

Critical race theory provides an academic framework to understand these nuances and contradictions. It helps students identify the structural racism and inequality that has been endemic in American society. And it provides methods for deconstructing oppressive beliefs, policies and practices to find solutions that will lead to justice.

[OCS: Critical race theory is not an analytical tool that permits a fair examination of history. It is a tool of pure, unadulterated racism to apply and implement the Marxist belief of a constant struggle between the oppressed and the oppression to bring about a transformative revolution that destroys the current political and cultural systems to implement a mythical, more perfect world under communism.

The key difference between the two systems can be defined in terms of equality. A capitalist system standing for individualism, merit, and equality of opportunity, and the communist system standing for collectivism, disincentive, and equality of outcome -- the ultimate slavery and exploitation of producers by non-producers as suggested by, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” ]

The reality of the Constitution is that it upholds the rule of law and human rights, but once also allowed slavery and has been used to perpetuate legal discrimination. As Frederick Douglass pointed out, although the Declaration of Independence and Constitution espoused liberty and justice, enslaved people had no part of those virtues and no reason to celebrate a day like the Fourth of July. Thurgood Marshall suggested a “sensitive understanding of the Constitution’s inherent defects and its promising evolution.”

[OCS: Admittedly, the Constitution was politically interpreted in the context of those times in ways that were hurtful to a segment of the population, but we see much the same thing today when the Constitution is manipulated to find new rights and restrictions where none explicitly exists.

Notice what the author did. Skipped over decades of racial progress to suggest that today’s environment is every bit as systemically racist as it was in prior times. Justifying current racism by pointing to past racism.

It is not up to military cadets to understand the Constitution's nuances and debate its merits in terms of race. It should be accepted as a controlling self-correcting document upon which American exceptionalism is based.]

This extends to understanding ourselves as the U.S. military. The military was among the first institutions to desegregate and has a celebrated history of diversity in its ranks, though that history has long been complicated. For instance, serving in the military was a path to freedom for some enslaved people, and thousands of Black soldiers, both enslaved and free, fought for America as early as the Revolutionary War. At the same time, George Washington is said to have initially opposed the recruitment of Black soldiers.

[OCS: The key to a military victory is an unshakeable belief in the rightness of your nation and boldness of action while following orders and putting the mission in the forefront. Not to hesitate while you reconsider the merits of a Marxist argument. The ability and wisdom to lead come later with experience.]

In other words, racism was ingrained in the system from the beginning, and the military still struggles with these issues. As a recent inspector general’s report on disparities in the Air Force and Space Force pointed out, Black service members lag behind their White peers in promotion rates but are overrepresented in disciplinary actions. Further, a recent Defense Department report documented the threat of white supremacy within the ranks. Cadets need to understand these contradictions within their institutions.

[OCS: Critical race theory is being used for sowing dissention and disruption in the ranks. The guiding principle should be “Rank hath its privileges,” Everyone else is treated equally, like dirt. A mass of blue-green individuals that bleed bright red when they are wounded.

To introduce historical wrongs and suggest they are ongoing is wrong, counterproductive, and destructive to morale.

As for reports and their stage-managed findings, they are produced by those trying to satisfy a hyper-partisan civilian leadership. The ranks of the officer corps were decimated by former President and Communist-in-Chief who wanted to weaken the military with the removal of battle-hardened patriots in favor of slavishly obedient military servants.]

In addition to teaching critical race theories, I provide my cadets with lessons on political discourse and breaking down divides of polarization through communication and empathy. Cadets at the Air Force Academy will soon command racially diverse units. Racial minorities serve, especially in the enlisted corps, at greater rates than their representation in the general civilian workforce. As of May 2018, Black representation in the enlisted force was 19.1 percent, compared with roughly 13 percent in the general workforce.

[OCS: No, you are producing and reinforcing racial polarization using critical race theory.]

Officers must comprehend the unique experiences and concerns of their diverse troops. A holistic education leads to understanding and unity as service members consider what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes.

[OCS: This is pure bullshit! Officers need to concentrate on their mission while seeing to the welfare of their men – treating soldiers as soldiers, not woke civilians. There is no touchy-feely in the militaries of our enemies who are trying their best to kill or, better yet, maim us.]

Our officer development curriculum is founded on pushing cadets outside their comfort zones: They jump out of planes, leap off 10-meter platforms, endure grueling physical challenges and assume difficult command responsibilities. Their intellectual development should be no different. To think critically and read broadly is fundamental to making them future leaders for times of both war and peace.

[OCS: They are attending a military institution, not finding themselves at a liberal arts college. They should be taught useful things that will improve their survival, martial skills, and how to destroy the enemy. Not snowflake claptrap.]

I don’t coddle my cadets out of fear that exposure to certain literatures might make them uncomfortable or test their existing beliefs. Cadets must learn to be brave on the literal battlefield, yes — but they must also be equipped to participate bravely on the battlefield of ideas.

[OCS: Our enemies are killers, not debaters. You don’t hold discussions with the enemy; you kill them.]


Lynne Chandler García is an associate professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The views expressed are the author’s own.

So, I am not surprised when Representative Mark Green (R-TN), himself a physician, a retired and highly decorated U.S. Army Major, and a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, took exception and requested the removal of the instructor from the Air Force Academy…


Professor Lynne Chandler García’s full-throttled attack on our country and her support for Critical Race Theory render her unqualified to teach in one of our prestigious military academies. How are our future Air Force leaders supposed to take an oath to defend the Constitution if they are being taught that it is racist and promotes inequality?

As a graduate of West Point and Army veteran, I know firsthand what is taught at these service academies leaves a lasting impact. It was at West Point where I first raised my right hand and took the oath to defend our Constitution. My professors there taught me the importance of serving our nation—both in uniform and in public office. And it was at West Point where I was first inspired to run for office.

Teaching our next generation that our country is fundamentally racist is not only propagandizing lies about our great nation, it will also undoubtedly leave an impact on our nation’s Armed Forces and national security. If we want servicemembers who are proud to defend this country, we must not denigrate the very principles upon which it was founded. Making them ashamed of their country will only decrease morale, retention, and unit cohesion.

Critical Race Theory teaches that the only way to right past racial discrimination is with present racial discrimination. This teaching is utterly incompatible with the principles in the Declaration of Independence and the Civil Rights Movement—not to mention illegal. Our country already lived through a horrific era when people were judged by the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character—we must never go back to this way of thinking.

Lastly, the Constitution has brought freedom and self-governance, not only to the United States of America, but to nations around the globe. Our men and women in uniform have been fighting for the ideals of democracy, freedom, and equality throughout the world ever since. To suggest that these causes and wars were birthed out of racism disrespects those who died fighting against the Nazis in Europe, communists in Asia, or terrorists in the Middle East.

If we allow this destructive ideology to be taught in our Military Service Academies, we will be responsible for this nation’s demise. Professor García must be removed from her teaching position, and for the sake of our national security: Stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in our military service academies. <Source>

Bottom line…

It is abhorrent that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated with communists and represents a fifth column to destroy America from within. Our enemies have been given seats in Congress, entrée to the White House, and positions of power in our government, institutions, and critical infrastructure. We must stop them before they destroy our military who defend the Constitution of the United States and the safety and security of America and all Americans.

We are so screwed.

-- steve


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