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It is not often that I agree with the New York Times, the paper that knowingly censored the news of the Holocaust and Stalin’s ethnic cleansing in Ukraine. The paper that cheerfully puts our nation at risk by printing intelligence methods and sources to provide aid and comfort to our enemies. The paper that lies, using anonymous sources rather than reporting the facts.

But, today, as I celebrate the Fourth of July, I find myself in total agreement with the New York Times.


Think about what the New York Times just said in its verified official Twitter feed – that you somehow can use the American flag as an indicator, albeit an imperfect indicator, of a person’s political affiliations. It’s a true statement.

  • Consider, when you fly the flag of another foreign nation, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a foreign sovereign power. 
  • Consider, when you fly the communist flag, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a political ideology that is authoritarian, oppressive, and brings death, suffering, and misery to all but the ruling elites.
  • Consider, when you fly the pride flag, you are probably indicating that your allegiance is first and foremost to your sexual organs rather than your country.

Yes, flying the American flag is divisive.


It divides those of us who honor our country, its constitution, and its exceptionalism from those who hate their country and believe America is a colonial oppressor, systematically racist, and needs to be fundamentally transformed into a communist paradise of unicorns, rainbow farts, and self-licking lollipops.

But most of all, it divides the shit-weasels, Mofos, assholes, and garbage people from the rest of us patriotic Americans.

And there is nothing like flying the Democrat Party flag to remind everyone you are an ASS!


Bottom line…

I hope you are enjoying your non-political, non-denominational, non-ideological barbeque today.


Be safe.

-- steve

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