Hell-bent on erasing history, the progressive communist democrats, also known as wokesters, are doing everything in their power to cancel our history, our science, and our culture under the guise of “systemic racism.”

The reason is simple, without accurate historical records, we cannot learn from the “lessons of history,” and everything is defined by a state-sponsored political narrative of the moment. Thus socialism is not akin to communism that resulted in 100 million deaths and countless suffering. The Holocaust is subject to question. And the path to hell is paved with only good intentions and features unicorns and self-licking lollipops for all. Everyone gets a red one.

Of course, ordinary Americans, living their lives and going about their day-to-day business, cannot see the structural racism that allegedly pervades America. It seems the ordinary American has not been indoctrinated in Critical Race Theory by the academics and charlatans at prestigious institutions who owe their personal and professional lives, including their power, media presence, perks, privileges, and profits, to this invented bullshit which is re-branded communism.

Black Birders Week?

Who knew that there was a subset of birders, the modern name for bird watchers, dedicated to perverting the history and science of ornithology on behalf of a communist-derived theory that is racist in and of itself? Who knew or even cared that they had a recognition week? Sort of like hearing that a communist teaching at California State University, Long Beach,  Ronald McKinley Everett, aka Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga, invented an artificial holiday known as Kwanzaa in 1966. A Marxist Christmas from a man convicted in 1971 for brutally torturing two naked women of his paramilitary, black nationalist cult with a soldering iron, a vise, and a toaster.

Insanity on display…

Woke Bird Fanatics Aim to Endanger an Entire Species: Birds Named After Dead Racists

That’s why woke birding enthusiasts are considering relabeling hundreds of feathered creatures sporting names eponymous with long-dead historical figures tied to slavery and white supremacy.

In an article published on Thursday by the Washington Post, writer Darryl Fears explains how several Audubon societies and conservation groups are grappling with whether or not to change the names of up to 150 birds. Why? Because they were named after slave owners, supporters of the confederacy, etc., who also had an affinity for birds or the environment.

One major example of this is the Bachman sparrow, a small, brownish-grey bird native to the southeastern United States. The sparrow was named after John Bachman, a naturalist, who worked closely with John James Audubon (the namesake for Audubon societies) to record all the known species of birds and mammals in North America. However, he was a strong supporter of slavery and a state’s right to secede from the Union to preserve the right to own slaves. The Bachman sparrow is one of several birds, let alone animals, named after John Bachman.

Another argument in support of renaming the birds involves the idea that the intent behind the original naming of animals by white men was a deliberate attempt to “whitewash” the ecosystem in the Western world. Furthermore, they believe that naming birds and other animals went hand-in-hand with the colonialist notion of conquering and claiming ownership of land and people.

[OCS: “Whitewash” the ecosystem in the Western world?” This is pure, unadulterated racial bullshit uttered by communists and their useful idiots.”

“Indeed, White explorers, conservationists and scientists who crossed the world conveniently ignored the fact that birds had been discovered, named and observed by native people for centuries before their arrival,” Fears states in the article. <Source>

[OCS: I was unaware that the native people went beyond naming things to in an attempt to categorize, catalogue, illustrate, dissect, and describe all avian life in their realm.]

Bottom line…

There is little or no doubt in my mind that today’s environmental movement has been heavily infiltrated by communists who found that they could use the environment to both fundraise and weaponize our own laws against us to pursue their malignant agenda.

I have a better idea, let’s erase the race-dividing modern graffiti honoring dead drug-addled criminals who resisted arrest.


We are so screwed when we support this racist nonsense.

-- steve

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