Question: Why is California screwed? Answer: The progressive communist Democrats who control the state!


How do you describe and remedy a reality that you do not like and cannot accept?

Water mismanagement – It’s a man-made drought. California is governed by progressive communist democrats who are captives of communist-infiltrated environmental groups who have stopped the build-out of water containment structures and delivery systems that provide adequate water availability in times of cyclical drought. Likewise, while progressive communist democrats speak of water conservation, water is diverted from farming areas and flushed into the ocean to benefit declining species used as an excuse to advance their toxic political agenda. The truth is that we have approximately the same water storage we had 40 years ago, with more than twice the population today—criminal political malfeasance. And the progressives fight water desalination plants with the same fervor they oppose refineries and nuclear energy plants.

Electrical grid mismanagement – Power outages are not political; they affect everybody, with a disproportionate impact on the poor. It appears that California’s energy operators are engaging in an Enron-style management scheme based on manipulated outages, reductions in reliable energy sources in favor of costly and subsidized green power, and the shut down of electrical grid segments in hot weather to prevent wildfires.

Petroleum production mismanagement – While we can accept that we need special fuel blends for winter and summer, why have no new refineries been built in decades to deal with the rising demand for gasoline? To allow for scarcity pricing when a refinery is taken offline for routine maintenance?

Forest and wilderness mismanagement – There is no doubt that the politicians have abandoned common sense to adopt the irrational de-growth policies of radical communist environmentalists or engage in special interest pandering favored by the special interest unions, developers, and other entities pursuing a toxic agenda.

Why are we ignoring the removal of old-growth dead brush, trees, and undergrowth and paying billions to fight fires in inaccessible terrain or to save a structure that should have never been built in a hazardous place? Union overtime to fight fires when wildfires should be allowed to burn and complete nature’s growth cycle? Allowing developers to build on scenic but dangerous sites without appropriate (and expensive) mitigation measures? Denying the media the spectacle of dramatic audience-pleasing water drops? Why are we ignoring the rising cost of disasters by ignoring hazardous sites and the political subversion of zoning regulations and building codes? The answer is political corruption.

Regulatory Failure – California’s regulatory agencies have been hyper-politicized, and many regulatory commission members are politically compromised. Appointed by politicians or entering through the revolving door from the industry they regulate.  Regulatory agencies settle fines on a “pennies on the stolen dollar” basis that makes fines for getting caught simply another cost of doing business. Likewise, the state rarely claws back funds from egregious waste, fraud, and abuse. And then there are the "wink-wink" court settlements that give the activists what they want without legislation, public scrutiny, or pushback. 

Infrastructure – California’s politicians would rather purchase votes by pandering to special interests, including businesses, unions, and non-governmental agencies, than invest in the repair, replacement, or build-out of California's decaying or dying infrastructure. When money is allocated to infrastructure, it is pissed away on nonsensical items like California’s trillion-dollar faux high-speed rail system to nowhere. When the train’s critics point out that the train is not capable of running at high speeds over existing trackage, the train’s route server virtually nobody, and the project will never reach a financial break even; the answer is to claim that whatever is being done now is a prototype test to secure operational experience. Likewise, money allocated for freeway repair is being used to build non-productive, pollution-trapping sound walls.

Deceptive Accounting – the State’s accounting system is opaque and defective by design. Restricted-use funds are “borrowed” and replaced with worthless “interest-bearing” notes, and the funds shifted to non-restricted uses. A Ponzi scheme dependent on “rolling over” debt or raising taxes to keep making “interest payments.” Unfunded pension liabilities are not properly recorded. Proper actuarial and accounting procedures are ignored or “footnoted.”

Political perversion of the law – Where do politicians have the right to claim a higher moral authority to pander to a portion of the electorate by nullifying certain state or federal laws? Invoke a moral relativism where something does not have to be factually based but can be justified by the politics of privilege or oppression? We are destroying our social safety nets with a hoard of illegal aliens who have not paid into the system or maintain the system with their taxes.

And, there is much, much more than can be said.


The progressive communist democrats proclaim, " We are so much smarter and better informed than you, so we have the moral authority to lie about things for your own good. We lie for your benefit, so accept this without objection or opposition, and above all, just don't call us liars".

Bottom line…

With California’s infrastructure under acute stress, we are now seeing the consequences of political malfeasance (an act that is illegal or wrongful), political misfeasance (an act that is legal but improperly performed), political nonfeasance (a failure to act that results in harm) and the ravages of unnecessary waste, fraud, and abuse of public resources – and in many cases, accounting or other systems that are “defective by design.”

California’s progressive communist democrats and professional politicians must be ejected from office and replaced by  Californians who care about California.

Do you think this is a mistake?

CA EDD admits paying as much as $31 billion in unemployment funds to criminals

In an EDD conference call, Julie Su, secretary for the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency said, "Of the 114 billion dollars in unemployment paid by California since March, approximately 10% has been confirmed as fraudulent. An additional 17% of the paid claims have been identified as potentially fraudulent."

That's $11.4 billion confirmed and as much as $20 billion more in fraud. "There is no sugar coating the reality, California did not have sufficient security measures in place to prevent this level of fraud," Su said. <Source>

BILLIONS! Think again!

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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