It appears that local, state, and federal government is becoming more fascistic as they attempt to sidestep constitutional prohibitions by coercing private companies to take actions against American citizens which would be clearly illegal or unconstitutional if performed by the government.

Large companies, especially those with media operations, know that political forces control multi-millions in contracts, grants, tax benefits, and regulatory waivers. And they are corruptly willing to do the bidding of the politicians who ask for favors.

Most large companies employ ex-government agents from the FBI and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies in their security operations, individuals whose first loyalty is no longer to the U.S. Constitution but to their previous agencies. Want to track an American citizen in the United States without a warrant – whisper in the ear of the right company official. Want to censor embarrassing material or hid potential criminal activity, call the media moguls and tech tyrants.

Consider this article, “The Failure of Business to Help Save Democracy,” which appeared on the Governing platform…

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The Failure of Business to Help Save Democracy

Public officials need the private sector to step up and use its moral and financial clout to counter the right-wing extremists who are bent on ending the American republic.

[OCS: This is a narrative straight out of the progressive communist democrat’s playbook. If we have learned anything since former President Barack Obama's election, the end will likely be precipitated by a fifth column seeking to destroy America from within. And, as we can plainly see, this fifth column is the Democrat Party which has been infiltrated by communists who seek to destroy an exceptional America and reduce the productivity of exceptional Americans.

Not one word is being said about the left-wing extremists who are anti-white, un-American, and anti-Semitic. Armed radical extremists like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.

Yes, they need the private sector to do those things which are unconstitutional and illegal if done by government employees.] 

It is time for American business leaders to get off the sidelines and become actively engaged in defending our democracy.

[OCS: This looks very much like government officials recruiting a “woke” army of civilians who will advance the narratives and agendas of a specific political faction – the Democrat Party.]

An ever-growing group of angry and paranoid Americans, abetted by cowardly and complicit politicians at all levels of government, seems bent on ending the American republic as we’ve known it.

[OCS: Once again, we see the progressives engage in projection, ascribing their very deeds and behaviors to their opposition. Non-adherence to the Constitution, the rule of law, or using our laws against us will be the downfall of America. But, it appears to be a majorly one-sided effort by the Democrat Party.]

Key leaders of America’s private sector, if they were to speak in unison and use their financial clout to threaten or actually defund the campaigns of errant politicians, could make a huge difference.

[OCS: This is pandering to the special interests who expect something in return for their donations.

Have you noticed that most media moguls, tech tyrants, and business billionaires now support the Democrat Party? Some even willing to silence and censor the opposition on behalf of a cause that they are too stupid to realize is communism – and represents the destruction of the very system that created their power and profits?]

The slim majority held by Democrats in Congress prevents them from protecting democracy by reinstalling guardrails removed during the Trump administration.

[OCS: This is pure progressive propaganda. That slim majority has been inappropriately used to disenfranchise nearly half of voting Americans. It has been used to lock out the duly-elected minority members from creating, presenting, or voting on amendments.

Weaponizing congressional investigations into political witch-hunts to demonize and destroy the opposition.

Guardrails? Raising taxes? Increasing regulations? Funding our enemies? Wealth redistribution? Unlimited illegal immigration? Illegals with more benefits and rights than American citizens? Disarming law-abiding Americans while releasing criminals into the community?]

Meanwhile, the Republican Party of today won’t distance itself from its former leader or curb his followers’ abuses to democracy that are apparent to most Americans.

[OCS: There it is. The truth emerges. It is all about crushing Trump’s influence in the 2022 mid-term elections or a potential presidential run in 2024.

Have you noticed that Trump actually fulfilled most of his campaign promises? At the same time, an incoherent, incompetent President Biden signs what is put in front of him by his communist puppet-masters?]

Moreover, Trump and his allies have marginalized and labeled the news media as purveyors of “fake news” and an “enemy of the people,” making it more difficult for them to fulfill their historic role as the fourth estate — the independent voice of journalism that often influences changes in policies.

[OCS: Absolute propaganda. How many stories were made up out of thin air, anonymous single sources, or disappeared or downplayed news reports when they concerned the Democrat Party? How many items that were labeled conspiracy theories have proven to be true?

There is nothing independent about today’s journalists as they take orders from their corporate overlords or are fired for speaking the truth.]

The anti-democratic forces we face today are among our nation’s biggest threats since the Civil War. They and their politician allies have been busy rolling back democracy on several fronts.

[OCS: This has never been truer, and the proximate cause of the nation’s troubles can be linked to the Democrat Party. Domestic spying. Presenting opposition research as fact. Covering up the crimes of the Obama Administration, which is pulling the strings of a mentally challenged senior citizen named Biden.] 

In America there has always been this not-so-subtle bias that the private sector does everything better than the public sector. Being in government as long as I have, I know by experience that this is just not always true. But one thing is for sure: Given the threatened state of our democratic institutions, we need all who have enjoyed the fruits of freedom and democracy to step up big time.

[OCS: The only competency of the government appears to be organized crime, creating exploitable waste, fraud, and abuse, and the creation of accounting systems that are defective by design.]

Business leaders have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that they care about more than just profits for their investors and stockholders. They can and must speak out loudly in defense of our republic, defund the campaigns of politicians whose votes and actions prove the contrary, and help return the nation to a path where its collective actions result in a certainly flawed but still more perfect union and democracy. <Source>

[OCS: Yes, they must rise to the communist threat and remove progressive communist democrats from office.]

If you wish to read this progressive screed in full and in context -- <Source>

The author, Jabari Simama…

Jabari Simama is an education and government consultant and a senior fellow with the Center for Digital Government. He served two terms on the Atlanta City Council, from 1987 to 1994; as deputy chief operating officer and chief of staff for DeKalb County, Ga., from 2009 to 2012; and as president of Georgia Piedmont Technical College from 2012 to 2018.

Bottom line…

I read the article and call BULLSHIT! I sure as hell hope that businesses are not fooled by this propaganda. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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