For those following the cable news, podcasts, and blogs, it appears that one of the highest-ranking Communist Chinese intelligence chiefs is said to have defected to the United States along with his daughter.

Which raises several troubling questions.

(1)  If the alleged defector, Dong Jingwei, the vice minister of China’s Ministry of State Security, did not defect to the United States, why is the communist Chinese claiming he has given a seminar in China and failed to provide contemporaneous photos or video? 

(2)  If the alleged defector, Dong Jingwei, did defect to the United States, why did this man, with tremendous insight into American intelligence and law enforcement agencies, reportedly defect to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) rather than the more traditional Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation? Both agencies demonstrably tainted with the stink of progressive democrat politics at their highest levels. And why is it being reported that the DIA did not invite its sister agencies under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to participate in the debriefing?

(3)  Why is the New York Times, which bills itself as the nation’s newspaper of record and sees no problem publishing anonymously sourced intelligence and law enforcement leaks harmful to the U.S. government, strangely silent. As are many of the other progressive mainstream media outlets?


(4)  Are the big tech oligarchs, with significant business with both the United States and Chinese governments going to suppress or censor any revelations as conspiracy theories, disinformation, or misinformation as they have done with most stories on the source of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) pandemic and effective low-cost medical treatments?

(5)  Will self-serving goofballs like Attorney Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. McInerney, and others capitalize on this story by claiming that some government official sold the intelligence tool known as “Hammer and Scorecard,” which may have been involved in the stealing of the 2020 presidential election? Surrounding any real revelations with the air of a “conspiracy theory.”

(6)  If the reported “Chinese spy catcher,” Dong Jingwei, did defect with terabytes of data, said to include data on the People’s Liberation Army’s bioweapons work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a list of Chinese spies and other American cooperators – including the Bidens and others in the government – is there anyone in the Biden Administration honest and courageous enough to investigate and prosecute evildoers, both foreign and domestic? Or will Jingwei suffer a fatal heart attack or disappear back into China?

(7)  Are we seeing America under attack (World War III) with bioweapons, cyberweapons, and major legal/media propaganda?

Bottom line…

The stakes could not be higher. If the Chinese created and deliberately released the virus, it would be an act of war and a crime against humanity. If a foreign sovereign nation compromised our political leaders, that would be a national security threat demanding the ultimate death penalty sanctions for treason. Likely, some in the top GOP leadership are similarly compromised, especially those with major profitable investments in China.

It is unlikely that we will ever know the full story. Perhaps the very reason that the Democrats were forced to mount an unprecedented attack on Donald Trump – lest he discovers the truth and tell the American public in a Tweet?

To say that we are screwed is an understatement.

-- steve

Reference -- For one of the best "infographics" on Communist Chinese Warfare -- 


[OCS: Along with conventional kinetic action, chemical, biological, radiological, and cyberwarfare, the Communist Party speaks of the “three warfares.]

Context: The “Three Warfares”

Chinese writings often refer to the “three warfares” (san zhan): public opinion warfare, psychological warfare, and legal warfare. Chinese analyses almost always link the three together, as they are seen as interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

  1. Public opinion/media warfare is the struggle to gain dominance over the venue for implementing psychological and legal warfare. It is seen as a stand-alone form of warfare or conflict, as it may occur independent of whether there is an actual outbreak of hostilities. Indeed, it is perhaps best seen as a constant, ongoing activity, aimed at long-term influence of perceptions and attitudes. One of the main tools of public opinion/media warfare is the news media, including both domestic and foreign entities. The focus of public opinion/media warfare is not limited to the press, however; it involves all of the instruments that inform and influence public opinion (e.g., movies, television programs, and books). [OCS: Including social media platforms.]
  2. Psychological warfare provides the underpinning for both public opinion/media warfare and legal warfare. With regard to the PLA, psychological warfare involves disrupting the enemy’s decision-making capacity by sapping their will, arousing anti-war sentiments (and therefore eroding the perception of popular support), and causing an opponent to second-guess himself—all while defending against an opponent’s attempts to conduct similar operations. [OCS: Think astroturfed street riots.]
  3. Legal warfare is one of the key instruments of psychological and public opinion/media warfare. It raises doubts among adversary and neutral military and civilian authorities, as well as the broader population, about the legality of adversary actions, thereby diminishing political will and support—and potentially retarding military activity. It also provides material for public opinion/media warfare. Legal warfare does not occur on its own; rather, it is part of the larger military or public opinion/media warfare campaign. [OCS: Using our own laws against us.]


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