Schrödinger's Ballot Box


I just finished reading the Fulton County Pennsylvania Election Assessment from Wake Technology Services, the company that was also selected for the Maricopa, AZ audit by Cyber Ninjas – and the company that refused to continue beyond their contractual completion date.

I must be both blind and stupid because my conclusions after reading the assessment do not support TSI’s assertion “that the election was well run, was conducted in a diligent and effective manner and followed the directions of the Commonwealth.” Or that the County Election Commission or the County Election Director were blameless for any anomalies discovered in the assessment.

Let’s review the assessment’s “executive summary” …


1 Executive Summary

The purpose of this assessment was to ascertain how the election was conducted, initially from a mail-in, and then from an absentee ballot perspective. With the assistance of the Election Commissioners and the Election Director, this assessment resulted in a full election process and system review. WAKE TSI did not conduct a forensic technology audit of the election management system as WAKE TSI did not have the agreement of the stakeholders to conduct that level of detailed analysis.

[OCS: The assessment was not an “independent” assessment because parties (Election Commissioners and the Election Director) to the process to be examined were involved in an undefined manner in the assessment. And that those commissioning the audit are not revealed.

The assessment most certainly did not result in a full election process and system review unless you consider only those areas to be examined and ignore other areas that may have had a significant impact on the election process and outcome.

The assessment was not a “full election and process review because TSI was deliberately prevented from conducting a forensic technology audit of the election management system because the technology providers refused to cooperate with the assessment.]

Since this was a voluntary assessment, WAKE TSI accepted what was provided and were flexible when the Election Officials did not want to provide sensitive information, such as chain-of custody documentation that identified County personnel and security tag log files, that identified current numbering schemas. Nor did WAKE TSI look at the configuration of the EMS itself or how the election was designed or built.

[OCS: By definition, the assessment was artificially crippled by those parties involved in the election, and thus the assessment most certainly did not result in a full election process and system review.]

What the issues highlighted in this document reveal, is that the election was well run, was conducted in a diligent and effective manner and followed the directions of the Commonwealth. This does not indicate that there were no issues with the election, just that they were not the fault of the County Election Commission or the County Election Director.         

[OCS: There is no way that the conclusion of a well-run election could be drawn from this assessment, nor can the parties involved in the election be exonerated from any anomalies that occurred under their supervision and watch.]

Fulton County had no anomalous or unusual incidents reported during the election process. Expectations were that this assessment would not show any indications of error, technology interference, fraud, or misconduct.

[OCS: Reported by whom, and reported to whom? There were reports of individuals reporting anomalous or suspicious behavior. And as for unusual incidents, the was an illegal, unchallenged court order to provide three extra days for mailed-in ballots to arrive, provided that they bear a November 3 postmark.  “The two problems with this order are (a) the Legislature, not the court, has the sole power to change voting rules, and (b) the court-issued rules encourage postal fraud through backdating ballots.”

Those conducting assessments should not have started an assessment with any conclusion or outcome in mind.]

Five issues of note were found in the conduct of the election, three of which are related to the EMS Vendor:

1. There were a number of errors in ballot scanning

[OCS: This is a given due to the technology, scanning personnel, and voters themselves. I would have liked to see error percentages, perhaps shown in comparison with other similarly situated counties, the state of Pennsylvania, or past elections.] 

2. The failure of Dominion Voting to meet the Commonwealth Certification requirements

[OCS: Red flag – especially because Dominion refused to cooperate fully with the assessment.] 

3. The addition of non-certified database tools installed on the system.

[OCS: Red flag – especially because Dominion refused to cooperate fully with the assessment, and those who supervised the elections should have verified that only approved software existed on the system. Most companies maintain a “reference system” by which all others are compared.]

4. Changes were made to the EMS three (3) weeks prior to the election

[OCS: Red flag – same as the comment for item 3.]

5. The lack of Commonwealth L&A inspections of the voting systems.

[OCS: Those who supervised the elections should have run the three types of voting system tests that are normal and customary for each election within a jurisdiction. The three tests are the Hardware Diagnostic Test, the Logic and Accuracy (L&A) Test, and the Post-Election Audit Test.]

The last issue is hard to understand as the Commonwealth’s documentation requires the DOS to collect the L&A testing results.

[OCS: Why did the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) fail to obtain and secure standard test results from the County Election Commission or the County Election Director?]

While these may seem minor the impact on an election can be huge. The adjudication process of the Dominion system is caused by the scanning system and software not being able to read the intent of the voter. This forces human intervention and for those humans to “determine” the intent of the voter.

[OCS: Several venues that use Dominion Systems reported high rates of errors which allowed adjudicators to alter votes at will. Sometimes without adequate official or volunteer supervision.]


Dirty hands all around?

It appears that Fulton County did not sign any contracts with Wake TSI, nor did they pay for the assessment. Who paid for the assessment is a crucial factor when considering the independence of those conducting the assessment. According to a document from an employee of Wake TSI to the election officials, there is a handwritten notation that “Wake TSI is contracted to Defending the Republic, a 501(c)4.”


Red flag: if the reference to Defending the Republic refers to Defending The Republic PAC, founded in 2021 by attorney Sidney Powell, my skepticism is ramped up to red flag levels. Powell is a hyper-partisan, associated with hastily filed and unconscionably sloppy legal work, and is involved in a billion-dollar lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems based on her fantastical claims of voting software developed in Venezuela to steal elections on behalf of dictator Hugo Chavez. So far, Powell’s defense consists of being able to assert her rights as an American citizen to voice her “opinion,” and that "no reasonable person" would conclude her unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election were statements of fact – and that her statements were her own opinions and legal theories.

I cannot rule out that this assessment may have had a dual purpose; one, to expose election wronging, and two, to get a look at Dominion’s proprietary software coding. Since the assessment was voluntary and not an official matter, I cannot fault Dominion for withholding the keys to their proprietary software kingdom.

Bottom line…

I believe that this assessment is virtually worthless and was supervised by a company with no known history of election work. 

We are so screwed when we cannot trust our government, its institutions, and its procedures.

Truth be told, we are not engaged in free elections, but elections to pick pre-selected candidates chosen by manifestly corrupt political parties.

-- steve

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