It is embarrassing how our perverted political leadership and mainstream media have devalued the concepts of heroism, courage, sacrifice, and the difference between competently doing your job and performing above and beyond the call of duty.


According to Nancy Pelosi, herself possibly one of the proximate causes of the unprepared status of capitol law enforcement on January 6, 2021…

Floor Speech on H.R. 3325, to Award Congressional Gold Medals to USCP and Those Who Protected the U.S. Capitol on January 6th

January 6th was unquestionably one of the darkest days in the history of our democracy, but because of the courage of the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers will also be etched in history as a day of heroism. 

That day, the Capitol Police force put themselves between the violence and us.  They risked their safety and their lives for others with the utmost selflessnessSome died, becoming martyrs for our democracy.  And they did so because they were patriots, the type of Americans who heard the call to serve and answered it, putting country above self.  They enabled us to return to the Capitol – to the podium that night to show the world that our democracy had prevailed and that it had succeeded because of them. 

In March, as you recall, we came together, and we passed legislation to award these patriots the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award, as has been mentioned, that this body can offer.  Doing so was a high honor and privilege for each of us, and it was our responsibility to ensure that we always remember those heroes and their sacrifice.  As I said on the Floor then, may the courage of these heroes always remain an inspiration to us, and may we always remember the valor of the fallen. 

This Gold Medal will be proudly displayed, as the distinguished gentleman referenced, for years to come, ensuring that their valor and the sacrifice of the fallen has – is always remembered.  But two weeks after we passed that Gold Medal legislating, as you know Madam Chair, under your leadership, Congress honored one of the fallen, Officer Brian Sicknick with a lying-in-[honor] ceremony to convey the grief and gratitude felt by all Americans for his sacrifice.  That respect was reflected in the presence of distinguished leaders, whether it was military leaders, leaders of institutions of government who came to pay their respects, including President Biden. <Source>

It’s called doing your job …

And by this criterion, medals should be handed out to every first responder dealing with those Black Lives Matter and Antifa members who attacked federal property and injured .federal officers along with members of local law enforcement in Portland, Oregon. A true armed insurrection and rebellion calling for the overthrow of the United States government.

117th CONGRESS - 1st Session

H. R. 1085


To award three congressional gold medals to the United States Capitol Police and those who protected the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


The Congress finds the following:

(1) Every day, the United States Capitol Police (“Capitol Police”) protects the U.S. Capitol, Members of Congress, congressional staff and institutional staff, journalists, and the visiting public.

[OCS: They go to work every day as do law enforcement officers across the nation. Some with the expectation of losing their lives. Nothing heroic to see here.]

(2) On January 6, 2021, a mob of insurrectionists forced its way into the U.S. Capitol building and congressional office buildings and engaged in acts of vandalism, looting, and violently attacked Capitol Police officers.

[OCS: More like a gaggle of clueless clowns mixed in with "mostly peaceful protesters, many of whom were apparently welcomed into the capitol complex.]

(3) The sacrifice of heroes including Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jeffrey Smith, and those who sustained injuries, and the courage of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, exemplify the patriotism and the commitment of Capitol Police officers, and those of other law enforcement agencies, to risk their lives in service of our country.

[OCS: I saw dereliction of duty as armed officers did nothing as they stood next to Ashli Babbitt who was executed needlessly by another officer hiding behind cover. Officers stood there and did NOTHING! Nothing heroic. Nothing of Note.]

(4) Up to seven Americans died following this violent attack, and more than 140 law enforcement officers suffered physical injuries, including 15 officers who were hospitalized.

[OCS: No comparison with Portland, where the rioters, looters, arsonists, and insurrectionists WERE ARMED and used blinding lasers and explosive devices against officers.]

(5) The desecration of the U.S. Capitol, which is the temple of our American Democracy, and the violence targeting Congress are horrors that will forever stain our Nation’s history.

[OCS: Those fences locking "We the People" out of our Capitol was a desecration of the capitol complex. To protect what, lawmakers from being held accountable for their actions?] 

This bill directs the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate to arrange for the award of three Congressional Gold Medals to the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) and other law enforcement agencies that protected the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

[OCS: Why not the Park Police and the United States Secret Service who defended the White House and the President of the United States who was forced to retreat to the nuclear bunker?]

Following the award of these medals, one medal shall be given to the USCP, one medal shall be given to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, and one medal shall be given to the Smithsonian Institution and displayed with a plaque listing all law enforcement agencies that participated in protecting the Capitol on January 6, 2021. <Source>

What did I see on January 6, 2021?

As far as I can tell, nobody was armed, and nobody had a plan to take over the government. Most were “peaceful protesters” and “lookie-loos” seeking souvenirs and selfies. Damage was minimal and not comparable to the wanton destruction we have seen in Portland, Oregon.

I saw that Nancy Pelosi and others deliberately lied to the American public about the gruesome beating death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, also cited in the second House impeachment papers. It was obvious from the time Sicknick’s body was found that he hadn’t had his head bashed in by a fire extinguisher. There wasn’t a mark on his body that would indicate any blunt force trauma. And, as they found out from the autopsy, Sicknick died of natural causes, two strokes.

The only person killed that day was shot by someone identified as a Capitol Police Officer, whose identity was deliberately withheld by Nancy Pelosi and the progressive communist democrats.  And Babbitt was shot, unarmed, standing next to three armed police officers and a fully-staged SWAT response team nearby, with men in suits with earwigs standing in the crowd observing.

I saw a member of Black Lives Matter and Antifa wearing a MAGA hat standing next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot and killed by Capitol police. A person caught urging the crowd on in several videos. Another individual was caught on camera changing clothes from a backpack before leaving the scene.

I heard the FBI was involved – is this another one of those FBI-inspired events like Waco and Ruby Ridge? Were the men in suits and wearing earwigs from the FBI? Were the unindicted co-conspirators cited in several protester's charging documents actually FBI agents or informants?

Considering other use of force cases preceding this event, this looks like a criminal use of force incident that needs to be examined in the sunlight and revealed to the public.

Bottom line…

These men and women were doing their jobs like other first responders across the nation. Saving the wrinkly old asses of Pelosi and Schumer does not rise to the necessity of awarding a Congressional Medal.

Considering the number of officials that allegedly knew of the possibility of impending violence, one must question whether or not House Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer created an anti-Trump situation by allowing this to happen  -- when it just as easily could have been prevented. 

If the federal government knew of a potential for violence and did nothing to stop it, one might question why would agencies, or their leadership, do nothing and let the attack happen on purpose?  Were they acting under orders? Considering that we are now finding that most events portrayed in the media as “conspiracy theories” were, in fact, true, one needs to wonder if we can trust our government’s premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies? 

All to damage President Trump and a potential 2024 election attempt. 

How many people remember when that hypocritical bitch, Nancy Pelosi, referred to the federal officers protecting the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon as acting as "stormtroopers?" Why are we suddenly to believe that only the Capitol Police and the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police are suddenly free from the systemic racism that Pelosi is positive exists within police departments? 

We are so screwed.

-- steve 

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