There is little doubt in my mind that the majority of today’s schools are run by progressive communist democrats who are indoctrinating our children in racial, sexual, and political matters rather than preparing them to enter a competitive world and live a successful life.


The primary drivers of this K-12 nonsense are the educational unions which are all about money, political power, and a communist agenda. Like all malignant unions, they form a corrupt feedback loop by controlling the curriculum and school operations; and supporting only those politicians that support the union and their corrupt agenda. School board members do not get elected without the support of these corrupt unions.

This nonsense extends beyond K-12 education into college, where students are majoring in worthless programs like those hyphenated studies programs that have little commercial value outside academia, government, and non-profit organizations that pander to groups based on their identity. Not only are these subjects lacking in academic rigor and a body of relevant knowledge, but they start with the assumption that the United States is corrupt, oppressive, and irredeemable. It teaches hate and divides individuals into identity classes that are ripe for exploitation by progressive communist democrats.

Something stinks in education – and it is the unions…

As much as you may love and respect individual teachers, they too are victims of the corrupt union system. They dare not speak out lest their contracts not be renewed, or they are transferred to less desirable schools in undesirable locations.

(1)  Ask yourself why our public school systems are graduating functional illiterates year after year? Students who need digital watches to tell time, calculators to do simple arithmetic, and computers with an internet connection, a cut-and-paste feature, and spellcheck – to write the simple declarative sentences needed for a report?

(2)  Ask yourself why these unions refuse to test teachers for teaching competency and subject-matter knowledge? Ask why standardized tests keep getting “dumbed-down” to hide the failures of the educational system?

(3)  Ask yourself why these unions believe they own the students and their attached governmental funding? Why do unions fight the type of school choice (charter schools) that forces schools to compete in providing a superior education?

(4)  Ask yourself why teachers with advanced degrees are paid more to teach K-12 classes? It is foolish and not cost-effective to use teachers with advanced degrees to teach K-12 students?

(5)  Ask yourself why K-12 teachers need tenure, lifelong job guarantees with excellent benefits, with little risk of being terminated for being incompetent or, in some cases, engaging in inappropriate criminal activities?

(6)  Ask yourself why teachers' unions are demanding unaccountable parental rights for schools regarding healthcare?

(7)  Why are unions welcoming illegal immigrants into our country, many of them sending impoverished, illiterate, and non-English speaking students, to schools where they degrade the teaching of legal students and occupy a disproportionate amount of a teacher’s time and attention?

(8)  Since when are teachers permitted to use students as political activists, both during in-school and out-of-school events?

Bottom line…

It is time to eliminate unions, especially public employee unions who create chaos, increase costs, delay progress, and are slowly bankrupting our municipalities and states. They will never be satisfied with their present funding and workloads – demanding more money and fewer teaching days.

It is time to stop incentivizing poor performance and reward success. Successful schools. Successful teachers, And successful students.

Time for a little tough love lest your students are unable to compete with others from first-world nations.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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