I have been thinking again… What constitutes a clear and present danger to the future of the United States?


(1)  An apathetic, uninformed populace where many individuals adopt the mantra “whatever” as they go along to get along. Yes, even members of my own family refuse to listen to well-reasoned and researched arguments as they adopt the positions based on propaganda from the mainstream media or their similarly uninformed friends. They know what they feel, so argumentation gets you nothing other than a frustration-induced ulcer.

(2)  A false reliance on so-called elites, whether their status comes from birth, wealth, education, credentials, experience, position, or connections, and whose allegedly “wise counsel” and “leadership” is presumed to be beyond self-interests and with the greater good in mind.

I can find no better present-day example than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highly credentialed and allegedly experienced physician-scientist who serves as the long-term director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the President of the United States. The man is a human weathervane, using language and ambiguity to parrot the fashionable politically-correct “science” of the day – offering prescriptions that affect millions of individuals with nary a consideration for valid contrarian opinions by similarly credentialed and experienced “experts.”

(3)  A warped perception of our government and its agencies. The truth is that government is not a quick-acting nimble organization but a slow-moving cadre of bureaucrats who are primarily interested in their own positions, the existence and funding of their department, and the ease and comfort they can find in their daily duties. The vast majority hates their managers as well as upper-level leadership; and thinks little or nothing of the individuals affected by the paper and bits they shuffle endlessly to justify their existence.

(4)  A false memory of what the muck-raking media used to be when journalists ferreted out embarrassments and actual wrongdoing -- and not simply reporting anonymously-attributed “leaks,” many of which turn out to be exaggerated or flat-out lies. What we are seeing is corporatized media-driven in the direction of the self-interests of their organization’s leadership. Leadership that is mindful of scarce advertising dollars and government’s contracts, grants, subsidies, tax rulings, regulatory passes, and forbearance to continue their monopolistic ways.

(5)  A false belief in the neutrality of technology based on a history of pioneering mavericks and the egalitarian nature of such concepts as net neutrality where every data bit, be it associated with text, audio-visual, graphic files, are treated the same – in transport speeds and costs.

It appears that technologists found profits in acting as gatekeepers, like common carriers who slice and dice features and packages to artificially create a unique selling proposition that creates profits out of selling the very same commoditized products and services as their competitors. Made infinitely more malignant when they realized that their profitable gate swung both ways, keeping people out as well as allowing them to pass.

(6)  The shibboleth of the kindly, helpful teacher of the past. Teachers who teach rather than indoctrinate do exist, but they find it hard to practice in an age of malignant leadership at the administration level.

Yes, some teachers are activists and acolytes of anti-American sentiments, but most appear to be “go along to get along” types who fear for their position.

Others are overwhelmed by the numbers of ill-prepared students dumped by a dysfunctional immigration system into their classrooms. Functional illiterates passed from a lower grade or introduced by a stream of unprepared immigrant students who may not speak a common language or have similar cultural values.

Eventually, these teachers becoming numb to the concept of teaching and become accustomed to a pre-packaged anti-America, anti-White curriculum standard and failure-excusing testing that passes for modern education.

Dr. Jill Biden notwithstanding, advanced educational degrees are worthless. Most Ph.D. programs prepare individuals to conduct highly-focused, long-term research in an extremely narrow field. Laughingly characterized as the ability to know more and more about less and less until you know everything about virtually nothing.

Few doctorate programs are as worthless as an Ed.D. because, truth be told, other than social status and better pay, there is no underlying scholarly instruction or academic discipline underlying the field or professional (your choice) – only ideologies. Ideologies involving competing components based on understandings, skills, meanings, and values to be combined in a curriculum to be passed along to students.

There is no universal agreement about the relative proportions of the components nor which ones should be appropriately taught. Since, other than agreeing on teaching the basic skills, the battle for teachers to swear allegiance to a singular ideology and convey its orthodoxy to their students is magnified in today’s hyper-political educational atmosphere dominated by Marxist/Communist unions.

(7)  But, the most toxic clear and present danger to America is not the pandemic, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, or another geopolitical foe. It is the adoption of Critical Race Theory, a movement rooted in the communist black separatist movement designed to destroy America from within.

Consider the basics…

(a)  It is only a theory and one whose basic premise, if followed to its logical conclusion, is the destruction of an exceptional America and the culture of Americanism, a mélange of the diversity of scale found nowhere else in the world.

(b)  A theory that posits that individuals cannot be considered as individuals but as collective members of a group whose identities intersect to form citizens of the state whose efforts need to be channeled for the good of the state – more appropriately, its proposed new leadership.

(c)  A theory that creates classes of victims who can be merged together into a “coalition” that conveys political power to those who promise to redress grievances, provide free “stuff,” and transport individuals to a mythical better world that never has existed and cannot exist because it defies the laws of human nature.

(d)  A theory that must manipulate definitions and language so that the truly aggrieved cannot articulate their dissatisfaction without sounding incoherent or crazy.

(e)  As it has been said many times before, the theory attempts to justify equity based on similar outcomes, rather than equality based on similar opportunities, by  “taking from one group, for the benefit of a second group, to correct injustices by a third group who mistreated the fourth group at an earlier point in history.” A sure prescription for the promotion of injustice and, when applied to race, causes naked, malignant racism. The true intention of which is not to bring about equality or equity, but the type of classical communist class warfare that leads to revolution and the overthrow of America, the destruction of its Constitution, and its replacement by communism.

Bottom line…

Long story short. America's most prevalent clear and present danger is cowardice: to have the guts and grit to stand up and yell “bullshit” when anyone attempts to diminish or divide America. We live in the United States, not the Divided States.  This applies to politicians and the petty tyrants of the progressive bureaucracy.

Consider what one man can do, even when overwhelmingly attacked by the political opposition, the media, and a legion of apathetic unbelievers and naysayers. No, I am not speaking of Donald Trump; I am referring to George Washington, considered the Father of our Country, and Abraham Lincoln, the man who ended the slavery of the Southern Democrats.

For those who prefer a more silent protest against evildoers, vote – with your ballot, your feet, your money, and your attention.

-- steve

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