What I think today is much the same as I thought yesterday.


I wish people would quit telling me that the Israeli/Palestinian situation is complex and requires a “nuanced” approach. There is no moral equivalency between good and evil. My best friend Al always accuses me of seeing the world in black and white rather than shades of gray. I know, by instinct, education, and self-learning, the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral. No moral equivalency between the cultures exists for me, just recognizing that it is all a power-play between Israel who wants peace and to be left alone and those malignant parties who want “more” and use religion, politics, and the perversion of language as a pretext for their power grab.

The fact that a terrorist state aggressor sent a thousand unguided rockets randomly into a civilian population can never be excused under any circumstances.

The assertion that Israel is committing “an act of terrorism” by responding to rocket attacks by hostile forces is a lie. Israel is using the Iron Dome anti-missile system to protect its citizens. At the same time, the Palestinians have no such protection belies the fact that it is the Palestinians who are lobbing rockets into Israel. Nobody is randomly targeting the Palestinian population. The fact that the Palestinians are hiding behind civilians is the proximate cause of civilian deaths.


The assertion that the Palestinians are responding to an attack on the Temple Mount, which they control, or over a 50-year-old court case over four homes, is just public relations pretexts that do not stand up to scrutiny in the light of day. The assertion that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians would end if Israel agreed to a Palestinians State is a lie. The Palestinians have rejected such a state from the day Israel was created to this very day.

The truth, as I see it, is simple and two-fold. One, a faction of the Palestinians use the conflict to avoid the election that they will surely lose, while another is virtue-signaling to their base how powerful and pure they are by attacking Jews in Israel. Both factions are appealing to the international community, especially those who are covertly anti-Semitic, for funds to continue this religious battle – which, of course, is not about religion but political power and the control of the kleptocracy. Two, even worse, the Palestinians are proxies for the Iranians who are desperately trying to distract Israel from deterring their nuclear ambitions while encouraging assistance from the Obamacon-led Biden Administration seeking to restore Obama’s disastrous nuclear arms deal.

There is no real solution to the current problem, only détente until Islam is reformed and the destruction of Israel is no longer a religiously mandated duty. Not likely in our lifetimes because the Quran is the literal word of Allah and cannot be changed. It will then take several additional generations until the Palestinians acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and children are no longer taught to hate Jews. 

By the way -- few people know that 75% of the multi-billion dollar military aid to Israel must be spent with U.S.  contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and others who provide good-paying domestic jobs. Channeling corporate welfare through foreign policy.


While progressive socialist democrats can ignore federal laws about immigration and other matters, there is no way to ignore or nullify the laws of economics. Primarily the law of supply and demand when the economy grows and benefits everyone or the government continues to pump money into the economy while growth stagnates. Thus creating so-called stagflation where too much money chases too few goods, and the price of those goods accelerates as people are forced to pay more and more for the same goods.

There’s No Need to Panic over Inflation

The news that the Consumer Price Index rose 4.2 percent in the twelve months ending in April has shocked the financial commentariat. But such inflation is hardly inexplicable. Between President Biden’s COVID-relief package and (much more relevant) the Federal Reserve’s continued asset purchases, aggregate demand is getting a healthy boost. Supply conditions are improving, but not fast enough to prevent generalized price increases.

How worried should we be about this sudden inflationary pickup? The short answer is, not very. Inflation in the 3–5 percent range, so long as it’s temporary, is no cause for panic. In fact, rising prices come with a disguised blessing: They could force the Fed to end the irresponsible monetary policies it’s employed over the past year. <Source>

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, May 13, 2021

I have not seen such a bald-faced lying propagandist spinning facts since “Baghdad Bob,” the Media and Foreign Affairs Minister under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, acting as spokesman for the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and Saddam's government, who infamously denied that there were American tanks in Baghdad although they were rolling through the city a couple of hundred yards from his news conference.

Our — the expectation from economists, both inside and outside of the government, is that the impacts of our proposed investments are transitory, are temporary, and that the benefits far outweigh the risks.  So that — we look at it through, certainly, through that prism.

Obviously, we’ve seen, over the last couple of days — to your point — some reaction to the CPI numbers that came out just yesterday.  And, you know, our view on that is it reflects the reality of an economy that’s rapidly turning back on because of a successful economic strategy. 

And if you dig into the data, there are a couple of factors at play that I think people are taking a look at now that we’ve dug into the data more, including the fact that, you know, for example, airfare is increased by 10 percent but are still almost 20 percent below pre-pandemic levels.  The — one of the biggest impacts we saw on the data yesterday was on used car sales, and that is a direct impact of the semiconductor chip shortage. 
So, point is: There’s a number of factors here that can be explained and we’re working to address.  And I think as we continue to communicate that, hopefully that will give some comfort to the American people and, of course, industries. <Source>

This is a Psaki lie. Any way you describe what is happening in our economy, the result is money gushing from your wallet. To pay increasing taxes to power a government purchasing goods and services at higher prices or to pay for the increasing goods and services themselves – which also carry a higher tax burden. The best example I can think of is a gallon of gasoline. With higher prices come higher federal, state, and local taxes on your purchase. A win for the government in terms of tax revenue, not so much for the consumer who is being forced to allocate scarce funds among the necessities of life and the need to get to work to earn the additional dollars necessary to support their lifestyle.

Liz Cheney …

You have to ask yourself why the radical progressive far left, including many in Congress like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY,) are openly praising Representative Liz Cheyney (R-WY) when she was almost universally reviled as an evil Republican prior to the election?

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on House Republicans’ removal of Conference Chair Liz Cheney by voice vote: 

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is a leader of great courage, patriotism and integrity.  Today, House Republicans declared that those values are unwelcome in the Republican party. “The Republican denial of the truth presented by Congresswoman Cheney is reflected in their denial of the need to seek the truth in a January 6th commission and to repair the damage of January 6th with a security supplemental immediately. “For the sake of our democracy, reasonable Republicans across the country must take back their party.” <Source>

Chuck Schumer praises Rep. Liz Cheney for speaking ‘truth to power’ against Trump

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday praised Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney as a voice of conscience within the Republican Party for denouncing former President Trump. The powerful New York Democrat, on the eve of a vote to boot Cheney from the GOP leadership, called the Republican lawmaker an unlikely martyr to the cause of opposing Trump’s claims of election fraud. “Down the hall from us, House Republicans are plotting the demotion of a Republican member for the crime of repeating the truth: that Joe Biden is the president of the United States and that Donald Trump is lying,” Schumer said. “Liz Cheney spoke truth to power. And for that, she’s being fired,” Schumer added. <Source>

The answer is intuitively obvious, Liz Cheney is a tool, a useful idiot, that can be used by the radical progressive socialist democrats as a  primary distraction from the manifesting domestic and foreign policy consequences of the Biden Administration that are being run by the Obamacons in positions of power. If one were to look beyond Joe Biden’s stage-managed appearances and frequent naps, one might find an Obama Cabal, headed by Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor to the President and currently Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council, running the Office of the President. Both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris appear to be sock puppets manipulated by those who hold the reins to power. Secondarily, to sow discord in the GOP while giving the mainstream media additional anti-Trump fodder.


As a member of the highest risk cohort of those vulnerable to a catastrophic response to the Communist Chinese Party virus – and one who has studied much of the medical literature – I have decided to wear a mask while in the company of strangers -- even though I am fully vaccinated with two Pfizer shots spaced exactly twenty-one days apart. As for everyone else, it is a matter of your beliefs and internal risk/reward calculation. As for Saint Fauci, I believe he is a political bullshit artist who has successfully navigated the dark and swiftly moving political waters and says anything required at a singular point in time and tailored for a particular audience. A walking/talking ambiguity whose advice cannot be trusted. I will continue to follow the data.

Vaccine passports...

No way, Jose. Just another government surveillance program like national identification cards and gun registries. Where in the Constitution does it say your God-given inalienable rights are dependent on a government identification card.

The surveillance state

Once again, we are faced with a technological achievement that can be used for good or evil – much like guns. I am speaking of Apple’s new AirTags advertised as a “supereasy way to keep track of your stuff. Attach one to your keys, slip another in your backpack.”

AirTag: Lose your knack for losing things.

Your AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. These devices send the location of your AirTag to iCloud — then you can go to the Find My app and see it on a map. The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy. And it's efficient, so there's no need to worry about battery life or data usage. <Source>

Hackers Are Having a Field Day With AirTags

Apple is pitching the AirTag, a 1.26-inch circle that looks like an Apple-branded button, as the most secure and reliable way to track whatever object you don't want to lose: a backpack, keys, a purse, a wallet, or even a pet. AirTags use Bluetooth beacons to share their position to any iPhones nearby, which then transmit the AirTag position to its owner via the Find My app.

Following up on detailed teardowns from hardware researcher Colin O'Flynn and well known repair company iFixIt, Thomas Roth posted a lengthy video on YouTube where he breaks down the AirTag's innards. Roth, who is a hardware hacker who goes by Stacksmashing online, then explained how he found a way to modify the firmware in the AirTag—essentially jailbreaking it—to make it send a malicious URL to an iPhone that scans it with NFC. [Near-Field Communication – used by wireless credit card chips, merchandise tags, etc.]   <Source>

Track your car. Your wife. Your enemies. Tracking is limited only by your imagination.

The end to qualified immunity?

The chattering class demands the end of qualified immunity that protect police officers from being sued as civilians for their actions taken in an official capacity. A definite buzzkill for first-responders who must make split-section decisions, some of which are bound to be wrong and injurious to third parties. Of course, the proper course of action would be to sue the police department as the employer of the officer.

But think what havoc a legal doctrine that protects government actors from civil lawsuits could wreak if individuals were allowed to sue elected officials and bureaucrats employed by the government, over the consequences of their actions. Another great idea from the fifth column seeking to destroy America from within and the lawyers who love and support the progressive socialist democrats.

Maricopa County, Arizona, audit...

Why is the full weight of the Democrat Party, including their high-priced Perkins Coie attorneys, so hell-bent on preventing an audit of the 2020 election when it has been touted as the cleanest election in history? You would think they would welcome such an audit and celebrate its results. Why are they refusing to participate in the audit and hiding behind flimsy pretexts? Shouldn't the election officials recuse themselves during the audit to prevent the appearance of a massive conflict of interest? 

Bottom line…

We are screwed. Made more so by the Obamacons controlling the Biden Administration. The truth is we can’t trust our government or our premier agencies. We can’t trust our educators, and worst of all, we can’t trust our media. For good or bad, I trust myself and my ability to correctly calculate risk/reward ratios – knowing that probability waits to kick my ass at some time in the future.

-- steve

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