I could easily have written about the downward momentum of America’s social and economic decline under the corrupt Biden administration, but today’s post is about the terrorist leadership of the Gaza strip.

Unlike the United States, much of the Middle East is fundamentally and irredeemably flawed by the corruption of a perverse religion that demands that unbelievers be killed or enslaved. That the religion is practiced by a billion people and only a militant ten to twenty percent are extremists does not mitigate the risk for the rest of the civilized world. Here, in the United States, we pretend that there is something noble about a fundamentally intolerant and abusive religion and engage in a futile exercise of moral equivalency when justifying their political acts of deviltry.

The absolute truth is there is no moral equivalency between those who exploit religion to attack their neighbors for their own purposes and on behalf of pure evil. The United States would destroy any nation that dared to send random, unguided missiles across its borders into military, let alone civilian, areas. Can we expect no different from the State of Israel, which has shown exceptional restraint in protecting civilians surrounding targeted areas?

Hamas Exploits Palestinian Unrest to Launch Rocket War Against Israel

Hamas, the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, has orchestrated Palestinian political violence for the past few weeks as part of its annual propaganda/terrorist offensive against Israel during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month.

After Hamas and its political rival, the Palestinian Authority, competed to promote violent clashes with Israeli police at Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, Hamas in effect hijacked the protests and launched more than 1,000 rockets at Israel from Gaza, instigating its fourth mini-war with Israel since 2008.

A confluence of events provided convenient pretexts for the violence. Political tensions surged ahead of Israel’s annual Jerusalem Day celebrations, commemorating the capture of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. A long-simmering real estate dispute in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, involving four Palestinian families living on Israeli-owned land, was due to be resolved by an Israeli court.

That dispute, in a neighborhood that Palestinians hope to claim as part of a Palestinian state, was exaggerated to apocalyptic dimensions by Palestinian militants eager to ignite Palestinian riots against Israel.

Hamas seized the opportunity to exploit the crisis by posing as a guardian of Palestinian civil and religious rights, despite the fact that it systematically represses Palestinian human rights in Gaza. Hamas flags proliferated at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque on May 10, which was occupied and barricaded by Palestinian militants who battled Israeli police.

Hamas issued an ultimatum, threatening to attack if Israel did not withdraw its police by Monday evening. When Israel ignored that blackmail attempt, Hamas unleashed a rocket barrage at Jerusalem and southern Israel.

Since Monday, more than 850 rockets have detonated inside Israel, killing seven Israelis. Another 200 rockets fell short, landing inside Gaza.

Many of the most dangerous rockets deployed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another Islamist terrorist organization, are provided by Iran, which shares their goal of destroying Israel. <Source>

Perhaps it is time for Israel to hold the Palestinian people accountable for their choice of leadership.

One, by threatening to exercise their internationally recognized self-defense right to attack ANY site from which a missile is launched against Israel. Since the terrorists site their missile launches from schools, hospitals, mosques, and residential areas, there will be significant collateral damage to civilians – but that is the price they must pay for selecting their malignant leadership.

Two, by holding Iran responsible for arming the terrorist regime with offensive weaponry.

And three, by implementing a public relations campaign in the United States to call out anti-Semitism wherever it is found – namely in left-wing progressive institutions.

Placing a red cross or medical marking on a military target violates the Geneva Convention…

Hamas hides in, under and around Gaza’s main hospital, and the media covers it up

Was a Finnish reporter the only one to have seen rockets fired from close to Al-Shifa, or is she the only one brave and honest enough to tell about it? There have been reports for years that Hamas uses the main hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa, as a headquarters. It reportedly has bunkers underneath, and uses the hospital itself.

There have been tidbits of media reporting on Hamas’ use of Al-Shifa as a de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices. But mostly it has been covered up by reporters in Gaza, as I detailed in Media cover-up of Hamas crimes starting to unravel. Tweets have been deleted and articles taken down by reporters for major publications.

One Italian reporter who left Gaza blew the whistle on the fact that it was Hamas or Islamic Jihad misfired rockets that cause a large number of deaths in a refugee camps. The victims were transported to Al-Shifa, where another rocket had already hit. A Wall Street Journal reporter tweeted, then deleted, his observation that it was a Hamas rocket that hit the hospital. Once the evidence became clear that Israel was not responsible, the media moved on, as if it never happened. <Source>

The media cover-up?

Do you mean the honest, hard-working, ethical journalists of the mainstream media? Of course, this should come as no surprise as the New York times dishonestly and deceptively minimized the Holocaust and Ukraine Massacre on behalf of Joseph Stalin. The progressive left has always had a love affair with Russia and the European brand of socialism – even when the damage and misery of this toxic and dangerous ideology was readily apparent.

Today’s media is no different. Whether covering Hamas or Joe Biden, the coverage is dishonest and deceptive.


Bottom line…

For the present, Israel is screwed. America is screwed. And no matter what you thought about President Trump, look at what he accomplished in the face of congressional attacks, deep state resistance, and media opposition.

-- steve

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