The United States becomes energy-independent. Natural gas is both abundant and relatively cheap. The aging electric grid is under extreme pressure. Electricity is subject to disruptions caused by equipment failure, freak accidents, preventative maintenance, high seasonal demands, high-wind blackouts to reduce wildfire dangers, and electricity being made artificially more expensive due to mandated “green power’ mandates and subsidies.

So what is the solution that benefits Californians?

The progressive socialist democrats in San Francisco and Sacramento decided to eliminate the source of cheap, plentiful natural gas energy in favor of overstressing our electric grid by mandating electricity over natural gas and eliminating provisions for the use of gas in new construction and certain remodels.

The draft code update released by the California Energy Commission would require new single-family homes to be equipped with circuits and panels that would allow them to be powered by all-electric appliances for heating, cooking, and drying clothes. This is preparation for cities to ban the use of natural gas. Cities like Bezerkeley … “In the summer of 2019, the city council in Berkeley, California, made a bold and unprecedented move: They banned natural gas hookups in most new building construction.” 


2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Rulemaking Docket # 21-BSTD-01
Pre-Rulemaking Dockets # 19-BSTD-03 and 19-BSTD-04

The 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) will improve upon the 2019 Energy Code for new construction of, and additions and alterations to, residential and nonresidential buildings.

Workshops will be held to present revisions and obtain public comment. Proposed standards will be adopted in 2021 with an effective date of January 1, 2023. The California Energy Commission (CEC) updates the standards every three years. <Source>

Summary of the Proposed Standards and Effect

Therefore, the CEC proposes the following amendments to the Energy Code:

• Revise the prescriptive compliance path available for building projects to include only heat pump technology in specific circumstances;
• Revise the “standard design” used for the modeling-based performance compliance path available for building projects to establish the performance baseline based on heat pump technologies in specific circumstances;
• Improve existing residential energy efficiency standards for solar photovoltaic systems, including battery storage, and associated compliance options;
• Add new prescriptive solar photovoltaic and battery requirements for the following newly constructed nonresidential building types: high-rise multifamily, hotel-motel, tenant-space, office, medical office or clinic, restaurant, grocery store, retail store, school, and theater/auditorium/convention center buildings;
Add new requirements that mixed fuel buildings be electric ready, meaning that electrical connections and other features needed to allow use of non-combustion equipment options are installed at the time of initial construction;
• Establish new energy efficiency standards for lighting, envelope, and space conditioning systems serving controlled environment horticulture spaces;
• Improve energy efficiency standards for commercial and industrial process loads, including, computer room air conditioning, refrigerated areas, fan systems, compressed air systems, and steam traps;
• Improve nonresidential and multifamily efficiency standards for building envelopes (e.g., exterior walls, windows, roofs, and floors), fan and duct systems, HVAC controls, boilers and service water heating systems, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, and grid integration equipment such as demand responsive controls;
• Improve minimum standards for residential kitchen ventilation;
• Update and enhance requirements relating to duct sealing and ventilation;
• Added language for requiring operational guides and maintenance of local exhaust systems in a multifamily building;
• Added language to require data registries to submit electronic data along with paper compliance documents to the CEC Repository;
• Revised the language to reduce the burden for local jurisdictions to designate Outdoor Lighting Zones;
• Revise the community shared solar compliance option for clarity with additional requirements for location, size, and opt-out;
• Require the Commission to make specified findings before reviewing an application for a nonresidential data registry; and
• Make numerous minor revisions to existing provisions to improve the clarity of the regulations.

Progressive tripe…

Here is one of the public comments submitted through the “Do Gooder” website that facilitates progressive pressure campaigns on elected officials, appointees, and agencies.

As a supporter of Mothers Out Front and a California resident, I urge you to adopt an all-electric code for new construction beginning in the 2022 code cycle. An incremental approach is completely inadequate to address the public health and climate crises. We need you to act swiftly to protect our health, safety, and climate and promote equity by ensuring that new buildings do not perpetuate the use of fossil gas infrastructure.

[OCS: The plea by mothers (now known as “birthing persons”) and the same children manipulated by the teachers’ unions are not even worth considering anymore to justify progressive socialist democrat positions.]  

Health: The use of gas appliances, particularly gas stoves, degrades indoor air quality and harms health. Children living in homes with gas stoves are 42% more likely to experiences symptoms of asthma.

[OCS: Imagine the hundreds of millions of individuals who survived their childhood in pre-progressive snowflake times.]

Safety: Gas is a leading cause of structure fires, burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning, causing half of all fires post earthquakes.

[OCS: What about downed power lines being the primary cause, along with natural lightning strikes, of those disastrous wildfires that dump carbon products and pollution into the air?] 

Climate: Fracked gas releases methane at every step of the production cycle, making "natural" gas more destabilizing to the climate than coal.

[OCS: This message brought to you by our enemies who miss the boatloads of money flowing into the Middle East for petroleum products.]

Equity: Communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately harmed by the extraction and storage of gas as well as the combustion of gas in the home, leading to inequitable health outcomes and increased mortality from COVID-19.
There is no justification for continuing to build with dangerous and destabilizing gas when affordable and highly efficient electric appliances are readily available, including induction cooktops and heat pumps. The market is ready, it just needs a clear signal from the CEC.

[OCS: It is impossible for a progressive to comment without invoking identity politics. The fact that poorer families may not be able to afford inflated electricity prices is of little concern. Because the government stands ready to subsidize their very existence. And, individuals rarely purchase appliances for new construction as that is part of the developer/builder package.]

Bill McKibben wisely notes that, when it comes to the climate crisis, “Winning slowly is the same as losing.” Don’t fail our children by punting this necessary change to future code cycles. Take action now to initiate a just transition to all-electric new buildings so our children can have a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow.

[OCS: McKibben is a screaming alarmist whose “science” is both selective and suspect. As for winning slowly, that is the modus operandi of the progressives who are swallowing our freedoms slowly, one slice at a time.]  <Source>

Bottom line…

Once again, the progressive socialist democrats are trying to destroy America from within by controlling the energy that is the key to our economy, our healthcare that is the key to our freedom, and the voting integrity that is the key to their perpetual power.

It is time to stop this Democrat power grab in the guise of environmentalism, benefits to children, or some form of social justice or equity.

We are so screwed in California with its progressive communist-socialist democrat majority rule. All aided by oligarchs seeking to keep what they have. Don’t let Californication destroy your city and state.

-- steve

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