Once again, we find Gaza militants unleashing a barrage of hundreds of unguided rockets randomly aimed at Israel’s civilian population…

In self-defense, Israel mounted airstrikes at military targets, including command and control facilities, rocket storage facilities, and top Hamas commanders.

One strike involved a 12-story high-rise building said to house Hamas offices. However, before the attack, a series of warning shots allowed people to escape and minimize casualties.

Where do you find such deliberate care to avoid or minimize civilian casualties? Unfortunately, the Hamas terrorists surround themselves with civilians, family members, and fire rockets from sites located next to schools, hospitals, mosques, and residential units. Nothing is better for their international charity shakedown than the outrage created by dead women, children, and civilians. Not so coincidently, martyrdom, dying for the cause, is Islam’s highest honor.


So, why am I not surprised to find one of the most anti-America, anti-white, anti-Israel anti-Semites in the United States Congress, Representative Ilhan Omar, invoking “moral equivalency?” Ignoring, of course, the aggressor has no legitimate claim to self-defense in a court of law or the court of public opinion.


Complaining that the Palestinian, who are shooting the Iranian rockets at Israeli civilians, don't have Iron Dome protections...


It is also no surprise that the anti-America, anti-white, anti-Israel anti-Semites in the communist movement known as Black Lives Matter would jump feet first into suggesting that the Jewish settlers, with an unbroken history of thousands of years in the area, are colonialists and that the Palestinians are being oppressed and in need of liberation. Ignoring that, the label “Palestinian” originated as a public relations ploy from Moscow’s representative in the region, Yasser Arafat, to create the appearance of legitimacy to the Arabs who were kicked out of Jordan or who left the area prior to a massed Abab attack on the new State of Israel.


What now?

Israel will respond in kind until the United States or the United Nations intervenes. Of course, the feckless Biden Administration with the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Obamacons steering the asterisk-president is busy blaming the conflict on conditions created by Donald Trump and his administration -- falsely reminding everyone that the Trump-Kushner efforts in the Middle East were a failure.

How many Americans, even American Jews, realize that Israel provides ongoing assistance, including utilities, to Arabs in the Gaza strip when they could easily turn off such aid and put the population under stress.

Don’t look for American secular Jews to rise to support Israel. They are too busy supporting a progressive socialist/communist regime that is selling them out as surely as Europeans turned away from getting involved in the slaughter of Jews.

Bottom line…

We fight together for a common goal, freedom, against those who would deny our God-given rights.


Until the people of Gaza decide to choose peace, there will be no peace. Until Americans choose freedom, we will continue to see our inalienable rights eroded one by one until they are gone.

We are so screwed with the anti-Semitic Obamacons pulling Joe Biden’s strings.

How many people know that the Biden Administration sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinians without demanding any concessions? Not even to stop them from paying the families of murderers who kill Jewish men and women in violation of the 2018, Taylor Force Act, prohibiting American economic assistance which “directly benefits the Palestinian Authority” as long as the PA continues to pay financial rewards for terrorism?

Reversing Trump, Biden Restores Aid to Palestinians

The package, which gives at least $235 million in assistance to Palestinians, will go to humanitarian, economic, development and security efforts in the region, and is part of the administration’s attempt to rehabilitate U.S. relations with Palestinians, which effectively stopped when Mr. Trump was in office.

In a statement on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said the United States would provide $150 million in humanitarian aid, funneled through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a vast agency created 72 years ago to assist displaced Palestinians.

Another $75 million would be allocated for economic development programs in the West Bank and Gaza, and $10 million would be for what Mr. Blinken described as peace-building operations carried out by the United States Agency for International Development. <Source>



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