In sworn testimony before the House Committee on Appropriations, Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on “Department of Homeland Security Resource Management and Operational Priorities,Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, appears totally disingenuous…

Disingenuous is a polite way of saying that Mayorkas was gaslighting the American public with obfuscation and flat-out untruths leading one to the conclusion that he is either incompetent and oblivious to what is happening in the DHS or lying in furtherance of the Biden Administration’s agenda.


"We do not condone illegal immigration. We combat illegal immigration. We enforce the laws of accountability and we also enforce the laws of humanitarian relief." ~ DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

You would think that the Secretary of one of the most powerful government agencies would have heard about those progressive communist democrat municipalities who declare themselves as “sanctuary cities” and ignore federal immigration laws, rules, and regulations?

Under questioning from Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA) on May 26, 2021… 

(If the video is missing, it can be seen here.)

Hearing excerpts from questions posed by Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA) on May 26, 2021…

REP HINSON: Do you believe that your department, at any time, should be able to actually identify an illegal immigrant in this country who the department has processed and released into this country?

[OCS: This is a simple yes or no question.]

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: I'm not sure I understand your question congresswoman.

[OCS: Blind and stupid is not a good look for a cabinet-level Senate-confirmed Secretary.] 

REP HINSON: Do you think that once they're in the country, and we've had, we've issued, we've gone through this process, that we should be able to know where they are, we should be able to track them if they're in this country illegally?

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: To know and track more than 11 million undocumented individuals in the United States?

[OCS: You would think that she was speaking a foreign language. Or the Secretary has been inflicted with Bidenitis.

BTW: the 11 million number is disingenuous and has remained virtually the same for decades. The number is more likely to be 20+ million illegal aliens or more.]

REP HINSON: We have no idea, Mr. Secretary, and this was a direct response to one of our earlier questions, how many are specifically in Iowa. Once they come across that border and they're out of CBP custody, we've been informed there is no way to track these individuals unless they actually show up for that NTA [Notice to Appear] hearing, which as we know sometimes, they do not. So, do you believe that we should be able to?

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: I'm not sure I agree with the premise of your question Congresswoman.

When an individual is placed into immigration proceedings they are done -- they are placed into immigration proceedings through a notice to appear. When they are properly informed of the hearing date, time, and location they have appropriate information. They have an assistance of counsel. The appearance rate is extraordinarily high.

[OCS: Since they can be transported anywhere in the United States, they are not likely to have a valid address at the time of release or desire to update their information with the authorities. Most throw the notice away or it is lost sometime before the two years it may take to get a hearing.]

I am not aware of the fact that we have the tools, resources, and capabilities to track with the more than 11 million unlawfully present individuals in the United States, which speaks to the fundamental broken system and the need for immigration reform.

[OCS: Send money and we will take care of everything. As for tools… Bullpucky! The federal E-Verify system works just fine, so do systems at Social Security and the IRS. They know which addresses are suspect and who is likely to possess bogus identification.  The tools are there, just not the political will to implement  a solution.]

REP HINSON: Specifically, to the people who have been through CBP and processed and then released into the homeland, not the ones who made it across the border and are in this country illegally that we maybe didn't go through that process.

I think the point I’d like to make Mr. Secretary is I would ask the administration to seriously look at this. I stand ready to look at the resources necessary to make sure these departments can actually talk to each other and communicate to each other.

This is a safety and security issue if we can't exactly know how many immigrants are coming to a state like Iowa when we're looking at over a million possibly as we've heard this number keep going up on this year. That's highly concerning to me and I would ask you seriously look at policies that we can make sure these departments can and track these individuals once they're in the country illegally even if they do have that NTA. We know that sometimes they don't appear and that is a safety and security issue.

[OCS: Are you effin kidding me -- safety and security -- it is the progressive communist democrats who are refusing to prosecute criminals and who are releasing hardened criminals back into the community. They refuse to track illegal alien crime and illegal aliens are often treated better than American citizens.]

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: I really welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this because I’m not sure that we have a common understanding of the problem that you've identified, because if we have a common understanding of the problem I assure you that we have a solution. Because what we do is we place individuals in immigration proceedings and an individual who is a recent border crosser who does not appear in immigration proceedings is a priority for enforcement action under the guidelines uh that were issued on January 20th and revised on February 8th.

[OCS: You just don’t understand the situation. We’re Democrats and we want open borders because we need a new class of victims to exploit so they vote for us.]

The Jen “Circle Back” Psaki response…

Mr. Secretary my question to you today is, can you provide a status update on the department's work to implement those recommendations from GAO?

Congresswoman, thank you very much I’m familiar with the program I’m familiar with the GAO report and I will circle back with your office to provide you with the status of our actions in response to the 14 recommendations.

I know that one of the primary reasons why the assistance rate is what it is because one of the thresholds that must be met is the inadequacy or the lack of insurance coverage and in fact, people who do have insurance and who recover insurance proceeds in response to a disaster may not be eligible for the individual assistance under the FEMA grant program.

I’m also very well aware of the concerns with respect to clarity and transparency in terms of the eligibility criteria and making sure the public understands what the assistance program is for and when its resources can be triggered. it's something we are very focused upon because this impacts real people in real ways and so I would welcome the opportunity to circle back with you personally and of course with our respective teams so that i can deliver the specificity in response to your question that you deserve.

If the government was serious about immigration reform…

(1)  Halt all legal immigration for people that have not been in the waiting line for at least one year.

(2)  Close our borders to illegal aliens.

(3)  Track Visa entry/exit dates and flag any overstays for immediate deportation – at their expense.

(4)  Implement new legislation that makes children assume the nationality of their parents. Only if the child has at least one American citizen parent is the child a citizen. This does not require a Constitutional Amendment because it was a court ruling that allowed this bastardization of the citizenship process. Refuse all social aid beyond food and emergency medical care to illegal aliens. Children and senior citizens are excepted. 

(5)  Provide temporary guest-worker registration green cards with a return-home date for agricultural workers and technology workers. Demand technology jobs are offered to citizens first, No vetting – no entry.

(6)  Define the national issue… Demand that all illegal aliens now present in the United States have 90-days to register with the federal government and obtain an official alien card. After 90-days, everyone is fair game for immediate deportation.

(7)  Prepare an impact report that estimates the costs and benefits of allowing more illegal aliens into the country.

(8)  Define who we will allow into the country and under what conditions.

(9) Sanction pandering politicians and sanctuary cities that do not put America first.

(10)  Improve immigration court operations, especially to curtail immigration attorneys who knowingly abuse the system. 

(11)  Residency, but no citizenship for any illegal alien and the problem will die out in one generation. 

Bottom line…

We can do it – but the political will is lacking.

DHS must be broken up into manageable agencies because it has become unmanageable.

I suggest we adopt Mexico's immigration system. That would teach them!!!

We are so screwed.

-- steve

Note:  Just as the federal government refuses to track entry and exit Visa information and to place those non-citizen visitors who overstay their Visa expiration on a watch list for immediate deportation, the government refuses to make the functioning but the voluntary E-Verify system, a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States, mandatory or extend its use to Visa notifications.

Of course, illegal aliens are drivers of identity theft using stolen and bogus identification, a criminal act separate from illegally entering the United States.

One might rightly assume that off-the-shelf credit card processing hardware and software that can track tens of millions of credit card users around the world, would suffice to track an estimated 24-million illegal aliens that might be present in the United States. The 16-digit (15 digits plus 1 error-minimization check digit) credit card format is sufficient to track the nine-digit tax identification numbers now used by illegal aliens. Additionally, the voluntary  E-Verify system, a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States, is functioning well and should be made mandatory. 


Largest credit card companies in the United States in 2019 and 2020, by number of active accounts(in millions)


<Source: Statista>

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