Once again, I am getting pitches from so-called humanitarian groups seeking my money to help poor and hapless "undocumented immigrants" live a better life in America. Even the Marxists in the Catholic Church claim they are running low on funds. (Of course, they do not mention the pedophilia payouts.)

So, as I look at American children, men and women, and especially senior citizens living on subsistence fixed incomes in these inflationary times, tell me why I should care about voluntary law-breakers.

Pardon me for looking at our children and seeing tremendous amounts of time, effort, and money being spent to educate functionally illiterate, non-English speaking children while our own children are ignored. The teacher's unions openly invite these illegals, knowing they will require more teachers and business is good.

I wish someone would explain why I should care about the Democrat-made crisis at our Southern Border?

Yes, I feel sorry for the suffering of individuals, especially little children…

But, I am angrier at the self-serving parents abusing their children by placing them in physical and emotional danger. Especially those who send "unaccompanied minors" hoping that the Democrats will ignore all laws and push for the reunification of families that sees the parents "legally" entering the country, being able to immediately access a cornucopia of welfare safety nets.

Well, the truth is that I don't give a flying "eff" about the scofflaws entering America and dragging their baggage and culture behind. They want a better life -- not to be Americans. In fact, many of them want to make their money here and return home where they can live well on far fewer dollars. Crossing the border is only the first crime, followed by ignoring court appearances, perjury, forgery, identity theft, and for many committing the same crimes that are easily excusable in their country, like public drunkenness.

Sorry, unlike Cubans, you are not an endangered asylum-seeker when you pass through a relatively safe country where the language, customs, food, and behavior are closer to that found in your country. Oh, that country has tough immigration laws and may prosecute you if you attempt to remain in that country? So be it. I cannot blame that country for maintaining its sovereignty or does not want to divide its communal wealth with illiterate, impoverished, unskilled, and sick refugees. Those countries are not stupid and suicidal by importing a hoard of locusts to devour their crops, leaving them to starve to death.

I have contended that America needs to enact Mexico's immigration laws into American law -- and provide entry only to individuals meeting specific beneficial criteria and from those nations which offer reciprocal immigration rights to Americans.

And it is not just Mexicans and Central-, and South-Americans that are entering our country unchecked. There are the Chinese, Russians, and others from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Including spies, terrorists, and hardened criminals who organize and find easy pickings in their own ethnic communities.

What about the massive importation of drugs that are killing Americans and their children?

Bottom line...

We need immigration reform.

(1) Starting with upholding the United States Constitution and our nation's sovereignty by controlling our borders.

(2)  By streamlining the capture, processing procedures, and court processes to permit immediate return, not releasing illegal aliens into the United States without background checks, medical history, sponsorship, and the capability to avoid using social services with the exception of emergency medical care.

(3)  By demanding all illegal aliens register, as per the existing law, within a specified time period. Unregistered illegal aliens will be returned to their nation of origin after a specified date. To enumerate the number of illegal aliens present in the nation. To create an environmental impact report that will inform immigration reform. To hold a national referendum regarding immigration based on their entrance qualifications and desire to assimilate.

(4)  By holding those corrupt politicians who do not protect the Constitution and the safety and security of our nation responsible at the ballot box, This includes holding political parties similarly responsible for their actions.

We are so screwed if we continue to dance around the above four basic points. 

-- steve

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