Today we visit the land over the rainbow, where the progressive socialist/communist democrats promise unicorns and self-licking lollipops…


Destroying the suburban lifestyle…

It is a fact that most suburban areas are well-diversified, have lower crime rates, more friendly people, and, in general, offer a more pleasant place to live than the cities, especially the Democrat-governed inner cities. So why are the corrupt Joe Biden and his cadre of communists attempting to push the city’s boundaries into the suburbs if not to grab suburban tax money and neutralize rational voters who see that the progressive socialist democrats are bad for America?

Biden's racial equity agenda targets 'exclusionary' single-family neighborhoods

President Biden wants to transform the character of many American cities and suburbs by building more apartment buildings in quiet and frequently disproportionately White neighborhoods of single-family homes.

The Biden administration sees remnants of America’s segregationist past in what it calls “exclusionary” zoning laws, which allow only single-family homes in large swaths of cities and suburbs.

As part of a racial equity agenda the president is pursuing in his massive infrastructure plan, Mr. Biden would send federal grants to cities if they eliminate those zoning laws and allow more lower-income people, often minorities, in areas that typically have better schools and fewer social ills that plague poor, inner-city communities.

The administration also is arguing that increasing the supply of housing by encouraging more apartment buildings would bring down the cost of rent. <Source>

Few politicians would resist the outright extortion and coercion of the federal government to crater their economies by shunning federal transportation money and other funding. Where the inner cities have pushed outward, we find increased gang-related drugs and crime, neighborhood decay, and graffiti everywhere. I have used gas station bathrooms in affluent areas and found the mirrors etched with gang tags and ditto for the gasoline pumps' glass screens. How long would it be before the government shoveled money into developer’s pockets to build subsidized mass-housing projects that would destroy the suburban lifestyle and export the problems of the inner cities to the paradise I have worked hard to afford.

Taking credit for the work of the Trump administration…

Other Biden delusions include the myths that Biden inherited a botched Trump Administration response to the Chinese Communist Party virus and a faltering economy. The truth is that the Trump Administration is responsible for the unprecedented creation of multiple vaccines and therapeutics and a distribution system that is unparalleled in modern history. Most of the glitches occurred in Democrat-governed states where they ignored the most vulnerable in the population and diddled in an attempt to implement a political solution based on race-based “equity.”

As for the economy, the large Democrat states killed a large portion of the economy with their insane lockdowns based on political power grabs by governors and Dr. Fauci’s pseudo-science.

Biden’s Post-Trump Honeymoon: He’s riding the end of the pandemic to pass a radical agenda.

The Democrat has also been lucky in timing, as he took the oath of office as the Covid-19 vaccines were coming online. The White House pretense that it inherited a Covid mess is nonsense. The vaccine production was pre-planned. While some state rollouts were bumpy when there was more vaccine demand than supply, the main job of the Administration was to accelerate the distribution that was already underway.

The same goes for the economy, which has been growing since last July, and its acceleration was inevitable as people returned to normal commercial and social life. As New York, Michigan and California have followed the leadership of Texas and Florida in lifting their lockdowns, the inevitable post-pandemic boom has arrived. The same would have happened if Mr. Trump had won. <Source>

Is former CIA Director John Brennan even an American?


There has always been a doubt in my mind about the loyalty of Obama-appointed former CIA Director Brennan to the United States. But, there has been no doubt that Brennan hated Israel and was pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian. One look at this Tweet above illustrates the point. How could Israel not be the empathetic champions of those who fire rockets into their civilian population and dig tunnels with the express purpose of killing Israeli citizens, and especially children? How could an industrious Israel sympathize with a pseudo-nation that still plays on the “refugee camps” theme seventy years after the fact? A pseudo-nation lead by terrorists who have rejected all attempts to create their own state? Perhaps because they produce nothing but and lack self-sustaining infrastructure.

Here are a few pictures from the Negev desert and what the Jewish people have created while the Palestinians are trying to burn it down…


Who in their right mind would favor terrorists over the most America-like country in the region? Only corrupt, anti-America, anti-Israel ideologues.

Bottom line…

While the mainstream media is still hiding the suspicions that former Secretary of State colluded with the Iranians to thwart the Trump Administration, possibly with the promise of a new nuclear arms deal, we look over the landscape and find it far different from what the Biden administration and their captive propaganda arm in the mainstream media are telling us.

We are so screwed and have so little time to organize for the 2022 mid-term elections.

-- steve

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