323FE63B-65E6-43AA-8CFE-15BCB8E5F89FMalice in Wonderland...

If one wanted to live comfortably and unmolested in a Democrat-dominated world, perhaps the Columbus, Ohio police officer should have held his fire and allowed one black teenager to stab another black teenager. Or stab two teens, as the case may be.

No harm, no foul because the Democrats, their captive mainstream media, race-baiters, activists, and Black Lives Matter accept this type of violence as normal and customary in the black community. Black-on-Black crime often goes unnoticed and unpunished in the inner cities.

After the unjust conviction of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the in-custody death of George Floyd, perhaps a new policing paradigm is in order? Ignore all black-on-black crime as if the police were defunded and were unavailable to respond and intervene.

A police officer finishes his shift, goes home, enjoys time with his family, and then sleeps comfortably with nary a thought of the mob, race-baiting agitators, or asswipe race-hustling attorneys like Benjamin Crump. Crump, who had tweeted out that the assailant in Columbus, Ohio was unarmed even though the police released body-camera footage clearly and unequivocally shows the assailant swinging a knife towards one victim just as she was shot. A totally justifiable use of deadly force to protect the life of a third party.

The level of Democrat dishonesty is amazing. First, Crump claiming the girl was unarmed; second, the New York Times falsely editing the tweet, and when caught, claimed that Crump “misspoke;” and third, the self-described “aunt” telling reporters that the girl dropped the knife BEFORE she was shot four times. 

I wonder how long it will be before a “family attorney” files a “wrongful death” suit, claiming that four shots prove the officer used “excessive” force and the girl would still be alive after being stopped by a single shot? Perhaps claiming the girl was bullied in a hostile foster family home, had mental problems, and required a psychologist rather than a police officer?

It appears that the radical progressive Democrats are attempting to secure their black voter base before the 2022 midterm election by racializing everything they touch. America be damned. 

Bottom line...

I find it disgusting that the Democrats suggest that the police shooting of a 16-year-old girl just before she attacked another girl with a knife has either a racial component or is an indication of poor policing.

I hear nothing about the shooting of multiple children attending a birthday party in which nobody is willing to cooperate with the police in solving this heinous crime. 

We also find Attorney General Merrick Garland opening a civil investigation into potential “unconstitutional” practices in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Department. Garland rushed to link the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the in-custody death of George Floyd to broader police misconduct, including a pattern or practice of unlawful policing. Not to mention claims of systemic racism. 

If racism was such a factor in the George Floyd case, why did the Farrakhan-acolyte, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and his minions never mention race in a court of law but had no problem yammering about race on the streets and in the media?

It appears that the Marxist/Communist infiltrated Democrat Party is trying to bring about a race-based revolution. And as far as I can tell, they are succeeding.

We are so screwed.

— steve

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