It appears that the Biden-Harris Administration is avoiding the protections afforded to U.S. citizens by the Constitution by using corporations to implement policies that are prohibited or are politically distasteful, and that would create significant public pushback.

For students of history, the government’s covert/overt control or coercion of private organizations is fascism, somewhat short of socialism, where the government owns and controls the means of production in the name of the people, where oligarchs that support the government do well, and the others disappear.

Thus, we find ourselves faced with creeping fascism as we approach China’s State Capitalism model, where the state engages in public/private corporate activities which benefit the state but where the state does not claim ownership of the means of production. Many believe this is a necessary step in transitioning to socialism or communism.

An example of corporatists selling out the United States…

Consider Apple, where the highly-paid and wealthy executives want to do significant business in the expanding markets of China and benefit from the low costs of labor, including forced slave labor under inhumane conditions, to fabricate its products. Not only will Apple refrain from loudly criticizing China’s human rights violations, especially in Asia, but they may implement certain product features which are beneficial to the Chinese Communist Party. Features that give rise to real-time location and activity tracking of the type that would be prohibited to the U.S. government under the U.S. Constitution. Tracking that the China-friendly, some say bought and paid for, Biden-Harris Administration might use to track their opposition on a path to securing perpetual power. Or Apple will restrict a free-speech app (Parler) from its store while allowing censored state-friendly sites free access. Or IBM, which missed by the personal computer and internet revolutions and is a major vendor of governments and large corporations.

Improving the user’s experience or something more nefarious?

There is little doubt in my mind that the progressive socialist democrats want enhanced surveillance capabilities and a way to limit a citizen’s freedom and especially mobility.  Can you think of any reason for short-range electric vehicles that operate in battery-degrading extreme temperatures or force the user to log in to receive power at every step of a long journey?

Consider the development and implementation of a private tracking system, one whose data can be freely aggregated with other commercial databases and sold to the government? Here is New York’s concept. Remember, New York State is run by a socialist Governor and the City of New York by an out-and-out Communist Mayor.


Notice the use of the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom, in the background.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of Excelsior Pass — a free, voluntary platform developed in partnership with IBM, which utilizes proven, secure technology to confirm an individual's recent negative PCR or antigen test result or proof of vaccination to help fast-track the reopening of businesses and event venues in accordance with New York State Department of Health guidelines.

[OCS: Considering progressives believe the poor and people of color are too stupid or lazy to obtain a photo-id to vote, how are these individuals going to get smartphones and printed passes to enjoy other activities?]

Similar to a mobile airline boarding pass, individuals will be able to either print out their pass or store it on their smartphones using the Excelsior Pass Wallet app. Each Pass will
have a secure QR code, which participating businesses and venues can scan using a companion app to verify proof of COVID-19 negative test results or proof of vaccination.

An individual's data is kept secure and confidential at all times.

[OCS: Considering the recent breaches of government, corporate, and healthcare systems, can you believe this bullpucky? Remember those super-secret HIV/AIDS list that leaked?]

As part of this initial launch, participating New Yorkers may choose to use Excelsior Pass to verify their COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results as needed to gain entry to major stadiums and arenas, wedding receptions, or catered and other events above the social gathering limit.

[OCS: Social gathering limits are a direct violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment, doubly so for religious services. This is Hobson’s “take it or leave it choice: your "free" choice to obey instructions or forfeit your participation in desirable events.]

Interested New Yorkers can opt in to use Excelsior Pass and learn more here ; interested
businesses can opt in and learn more here . Major venues have already announced they will begin utilizing this technology in the coming weeks, including Madison Square Garden in New York City beginning next week and the Times Union Center in Albany. Beginning April 2, Excelsior Pass will expand to smaller arts, entertainment and event venues.

[OCS: Big Brother is watching.]


Universal Airline app…

IATA Travel Pass for Travelers

The IATA [International Air Transport Association] Travel Pass is a mobile application under development allowing travelers to store and manage certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccines. The app should be available in iOS and Android stores by March 2021.

The information provided through the IATA Travel Pass can be used by governments requiring testing or vaccination proofs as a condition of international travel during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. A critical aspect is the fact that the information supplied is verified. It is a secure means to manage health requirements, much more efficient than paper processes.

With this app, IATA also aims to provide governments with the confidence to reopen borders without imposing quarantines on incoming travelers.

How the IATA Travel Pass works

The IATA Travel Pass will help people to travel at ease while meeting any government requirements for COVID-19 tests or vaccines. It will encompass:

  • Global registry of health requirements – to find accurate information on travel, testing and vaccine requirements for journeys 
  • Global registry of testing/vaccination centers – to identify testing centers and labs at departure location which meet the standards for testing and vaccination requirements of the destination
  • Lab app – to locate authorized labs and test centers to securely share test and vaccination certificates
  • Digital passport module - to enable passengers to create a ‘digital passport’, receive test and vaccination certificates and verify that they are sufficient for their itinerary, and share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel. This app can also be used by travelers to manage travel documentation digitally and seamlessly throughout their journey, improving the travel experience.
  • Governments decide the requirements to travel; airlines and passengers need to comply - Traditionally there have been visa and vaccination requirements in many countries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic governments have imposed additional restrictions: quarantine measures, testing requirements and eventually vaccination requirements. IATA Travel Pass is a tool for travelers but communicates with governments,  airlines, and test centers/vaccination providers to get verified information to those who need it in a safe and secure manner.


Consider the creation of a master travel itinerary and check-in points for all other activities. Bye-Bye Freedom.

Bottom line…

Rahm Emanuel should be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for describing the method by which his country was compromised and lost to the sands of time.


We are so screwed,

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