It starts like a bad joke: three police officers, one black male, one white male, and one female, approaches a subject with an outstanding warrant – for illegal gun possession, fleeing a police officer, and failure to appear in court – and while surrounded by cops may have been accidentally shot after resisting arrest and trying to flee in his vehicle, itself a deadly weapon.

According to official statements and released body-cam footage, it appears that Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, accidentally shot Daunte Wright while meaning to use her Taser. You can hear Potter calling out “Taser, Taser, Taser,” which is the standard procedure before a taser is deployed. This is reinforced by her shocked exclamation, “Holy Shit, I just shot him.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz plays the race card when there is no apparent racial intent…


The family’s response…

Of course, the family will portray Daunte Wright, 20, as either a fine upstanding citizen or someone attempting to turn their life around. So nobody should be surprised when Daunte Wright's mother, Katie Wright, told reporters at the scene that her son called Sunday afternoon to tell her that police had pulled him over for having air fresheners dangling from his rearview mirror, in violation of Minnesota law. No mention of expired license plate tags, no mention of an outstanding warrant. And certainly no mention of an attempt to escape custody.

The picture released by the family…


The outstanding warrant for failure to appear to answer gun-related charges and fleeing a police officer…


Social media portrays a thug with money, possibly flashing gang symbols, and posing with a gun…


Enter Benjamin Crump…

As I wrote this post, I was waiting to see if the bottom-feeding, race-baiting, lying lawyer, Benjamin Crump, or someone similar, would helicopter in to handle media relations, setting up a GoFundMe page and creates a non-profit foundation in anticipation of a large wrongful death payday. I didn’t have to wait long.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump announced on Monday that he has been retained to represent the family of Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man who was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop Sunday.

“Daunte Wright is yet another young Black man killed at the hands of those who have sworn to protect and serve all of us — not just the whitest among us. As Minneapolis and the rest of the country continue to deal with the tragic killing of George Floyd, now we must also mourn the loss of this young man and father. This level of lethal force was entirely preventable and inhumane. What will it take for law enforcement to stop killing people of color? The growing number of Black men and women who have been killed or harmed by police is far too hefty a price for the equality we are seeking. We join Daunte’s family in demanding justice for him, and holding those responsible for his death accountable.”

Effect on Derek Chauvin murder trial for the death of George Floyd…

With this recent shooting and the second night of riots in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, we may as well forget trying the Chauvin Case on the merits of the law. This “accidental" shooting in Minneapolis and the subsequent riots make me believe that while the prosecution may not overcome reasonable doubt, the jury may be influenced to unjustifiably convict Chauvin by the current social unrest, the possibility of additional rioting, and the possibility of harm to themselves or their family if they do not return a verdict acceptable to an agitator-led mob.

Bottom line…

There was nothing racial in this shooting, but as the saying goes… “If it bleeds, it leads” and “if  it’s race, it gets space.” It appears everyone will win except the public, the police, and, of course, Daunte – the family gets big bucks, Crump gets his payday, the race-baiters have a new cause célèbre, the politicians get face-time to virtue signal as social justice warriors, and the media gets to sensationalize another story to attract an audience.

It is unlikely that the police will risk further actions that jeopardize their career to bring rioters, looters, and arsonists under control. Already the City Council and Mayor have assumed command of the Police Department and banned the use of non-lethal crowd control measures.

Don't get me wrong. This was a terrible tragedy for Wright, his family, and especially his girlfriend sitting next to him. This was a horrific, career-ending mistake for the police officer. But, I will not and cannot accept those who would racialize this unfortunate event for their own self-gain. Nor will I condone the rioting, looting, and arson that seems attached to Black Lives Matter and others who capitalize on legitimate protest. 

If there were any honest brokers left, you would know them by their attempts to defuse, deracialize,  and deescalate these rebellions.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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