We all operate in a shared ecosystem where we pretend that we are operating in a free market economy where decisions are based on supply and demand, and the government is a beneficial facilitator providing security, safety, and marketplace fairness. A socio-economic system that exists nowhere on the planet except in textbooks authored by pointy-headed academic economics professors.

The truth is that while we are operating in a competitive environment, the forces acting on the market are not benign, well-defined, or even rational. To tell the truth, our present-day society is not voluntary but increasingly authoritarian.

And the dirty little secret that binds our enemies together is the knowledge that both socialism and fascism overlap…

That is, where the socialists and communists (the ultimate end of extreme socialism) want to control the means of production that will operate on behalf of the state, the fascists do not necessarily want to own the means of production; they want to control the means of production on behalf of the state and the oligarchs behind the scenes. In both scenarios, “We the People” are pawns that need to be managed by a cadre of elites, said to be individuals of superior intellect, education, training, and experience. A myth shattered by the reality of human nature. Or, as Lord Acton observed in 1887, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Be aware and afraid of the companies that openly assist the government in the extra-judicial enforcement of sanctions or limitations on individuals that the government is forbidden to execute. Consider that a number of media moguls and tech tyrants are actively censoring or denying certain free speech rights with impunity as they engage in the progressive socialist democrat's cancel culture. 

So let’s take a simplified look at the current corporate ecosystem…


The sad truth is that it is no longer obvious whether the media is driving the government by fashioning narratives on behalf of its corporate ownership or the government is driving the media – with the media honestly reporting the effects of government on the public. To some degree, everyone in the circular firing squad is corrupt and trying to gain an advantage. The politicians are using the government to feather their own nests. Management is exploiting the corporation to feather their own nests. Both seek benefits by deploying special interest groups, and the public is paying the freight for the entire corrupt system.

The key to survival in this increasingly chaotic and dangerous world is awareness…

Today’s example illustrates how a Marxist front group is attempting to manipulate corporations to gain funding, political support for the un-American authoritarian desires, and a platform to widely distribute their “woke” message. More specifically, to destroy election integrity and promote a perpetually Democrat one-party system.

In a conversation, some say progressive advertisement, with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, we find LaTosha Brown representing Black Votes Matter urging Georgia corporations to “stand up for voting rights.” 

Corporations Have A Responsibility: GA Firms Pressed To Stand Up For Voting Rights | Rachel Maddow

(If the video does not display correctly, it can be found here.)

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new campaign to pressure corporations based in Georgia to make good on past ad campaigns about racial equality and use their political clout to defend democracy from Republican voting restrictions. Aired on 03/13/2021.

Maddow:  So help me understand the strategic thinking here. This decision to engage the biggest of big businesses in Georgia to try to get them on your side on this.

Brown:  You know, corporations have a responsibility. That they have a responsibility. We work there. We serve on their boards. We're actually consumers. The Black people in the State of Georgia, we consume 106 billion dollars, our part of the economy here. So we think they have a simple responsibility. This is an attack on Black voters, but this is also an attack on democracy. And so what we're saying is this is a prime opportunity.

Many of these top names like Coca-Cola ran campaigns last year saying they were standing with the Black community and Black Lives Matter Movement around racial equity and racial justice.

And, we're saying that this right here is a prime opportunity for them to stand up, use their leverage power, and really push and stop these deals that will roll back voting access up until and from reconstruction.

And so we're calling them to question if it should be an opportune time for them to really stand up, use their power, and  stand for what they know is the right thing to do.

Maddow:  And how open are their doors as you and your colleagues are starting to push on them now? As you say, a lot of these corporations have been trying to have a public face that is progressive, that is inclusive, that does identify with movements for justice, particularly around racial justice.
Does that mean that they are more receptive to this kind of message, to this kind of pressure? Are they hearing you?

Brown:  No. We think that they need to respond much stronger. There have been a couple of comments, a couple of statements. That's not enough. We need to see action.

We know they have the political leverage. They have the leverage to really be able to put pressure. When we look at those bills and we look at the Senate bill that passed on Monday, ironically the same day we were celebrating the 56th anniversary  and commemoration of Bloody Sunday, that literally when you look at, it only passed by one vote .

We know that Coca-Cola and asked UPS and Southern Company all of those companies have a tremendous amount of political access and leverage power. And so we're not seeing the kind of action, the kind of pressure we need to see, including the Georgia Chamber of Commerce to say that this is not going to really happen in our State because ultimately democracy is good for business.

Maddow: It's interesting to hear you push it down that many levels in terms of what you want to see from them because I think that we can see that they want the public relations credit for being on the right side of issues like this. But as you point out, just saying you're on one side of this isn't nearly enough in a fight like this which is going to be lost unless something changes in terms of the momentum. 

You think that these businesses could become active participants in the process. They could bring their lobbying skill, strength and money to bear to really put political pressure here and it's it's not essentially that they are already willing to pay lip service. But in terms of actually doing the work to stop these bills you're not really getting anything from them yet. Is that fair?

-- End Partial Transcript --

Let us consider what corporations owe to the community…

(1)  Above all, corporations have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to produce an acceptable return on their invested funds. Notice that I said shareholders – not stakeholders who may not contribute to the company's profitability or may not wish the company well.

(2)  Corporations have a duty to produce goods and services that can be profitably merchandised. Not to support controversial issues that introduce unneeded and unacceptable risk into company operations or alienate a large segment of the public.

(3)  Corporations owe their employees a safe working environment that minimizes adverse outcomes and pays employees wages consistent with market norms. Employees are free to accept work and negotiate for better wages or different working conditions.

(4)  Corporations have a duty to be good members of the community by following the rule of law and respecting everyone. 

(5)  To the extent a corporation voluntarily engages in community activities, it has a duty to do so without negative consequences to the company or its shareholders.

What is wrong with the above Black Voters Matter request for corporate assistance in their issues?

(1)  The request itself is coercive, both in seeking donations and using the corporation’s name, assets, and goodwill in furtherance of partisan politics that seeks to convey political power to a single political party, the Democrats.

(2)  The corporation is risking its name and future profitability by engaging in an attack on a large segment of the voting public.

(3)  Georgia has a controversial and troubling history of election integrity, and the attempt of Black Voters Matter appears to perpetuate rather than reform the integrity of elections. Election integrity is maintained by transparency, positively identified voters, and enforced voting rules. Not by gaming the system.

(4)  It is downright un-American and racist for any corporation to support any organization predicated on race rather than competence and capabilities.

(5)  It seems downright foolish for any corporation to support any organization that seeks to destroy the very freedoms offered by the American capitalist system that permits the corporation to thrive and grow.

Bottom line…

It is time for American companies to stand up for America, to have the guts to say, “No Thanks,” we do not participate in partisan politics, especially when the party line is based on race and is anti-business. If the company feels pressured by their employees, perhaps it is time to seek different employees. If the company feels it is being coerced by its unions, it is time to file a formal grievance and possibly a lawsuit for damaged.

The answer to both un-American activities and racism is NO! Hell No!

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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