IoIf you are reading this on your normal internet connection, I assume all is well.

Not so here, where my ISP (Internet Service Provider) has informed me that our internet outage is “projected” to be resolved by “approximately” 7:00 p.m. today — after an outage started the morning of Easter Sunday and the first day of Passover.

I wonder if that’s a sign to reduce my usage? Also, wondering how they managed to “estimate” a time before knowing what was wrong— or is it something that would embarrass them?

Who are you going to call?

Certainly not your customer service representative who reads the disconcerting news off a yellow sticky pasted to the top bezel of their screen.

So since everything appears to be fine, you might want to take a few moments to ponder an uncertain future...

How many functions in your home or office are “mission-critical” “must-have” functions?

Does your healthcare, home security system, emergency news source, or infrastructure controls (power, heating, cooling, lighting, water, appliances, etc.) depend on internet access for functionality?

Does your income, employment, banking, and brokerage depend on internet access?

Do you consider your entertainment and gaming devices, or will you be content with a book, board games, or the lost art of conversation?

Are there workarounds?

Is your system protected by a VPN, and is your anti-malware software up-to-date, so you can safely use a public internet hotspot offered by your ISP or a friendly company such as MacDonald’s, an Internet cafe, or a local business?

Can you log-on (with permission) to your neighbor’s wifi network, assuming they have a different ISP or the outage is not area-wide and affecting multiple carriers?

Can you use your smartphone as a mobile “hotspot,” and will your data plan allow this luxury without selling one of your children?

If the outage is power-related, do you have an uninterruptible power source such as a generator, battery pack, or solar array? Or enough gas in your vehicle to move toward the light?

And if you use your smartphone as a work-around, do you have your ophthalmologist and carpal tunnel expert on speed dial?

Bottom line...

There are many things worse than an internet outage but look on the bright side — no intrusive craziness from politicians and their respective mainstream media outlets. And a chance to reconnect with loved ones.

And, of course, since your security system may be compromised, consider the most effective safety tool for your situation. I recommend an AR-15 or equivalent .45 caliber Model 1911 Colt with night sights.

Be well and be safe.

— steve

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