It is bad enough Californians were locked down with no valid scientific rationale;

it is bad that many of California’s small businesses were bankrupted with the Governor’s essential/non-essential edicts;

it is bad that the Governor is welcoming illegal aliens into the state without demanding the Biden Administration conduct identity checks and medical screens;

it is bad enough that the state is pouring millions of taxpayer’s dollars and free access to our social safety nets to illegal arrivals;

it is bad we have staggering high tax rates and near $5/gallon gasoline 

– but the icing on the cake comes with Newsolini’s appointment of Rob Bonta to be California’s Attorney General.

For those with short memories, Oakland Democrat Rob Bonta is the un-American asswipe that introduced  Assembly Bill A.B. 22, a bill to end the ban preventing Communist Party members from working in California's state government.

The pro-communist bill…

AB 22 (Bonta)
As Amended April 17, 2017


Makes changes to existing law regarding any public employee who advocates or is knowingly a member of a subversive organization that advocates the overthrow of the federal, or any state government by force or violence. Specifically, this bill:

1) Removes legislative findings in existing law related to ideological perceptions associated with communism, the communist movement, and the Communist Party.

2) Removes provisions in existing law related to public employees who are, or were members of the Communist Party, and instead makes the provisions applicable to any organization that advocates the forceful or violent overthrow of the federal or any state government.

The modification of provisions regarding dismissal of any public employee for such activity related to the Communist Party also are made applicable to any organization engaged in subversive activities.

3) Clarifies that provisions added by SB 97 (Tenney), Chapter 1418 of the Statutes of 1947 are not applicable to school district employees, and specifies legislative intent that the Education Code applies to those employees.


1) Provides for the dismissal of any public employee who advocates, or is knowingly a member of the Communist Party, at which time of the employee's membership, the employee knows advocates the overthrow of the federal or any state government by force or violence.

2) Requires a public employee who is subpoenaed or ordered by the government body of the state or local agency in which he or she is employed, including its subcommittees, a committee of the United States Congress, State Legislature, including its committees or subcommittees, to answer questions under oath regarding his or her personal activity, knowledge or membership in the Communist Party at any time since October 3, 1945, including advocacy of the support of a foreign government against the United States in the event of hostilities between those governments.

3) Provides for suspension and dismissal from employment if there is a finding of guilt of insubordination and violation of existing law, if the employee fails or refuses to appear and answer as to these matters under oath.


Bonta claimed that the prohibition of communists in government violated the Constitution’s First Amendment, namely the right for communists to freely associate with their comrades already in the government. He also claimed that the bill would require due process to prove an individual’s conduct was threatening to the United States.

All you need to know about Rob Bonta are his progressive socialist credentials…

“The son of civil rights activists, Mr. Bonta, 48, was born in the Philippines and grew up in the Central Valley, where his parents, Cynthia and Warren Bonta, helped organize farmworkers alongside Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. The family eventually moved to the Sacramento area.”

“Mr. Bonta is a graduate of Yale University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and his law degree. He and his wife, Mia Bonta, who is president of the Alameda Unified School District board, met there.”  Bonta attended University of Oxford for one year studying politics, philosophy, and economics.

“As a State Assembly member, Mr. Bonta fought to end cash bail and cure the conflict of interest that occurs when elected prosecutors receive financial and political support from law enforcement unions,” the Prosecutors Alliance of California said in a statement. “He is a leader that has dedicated his career to protecting and uplifting vulnerable communities.”

[OCS: I wonder how he feels about the conflict of interest that occurs when politicians receive political and financial support from public employee unions?]

“The group of “reform-minded” prosecutors was formed last year and includes George Gascón, Los Angeles’s district attorney, whose election last year was a major victory for progressive activists.” <Source>

Bottom line…

Bonta is a perfect example of our enemies using our Constitution against us. And another reason to recall Gavin Newsolini.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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