There is no doubt in my mind that the Democrat majority in Congress is malevolent, antithetical to the interests of America, and favors European-style communism.

Likewise, there is no doubt in my mind that the Department of Justice and the FBI have been so politically compromised and protected by the Democrats that they literally cannot be trusted with additional powers that would enable them to spy on Americans domestically. 

MdfYet, here they are, corrupt and compromised agencies floating trial balloons seeking new legislative authorities to pursue domestic terrorism, which given the current political climate, is a synonym for white supremacy, which itself is a synonym for Trump supporters.

DOJ Opens the Door to Seeking New Domestic Terror Powers

A senior Justice Department official opened the door to seeking new legislative authorities to pursue domestic terrorism, a step the Biden administration has yet to entertain since the January 6 insurrection and something civil libertarians have warned against.

The prospect of expanded investigative and prosecutorial tools arose during a Friday briefing with reporters in which multiple Justice Department and FBI officials described an expansive array of authorities already available to them.

While there is no domestic terrorism statute, and U.S. officials can not designate a domestic group for sanction like they can a foreign one, one senior official acknowledged that statutory definitions of domestic terrorism “expand a lot of authorities we can use,” such nationwide search warrants, expanded law-enforcement access to tax and educational records, and harsher sentencing.

But on Friday, a senior Justice Department official suggested the administration would consider seeking a domestic-terrorism statute as well.

“Obviously that’s going to be a policy question for the folks that are coming in” to the administration, said the senior official. “I’m sure we’ll run a data-driven process to see whether we need additional legislative authorities in this area.”  <Source>


Was anyone paying attention when the senior leadership of our U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies, under the Democrat administration of Barack Obama, violated numerous constitutional civil rights protections and committed numerous felonies involving domestic spying on American citizens? And, all of the wrongdoing was covered-up and excused by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Not to mention lying to a FISA court that refused to hold evidentiary hearings and sanction individuals who committed perjury?

The Democrats were so afraid that President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s criminal misdeeds would cost her the 2016 presidential election, they mounted a counter-narrative about Trump/Russia collusion; created a criminal operation to spy on presidential candidate Trump, pursue a cover-up of the wrongdoing; and when caught, continued to pursue the cover-up to the disadvantage of the Trump Administration and the United States Constitution.

Now, after four-plus years of harassing Donald Trump, they are afraid that the congressional tide will flip from a Democrat majority in Congress to a GOP majority in 2022. And, even worse, a GOP presidency that could see the return of former-President Donald Trump to the White House in 2024.

So they need to harass and intimidate potential GOP supporters and candidates, which constitute nearly half the nation or a majority if you believe the election was rigged in favor of the Democrats. They appear to be telegraphing their actions by the FBI’s and DOJ’s concentration on so-called right-wing domestic terrorists and all but ignoring the left-wing domestic terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have killed or injured scores of innocent individuals and destroyed billions of dollars worth of public and private property.

Bottom line…

This domestic power grab should be opposed with the full force and fury of the GOP and every American citizen. Our government is out of control. The very people we placed our trust in, such as Attorney General William Bar, Special Counsel John Durham, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, all appear to be politically-connected swamp creatures.

Allowing the Democrats to energize the FBI and the DOJ with additional powers when they can’t transparently, accountably, and responsibly use their current powers is both dangerous and crazy.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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