With nothing but a pen, President Joe Biden is slowly transforming our nation beyond that of former-President Barack Obama’s wildest Marxist dreams?

All without congressional approval. Even though the Democrats have a slim majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the self-serving politicians are afraid to put their name on the legislation that will cripple our nation. Knowing intuitively the ultimate consequences of the voter’s ire when the results hit the voters in the face. Even the mainstream media moguls and the tech tyrants cannot hide, distort, or censor the hole in your pocket or the one in your child’s shoes.

Our nation appears to be crumbling at our feet. One major political party, the Democrat Party,  is rapidly moving away from our nation’s traditional values.

And there are no ready answers, only questions.

Why are the wealthy elites now clustering behind the progressive socialist democrats rather than support the GOP, the traditional party of social conservatism and fiscal restraint? Could it be that they are getting filthy rich on their implied government monopolies, government contracts and special tax legislation, and the forced use of their products and services necessary to live in today’s lockdown environment?

Are you wondering what will come of a post-Trump era now that the bad "orange man" appears to have been marginalized and his supporters under attack? He may be gone, but he lives on with continued insults, blame, and comparisons because the last thing they want is for the public to scrutinize their programs.

Have you considered why there is little or no interest in discovering if Joe Biden and his family profited from their connections with the Communist Chinese Party and may be compromising national security in the process? Does Biden know that re-joining the Paris Climate Accords benefits China, one of the largest owner/operators in the green power generation technologies and Rare Earth mineral space?

Why has the United States not canceled a large portion of the nation's debt owed to China for the damages caused by the Wuhan virus?

Why are there suddenly 22-million illegal aliens when politicians have been telling us there are only 11-million aliens in the United States year after year?

What we are seeing...

It appears that the Democrats are openly admiring Communist China, not for its goal of world domination, but its authoritarian ability to control their people and their economy to push forward with their progressive agenda.

American elites, having replaced education with indoctrination, appear to be using technology to strengthen their influence and control over populations with targeted propaganda and censorship and capture the economy through the control of energy. Hence their concentration on sustainable development and global warming. You might want to ask Texans how to create an artificial sun or de-ice a wind turbine.

It appears that the elites are going beyond traditional ideologies, being neither Democrats nor Republicans, but exploiters of any system or methodology that will allow them to improve their position in a global hierarchy and capture a meaningful portion of the wealth being redistributed to gain political power.

Bottom line...

It is intuitively obvious that our politicians manipulate and exploit the Wuhan virus for political power and financial gain. We have good cause to be suspicious of the near limitless raid on our treasury, printing dollars with impunity, borrowing money from the Communist Chinese, shutdowns, travel restrictions, and mask mandates.

In the final analysis, the less we think like traditional Americans and more like identity-based classes, the more dangerous we become to ourselves, our Constitution, and our Country.

America an exceptional and unique nation, a nation deliberately founded on the idea of inalienable rights, a limited government, and checks and balances to prevent devolving into a mobocracy leading to a failed state. A good nation, not perfect, but improving. Populated by mostly good people who want to live well and be productive -- and pass that heritage on to the next generation.

Unfortunately, that heritage is gravely in doubt. And we are so screwed.

-- steve

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