What were they thinking?


After months of observing far-left radical activists organized by communist front groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter “peacefully protesting” night-after-night, it probably seems an incursion into the Capitol complex during a session of Congress would be a great “low risk” protest.

Perhaps, they too, thought that they would be feted by politicians for their patriotism and would see their organization’s name painted on major streets in letters large enough to be seen from space? Perhaps they thought that someone might name an open public place “Patriot’s Square” and place a plaque to commemorate the event. No statue, however, because we all know what the radical leftists think of statues.

Unfortunately, disrupting the business of the government, especially when it is about to be controlled by progressive socialist democrats who want to destroy conservatives, was a stunningly bad idea and could be considered insurrection. Insurrection being a suspension of belief when you look at these clowns – many of whom were so busy taking selfies that they ignored the chaos and damage created by the embedded trained radical far-left activists agitators dressed in black but wearing MAGA hats. However, they will pay dearly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time as they are identified and brought to justice.

What they actually accomplished was to scare the hell out of our legislators that left many of them cowering on the floor. Now they know what it feels like to be an unarmed law-abiding citizen with no means of self-defense. Luckily for them, they were surrounded by armed guards to protect their sorry asses. They also scared the GOP legislators into abandoning legitimate challenges to unconstitutional activities that saw electors falsely certified. Perhaps, the goal of a false flag operation.

As for Trump, he passed his shelf-life when he thought that a rally might convince legislators to see things his way. Why the lamest of lame ducks, with only days before the inauguration of his successor, would hold another rally is beyond me. Perhaps, like aging rock stars, this is the beginning of his farewell tour and cost-free promotion for his next venture.

About that impeachment…

Forget about Nancy Pelosi’s bleating about impeachment. It is the last thing the Democrats want.

First, it is likely that Nancy Pelosi could be similarly charged for attempting to disrupt the lawful activities of government by attempting to circumvent the power of the presidency that occurred when she approached the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an attempt to control the president’s access to our nuclear codes. Not only, stupidly, she apparently naively believed that one man, the President of the United States, could authorize a nuclear strike on his own, but she has no conceivable constitutional authority for her actions.

Second, any impeachment, even after the fact, would allow public exposure of the Democrat’s corruption of the U.S. Constitution, bad faith, and criminal actions over the prior years.

Bottom line…

To say we are screwed, at least until 2022, would be an understatement. After all of the rules changes the Democrats are likely to make, it will be a miracle if the GOP  will be treated fairly in this next election cycle.

To believe the GOP will get its act, messaging, and organizing together and start campaigning now is to believe in the tooth fairy.

-- steve

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