Trump is now free to be Trump…

Is-this-trumpToday was a strange day…

I confess! I didn't watch Biden's inauguration for the same reason I don't watch broadcasts of awards shows. Without snarky commentary, they are hopelessly dull and boring. And, everyone knows someone else wrote the jokes -- with the endless commercials being analogous to the never-ending stream of political fundraising requests.

Unfortunately, in politics, the joke is on us – “We the People.”

Like the progressive morons dancing around, crying out, "we won."

What the hell do these people think they won? Four years of entertainment while being taxed to death while being forced to wear a mask on federal property?

The big stink continues…

Kevin Williamson, writing for the National Review could help taking a few parting shots at President Trump in a post titled, “Witless Ape Rides Helicopter".”

You Trumpish Republicans sneered that Joe Biden was too corrupt and too senescent to win a presidential campaign, that he was one part mafioso and one part turnip. That turnip kicked your dumb asses from Delaware to D.C.

“Oh, but he fights!” you’ll say — over and over and over. He didn’t fight — he tweeted. He’s ten feet tall on social media and a pushover in real life. Trade deficit: up. Unemployment rate: rising. Abortion rate: rising. Beijing: rising. The coronavirus body-count: rising. But he sure did tweet a lot!

“But the judges!” you protest. Fair point: Trump’s absurd attempts to overturn the election through specious legal challenges were laughed out of court by the very men and women he appointed to the bench. Even his judges think he’s a joke.

And so, goodbye, Donald J. Trump, the man who wanted to be Conrad Hilton but turned out to be Paris Hilton. Au revoir, Ivanka and Jared, Uday and Qusay — there’s a table for four reserved for you at Dorsia. So long, Melania — it’s still not entirely clear what you got out of this, but I hope it was worth it. A fond farewell to Ted Cruz’s reputation and Mike Pence’s self-respect, Lindsey Graham’s manhood and Fox News’s business model. In with “Dr.” Jill Biden, out with “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka. <Source>


Most of what happens in the White House and Congress is only interesting to policy wonks and comedians playing journalists. 

Those who have left the White House no longer have to whisper their scornful observations in the ears of grateful, but lazy, journalists. They can openly note that former President Trump reads almost nothing, has the attention span of a gnat, and cares only about his own opinion, shamelessly ignoring any inconvenient truths. Like someone who says, "enough about me, what do YOU think of me."

One person summed up the experience of working for Trump -- it appears that Trump is oblivious to reality because he has an environment that adapts to him. And like being stupid, it's only painful for others.

But, for one moment, consider Joe Biden. One, he rarely has an original thought, thus he needs to crib and plagiarize continually. Two, he lacks core values and thus changes direction with the wind and a particular audience. Three, he is an insincere stone-cold liar and makes up his own facts and scenarios at will. Of course, he lies about lying -- even in the face of recorded evidence. And four, he doesn't deserve the benefit of any doubt because he is almost wrong on every subject. In the final analysis, Biden is a stupid person, made more so by his cognitive decline.

So what can we expect?


President Biden signed an executive order formally committing the United States to cripple its economy by rejoining the non-binding Paris Climate Accord, which will not be observed by the world's greatest polluters and producers of greenhouse gases, China, Russia, and India. With a stroke of his pen, Trump’s America First policy has given way to BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Goodbye energy independence, hello wealth redistribution.


Then there is the executive order stop to halt construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, making it easier for illegal aliens, criminals, and terrorists to avoid those pesky passport/visa/contraband checkpoints. Along with other executive orders that weaken our national sovereignty, wreak havoc on our economy, and destroy decades of building social safety nets for Americans. California already ignores federal immigration law and gives little or no respect to the U.S. Constitution.

The bureaucrats will run the bureaucracy. The politicians will continue trading influence for cash and favors while playing identity politics and pandering to this class or that in return for votes. And the media moguls, tech tyrants, and corporate captains will continue to cover-up the fact that we have a communist stooge in the White House who literally took bribes from the Chinese, the Russians, and others who do not wish our country well. A man who sold his office to our enemies -- because he had no soul to sell.

Look for the mainstream media to continue their focus on Donald Trump as they continue their lovefest with Joe Biden.

Those who are politically connected will enhance their earnings, and those who are out of favor will sell political dreams as they continue fundraising.

As we go along with our daily lives, people will think about the sour milk in the refrigerator, not the foul odor emanating from the mouths of politicians.

Despite the promise of a future utopia, unicorns, and self-licking lollypops, the nation will go on -- and "we the people" will attempt to dodge the fallout.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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