Once again, the GOP snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Brok-eleFirst, by not pursuing the 2020 election 24/7/365 like the Democrats.

Second, by not monitoring changes in election laws and court cases as they occurred over the past two years. '

Third, by not monitoring the activities of the freak show that was sold to the public as the “Trump Campaign Legal Team.” Just reading one of the Sidney Powell filings, filled with misspellings and what appeared to be bogus “evidence” should have been a red-alert warning. Nobody fought attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood when they told Georgia voters to stay home because their votes would not count in a rigged election and to punish the GOP for not going all in and backing their fantastical conspiracy theory.

Fourth, nobody appeared to manage the media – and the candidate – so the one-sided message was constantly negative.

Fifth, nobody apparently noticed that the conditions on the ground had changed. The despised Hillary Clinton was gone and replaced by a rather benign, telegenic, but gaffe-prone Joe Biden. The initial appeal of a self-funding businessman/celebrity with overwhelming name recognition was overshadowed by the reality of day-to-day operations.

Sixth, nobody managed the insertion of trustworthy players into the bureaucracy to replace the disloyal Bush and Obama resistance.

And seventh, nobody had the guts to go hard after the criminals in the prior administration. Whether because of Trump’s own legal problems or because he accepts political corruption as normal and customary business, the miscreants and evildoers remain unpunished.

If you haven’t noticed, the GOP lost the government for at least two years…

TestIt is unknown what changes the progressive socialist democrats and their communist fellow travelers will make to enhance their electoral chances in the upcoming elections.

I understand that Trump was an unmanageable ego-driven character who lived in a media world of his own making. I understand Trump surrounded himself with prior associates and other dodgy individuals. I understand he offloaded the heavy lifting to others. In truth, he ran the White House like he did the Trump Organization. He got many things right, some things wrong – but, in the final analysis, it was Trump selling himself and using the nation as a prop. But it was the GOP's duty and responsibility and to build-out a stronger organization to combat progressives – not fight among themselves.

So not one f-ing dime until I get answers…


(1)  Who is running the GOP?

(2)  Who is funding the GOP, and what is the cash-on-hand balance?

(3)  How is the rift between the Establishment (Bushies), Trump supporters, and the conservatives being handled?

(4)  Who are the candidates that will be supported in the 2022 primary, especially with primary-challenges in critical districts?

(5)  Who are the likely candidates for 2024, and how disruptive and destructive will they be to other GOP challengers? Will they burn down the house to win the primary – and lose the general election?

(6)  What is the platform – and spare me the platitudes of needing to save the country from the progressives?

(7)  How will we purge the professional politicians and those RINOs willing to "go along to get along?"

(8)  Who is willing to limit the use of the Republican label and punish those who defy the party? Say what you will about the Democrats; they often march in lockstep and punish the transgressors in their own party.

Bottom line…


Where will we find a leader – and how can we move beyond the Trump cult-of-personality while keeping his supporters?

Where will we find support to disband the progressive public employee unions that are crippling our culture and bankrupting our municipalities, states, and country?

How will we stop government employees from becoming their own self-sustaining critical mass able to capture and control politicians? 

When will we protect our sovereignty and stop importing poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime?

How can we get Americans to listen, especially the government workers who are isolated from the worst of our economy and the consequences of their actions?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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