I keep hearing how Donald Trump’s capitol rally speech to his supporters on January 6, 2021, was the single worst thing to happen to the United States in the Trump era -- even worse than Trump's loss to Biden...

Despite Donald Trump actually saying, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”, it appears that a small number of professionally-trained activists/agitators led a small crowd of useful idiots on a march through the Capitol Building – ending in the death of a woman trying to breach a barricaded door to an area that contained legislators.

If you watch the videos closely, you will see that the great majority of the crowd appear to be curious, excitement-seeking individuals who were taking selfies and grabbing souvenirs. For anyone trained in fomenting riots, you can see individuals with gas masks, ballistic vests, improvised weapons, and backpacks – some of which facilitated a change of clothing and appearance as they tried to fade back through the crowd.

One such individual, standing next to the woman who was shot and killed, was a trained agitator associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa who can be seen on various videos promoting “revolution” and urging the crowd to burn the place down. Importantly, an examination of the timeline shows that the Capitol Building was breached before the Trump Rally ended, and marchers could make their way to the Capitol Complex.

Why this was so bad is that this event, repeated endlessly on the progressive mainstream media along with anti-Trump rhetoric, provided a raison d'être for the Democrats and Anti-Trump establishment GOP to increase authoritarian surveillance and control over ordinary American citizens, increase unwarranted safeguards for government officials at the public’s expense, and to mobilize the media moguls, tech titans, and corporate captains to increase their censorship of public communications.


I disagree – bad, yes, but not the worst thing to occur during the Trump era…

I contend that a single act of misfeasance (an act that is legal but improperly performed) and nonfeasance (a failure to act that results in harm) by the Supreme Court, specifically by Chief Justice John Roberts, was responsible for much of what is occurring in America today.

Basically, the Pennsylvania petitioners were asking the United States Supreme Court to rule that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must obey the dictates of the United States Constitution and Pennsylvania's Constitution, which is the supreme law within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In essence, overturning those unconstitutional laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines that affected the 2020 general election leading to serious allegations that the election's integrity was compromised and the tally uncertifiable under the law. Additionally, the Supreme Court’s ruling would have created a precedent that must be followed in the other battleground states that took similar unconstitutional actions.


1. Do the Elections and Electors Clauses of the United States Constitution permit Pennsylvania to violate its state constitution’s restrictions on its lawmaking power when enacting legislation for the conduct of federal elections?

[OCS: The petitioners ask the Supreme Court to reaffirm that a state MUST follow the U.S. Constitution and its own State Constitution.]

2. Do the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution permit the dismissal of Petitioners’ claims with prejudice, on the basis of laches, where doing so foreclosed any opportunity for Petitioners to seek retrospective and prospective relief for ongoing constitutional violations?

[OCS: The petitioners are asking the Court to resolve a “catch-22” issue where the lower court ruled the petitioners lack standing because an alleged harm has not yet occurred – and they lack standing because they waited too long (doctrine of laches) to file their case after the alleged harm occurred.]

The Court’s big eff-you to Americans…


No explanation, no vote, no majority opinion, no dissent.

What makes this the worst single event during the Trump era is four-fold…

(1)  The Supreme Court refused to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

(2)  The Supreme Court interfered in a presidential election, by its inaction, that most likely changed the outcome pf the election and the public's perception of election integrity.

(3)  The Supreme Court was responsible for much of the political turmoil that is leading to the increased surveillance of American citizens and the lessening of American freedoms.

(4)  The Supreme Court has demonstrated, once again, it is no longer a credible and trustworthy institution in the time of hyper-politicization of our government institutions.

And then there is Chief Justice John Roberts…

Chief Justice John Roberts, is often labeled as a conservative but appears to be a left-leaning conciliatory centrist who is allegedly concerned with restoring the Court’s reputation as a non-political body. Again to the benefit of the progressives and against the Constitution, he clearly erred when he voted with the progressives on the bench to rule that the Affordable Care Act was Constitutional despite clear evidence to the contrary. This latest refusal to take a principled stand, possibly to insulate the Court from political criticism, is ill-considered.

The Supreme Court is still the weakest branch of government…

While the Supreme Court can rule, it remains up to the Executive Branch to enforce its dictates. The lower Courts are all creations of Congress and are steeped in partisanship. Most people either skip over the ballot selection of judges or vote by name, color, ethnicity or make a random selection. Yet, these are the people who safeguard our freedoms.

Bottom line…

If anyone can supply an alternative scenario, feel free to email me using the above link.

Much of the legal defense of the Trump Campaign was a clown show. Incompetently prepared lawsuits full of misspellings and other errors were presented mostly in the media, and the court filings were never as robust as the ones revealed in public. There is little doubt in my mind that the GOP lost the Georgia Senate run-offs due to the Sidney Powell/L. Lin Wood freak show that conflated suspicious declarations and statistical musings with proof of election fraud. Not to mention that L. Lin Wood told Georgia GOP voters to stay home because their vote would not count in a rigged election.

Even worse, we are hearing rumblings that President Joe Biden will have little more than a ceremonial role as a spokesperson, Vice President Kamala Harris will be sidetracked with trivial projects, and that the real power behind the throne will be Barack Obama through his lying, but loyal, surrogate Susan Rice.

We are so screwed – especially with an untrustworthy Supreme Court going into the Biden era. Where the mental competency of the President can be questioned, especially after actual brain damage (aneurysms) and the likelihood of un-American activities and institutionalized racism as the Democrats attempt to turn American into a one-party nation, much like California is a one-party state.  


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