Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate is on – but delayed…

It appears that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to a Senate trial to weigh the merits of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s second impeachment attempt. Pushing back the date slightly to give former President Trump time to mount a defense. Let us hope that Trump has the wisdom to employ solid attorneys and not accept the services of dodgy characters who will work for little or nothing in return for media attention.

Unfortunately, there has been little blowback concerning the manifest falsity of the articles of impeachment or the constitutionality of the Senate to try an American citizen once they have left office. Especially since the rules governing procedures in Federal Courts do not apply to the Senate. There will also be issues of who will pay for what will be a costly defense.

With a slim majority in the Senate, the vote may proceed along party lines – not to remove the President from office because he is already gone, but to prevent him from running again in 2024 – unlikely as that may be.

What we are witnessing is a tyrannical massive abuse of power by Congressional Democrats, a continuing cover-up of criminal activity, and possibly a scheme that will see President Biden pardon former-President Trump as a quid pro quo to shield the Biden family – including Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden -- from criminal charges.

The secondary benefit of the impeachment/trial circus is to distract the public from the now declassified documents that are making it crystal clear that the Trump/Russia collusion hoax which interfered with a presidential election, the presidency of a sitting president, and a massive multi-million dollar hoax can be directly attributable to Hillary Clinton and her Clintonistas. How much of the scandal, including the participation of former President Obama and high-ranking members of the Obama Administration, will be given media coverage or be discussed on social media platforms is unknown. Especially with the censorship of media moguls, tech tyrants, and corporate captains.

And the corruption and cover-up roll-on…

FBI Director Christopher Wray will remain FBI director to finish out a 10-year appointment under the Biden Administration. He has six more years to protect the agency and the progressive socialist democrats.

Why should we be surprised when it appears that Wray continued to protect the Department of Justice and the FBI from damaging disclosures that were legitimately sought by Congressional oversight committees -- and to this day, resists disseminating unclassified documents without suspect redactions?

Especially troubling when it appears that the Obama White House, the Department of Justice, and the FBI knew that the entire Trump/Russia collusion inquiry originated as a diversionary tactic originating from Hillary Clinton to distract from her private email server and compromised emails during a presidential campaign.  

Bottom line…

While we may have ample documentary and testamentary evidence of wrongdoing by the progressive socialist democrats, it appears unlikely that the Durham report will result in the prosecution, conviction, and adequate punishment of those high-ranking officials who should have been imprisoned long ago.

To say we have been and are being screwed is an understatement.

-- steve

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