Coup d'état?

More like a clown posse, more interested in selfies and souvenirs. While we condemn entry into the Capitol complex, the damage, and the unnecessary violence and death, why are the Democrats deliberately conflating the actions of a relatively few activist-led fools with thousands of law-abiding individuals protesting the refusal of our Congress to do its job? Specifically, to hold a ten-day investigation to ensure the integrity of elections and an honest vote total.

Democrat demagoguery: impeachment redux…

There is no doubt in my mind that, after careful examination of various evidence and timelines that were available to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she authorized the unconstitutional impeachment of an innocent man and should be expelled from Congress. For those wishing to view the evidence themselves, it can be found in the link source here.


House, With Some G.O.P. Support, Votes to Impeach Trump a Historic Second Time

The House impeached President Trump for inciting an insurrection against the government, and 10 Republicans joined Democrats to do so. Senator Mitch McConnell said he would not agree to use emergency powers to bring the Senate back into session for a trial before Jan. 19. <Source>

The first impeachment of President Donald Trump was Kabuki Theater based on the Democrat’s characterization of an official phone call between leaders of nations. Ignoring, of course, the evidence that the President-elect, Joe Biden, may have been involved in self-confessed illegal activities worse than those used to impeach President Trump. The second impeachment is little more than a political comedy since Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could be impeached for her encouragement of riots involving Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the summer.

A demonstration of bad-faith and ill-intent is on full display as Donald Trump cannot be constitutionally tried, as an ordinary private American Citizen, by the Senate. More Democrat balderdash.

Covid-19 Virus: Weapons of mass destruction redux…


Trump team will blame China lab for growing Covid-19 with 'bombshell' evidence as part of final salvos of president's administration - but UK dismisses claim

  • Senior officials in Washington DC say outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to make 'bombshell intervention' as final act of the Trump administration
  • Pompeo is also expected to accuse the WHO of assisting in a Chinese cover-up
  • British sources say they are expecting the claims but have dismissed them in advance saying 'all credible evidence does not point to leak from the laboratory'


Can you believe either of the premier intelligence agencies in the United States or the United Kingdom, both allegedly having conflicting "opinions" on the man-made origin of the Wuhan Virus? A resounding "NO" because both agencies are highly politicized liars with little or no credibility. Once again, the trust and credibility of nations have been shredded by their respective politicians over the last decade.

Politics 101…

Most complex behavioral subjects can be reduced to a few simple rules involving human nature.

In life, the great majority of people want to belong to a specific herd and to demonstrate their membership and rank within the herd hierarchy by using “hard to obtain” but easily recognizable, totemic symbols.

For those who have exploitable natural abilities or learned skills, it is normal to hide them behind complex language, rules, and regulations and restrict and protect the use of those skills to maintain valuable exclusivity.

In politics…


And the unwritten “secret” lesson: sex, money, and power are transmutable, and if you possess one, you can transform it into another form. Politics makes the alchemy easier.

Bottom line…

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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