I never thought I would see the day when the United States Government would turn against American companies critical to national defense in favor of non-US citizens…

It appears that the United States Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division Immigrant and Employee Rights Section is investigating SpaceX, a company critical to national defense, because the company refuses to comply with the government’s subpoena for information on the hiring of non-US citizens.

According to a court filing to compel SpaceX to comply with an administrative subpoena (Case 2:21-mc-00043; Filed 01/28/21)…

On May 29, 2020, IER accepted a complaint of employment discrimination, also referred to as a charge, from a non-U.S. citizen (“Charging Party”) alleging that SpaceX discriminated against him based on his citizenship status. Specifically, the charge alleges that on or about March 10, 2020, during the Charging Party’s interview for the position of Technology Strategy Associate, SpaceX made inquiries about his citizenship status and ultimately failed to hire him for the position because he is not a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

The Subpoena seeks information that is plainly relevant to IER’s investigation, as both IER and OCAHO have already determined. IER has repeatedly informed SpaceX that it is investigating whether the company engages in any pattern or practice of citizenship status discrimination in hiring or unfair documentary practices, as well as the Charging Party’s allegations.

SpaceX’s Form I-9 supporting documents, which employees produced to the company as evidence of their identity and employment eligibility, are necessary to investigate and evaluate: (1) proof of the citizenship status of the individuals that SpaceX has hired, which may not be accurately reflected on the Form I-9 itself; (2) whether such new hires are individuals that are protected from citizenship status discrimination. (3) proof of what documentation individuals presented to demonstrate their identity and employment eligibility, which may not be completely or accurately reflected on the Form I-9 itself; and (4) any communications about or information related to such documentation.

The subpoenaed documents are thus highly relevant because they demonstrate, among other things, the extent to which SpaceX hires non-U.S. citizens and may reveal whether or not it is engaging in a pattern of not hiring them due to their citizenship status. The documents also enable IER to identify potential victims of citizenship status discrimination and reveal trends in document collection during the employment eligibility verification process that may support an unfair documentary practices claim, which may not be apparent on the Forms I-9 themselves. <Source>

WTF: There is a law that can compel critical infrastructure companies to hire individuals who might be foreign spies working to steal an employer's intellectual property in furtherance of a hostile foreign nation?

Bottom line…

It seems illegal aliens, non-U.S. citizens, and possibly foreign spies may have rights and demand the government intervene with an employer.

The government has gone crazy and appears bereft of common sense. Another example of a government department run by lawyers who lack common sense and see everything in terms of advocacy and their continued employment.

We are so screwed

-- steve

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