Who do the hell they think they are?

Apple has removed social media platform Parler from its App Store, claiming that the platform has not adequately implemented moderation policies that crackdown on free speech. Google banned Parler from its Android app store on Friday.

You can’t trust the President-elect to be the President of ALL Americans… 

[OCS: Biden speaks of unity and has no problem condemning ALL non-progressives. Biden speaks of unity and has no problem racializing issues and pandering to blacks.]

Excerpts from Biden’s remarks…

But we, what we witnessed yesterday was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest. It was chaos. They weren't protesters — don't dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob of insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.

[OCS:Notice how he conflates thousands of First Amendment peaceful protesters with the actions of a few violent individuals who destroyed property in what could be defined as an insurrection as it interfered with the proper actions of government.

Biden fails to note that many of the more violent actors do not appear to be affiliated with the pro-Trump protest.

And notice how Biden and his surrogates fail to mention that the person dressed in black and standing next to the woman who was shot was a violent BLM activist who had been captured on tape as he exhorted the crowd with amplified shouts of revolution.]

Our president is not above the law. Justice serves the people. It doesn't protect the powerful. Justice is blind. What we saw yesterday, in plain view was another violation of a fundamental tenet of this nation. Not only do we see the failure to protect one of the three branches of our government. We also saw a clear failure to carry out equal justice.

As we used to say in the Senate, excuse a point of personal privilege. A little over an hour and a half after the chaos started, I got a text from my granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, who is a senior in her last semester, the University of Pennsylvania. She sent me a photo of military people in full military gear. Scores of them lining the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Because of protests by Black Lives Matter. She said, "Pop. This isn't fair."

No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that's true, and it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. The American people saw it in plain view. And I hope it's sensitized them to what we have to do. Not many people know it.

[OCS: Had they been a group of Black Lives Matter, the police and fire authorities would have stepped aside and watched the Capitol looted and then burned to the ground. High ranking Democrats would have excused their actions as “mostly peaceful protests” and the mainstream media would have glorified the “protesters.”]

You can’t trust the Democrat leadership…

Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), an 80-year-old white woman with over 30+ years of government service, and House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a 70-year-old white man with over 45+ years of government service, have proven that they will use any means, fair or foul, to gain personal power and promote the most extreme policies of the Democrat Party. Both are untrustworthy liars and even attempted to overlook unconstitutional and criminal behavior by Democrats to attempt to remove a sitting president on trumped-up charges leading to an impeachment proceeding.

Now the two ancient frauds, with only a few days remaining to a change in government, want to either invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President for some unproven incapacity or trump-up a second impeachment for the sole purpose of ensuring that President Trump can never serve in government again.

With Nancy Pelosi even going as far as discussing restrictions on using the presidential nuclear codes with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

One might ask why the rush? Could they fear declassification of information that would severely damage the Democrats? Oh, I hope so! Or is it they fear a last-minute authorization of an Israeli strike on their future friends in Iran – or, even worse, additional sanctions on their current friends in China. Maybe it’s the full release of the contents, including disturbing pictures, on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Look for these two to erase all evidence of Democrat wrongdoing as they quash past, pending, or future investigations of high-ranking Democrats. Even while the Durham Inquiry proceeds, the report may be classified and not provided to anyone but the Democrat Attorney General, probably Merritt Garland, if he is confirmed. A man with a major grudge against Republicans who denied him a seat on the Supreme Court.

You can’t trust the CIA, the Department of Justice, or the FBI…

Given the widespread corruption in the top echelons of the formerly-premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies, one should have zero confidence in these agencies going forward in a Democrat administration. Apparently, FBI Director Christopher Wray has done little to reform his agency and everything to hide their past misdeeds. And he remains duplicitous.

FBI Assistant Director Steven D’Antuono said Friday there is no evidence that antifa activists were involved in the violent riots in and around the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, debunking the baseless conspiracy theory propagated by several prominent Republican lawmakers and right-wing pundits that anti-fascist leftists—not a pro-Trump mob—were responsible for death and destruction at the Capitol.

When asked by reporters on Friday if antifa activists had disguised themselves as Trump supporters during Wednesday's riots, D’Antuono responded: “We have no indication of that at this time.” <Source>

[OCS: A lesson in weasel-wording…

It appears that the word “evidence” is never really defined and can range from a sworn statement of what someone “believes” to actual recorded events or biometric exemplars.

Notice the specificity of the word “Antifa,” a loose collection of alleged anti-fascist groups. Notice that they do not use the more inclusive and accurate term, radical left-wing extremists.

Notice the use of the word “debunking,” as if a mere assertion of an observation in a point in time would be sufficient, in and of itself, to falsify an allegation.

Notice that characterization of an assertion as a “baseless conspiracy theory.” Remember when the CIA, DOJ, and FBI asserted that their involvement in the Trump/Russia collusion affair was just and proper and that any assertions to the contrary were just baseless conspiracy theories. Through documents and sworn testimony, those baseless conspiracy theories turned into “fact.” They illustrated the use of government propaganda on behalf of the progressive socialist democrats and their fellow travelers in the bureaucracy, sometimes referred to as the “deep state.”

And note the use of the words “at this time,” which provides for plausible explanations if they are found to be incorrect or caught in a lie.]

Now for some real debunking…

[OCS: Standing right next to the woman who was shot as she attempted to enter the House Chamber through a broken window in a barricaded door was a man dressed in black, known to be a violent agitator and a proponent of both Antifa and Black Lives Matter.]

Utah activist inside U.S. Capitol says woman killed was first to try and enter House chamber

A Utah activist who faces criminal charges in connection with a Provo protest he organized in June claims he attended a pro-Trump rally that turned into a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in order to see “the truth” about the protests for himself and the organization he represents.

Sullivan, who is the founder of Insurgence USA, a social justice group that calls itself anti-fascist and protests police brutality, was detained by Washington police for about an hour and a half Thursday night, a day after he talked to local and national media about what he witnessed Wednesday.

He was handcuffed the entire time, and said police questioned him about being inside the Capitol and witnessing the shooting death of one of the protesters. He was not arrested.

But some of the 40-minute video he posted to his social media sites contradicts his assertion that he and another woman were “only filming” the actions and not participating as he can be heard in the video encouraging people to join them as they push their way through police barricades.<Source>

You can’t trust the media moguls, tech tyrants, and “woke” corporations…

Imagine a Senator, representing his constituency, not making allegations of election fraud but asking the lawful authorities to investigate the claims of others before certifying the vote in a lawful, prudent manner. And, for this, there are loud calls for his ouster from the United States Senate.

When Congress met to certify the electoral votes – and the presidency for Joe Biden – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of the Senate's leading challengers. He led a group of 10 other senators that objected to various states' electoral votes being certified due to allegations of voting irregularities and constitutional concerns. His solution was to create an election commission that conducted an emergency audit over a 10-day period.

As a result of his objection, the Houston Chronicle is calling on Cruz to resign, saying he "knew exactly what he was doing" when he objected. The paper believes the Texas senator is responsible for the violence that ensued on Capitol Hill and resulted in numerous deaths.                                               

[OCS: It is a fact that without the electorate’s confidence in the integrity of any election, the entire concept of a representative democracy based on “one legal citizen, one vote” is forfeit to the most corrupt influences in the nation.

It is also a fact, notwithstanding the fanciful tales of Venezuelan dictators and other such nonsense, that the Democrats changed election law unconstitutionally to remove voting safeguards that protect against massive and systemic fraud. Ballots were cast illegally, through no fault of the voter, but by the directive of corrupt politicians and their surrogates.

Statistical analysis by credible individuals and organizations demonstrated that most anomalies were to the benefit of Joe Biden, whose previous lackluster performance and lack of campaigning made the numbers suspect. To believe that Biden could outperform Barack Obama in key areas demanded examination and explanation.

Yet, court after court ruled against conducting such examinations and requiring such explanations. The usual reasons for the denial were: it was too late to file, the plaintiffs lacked standing, or the court did not have jurisdiction or the ability to craft a remedy. But, no one heard the plea of the people petitioning their government.

And, if blame must be cast, it should be directed at Supreme Court Justice John Roberts who voted with the liberals to deny hearing a case which would have resolved the bulk of the issues before the election by ruling that the individual states must follow the U.S. Constitution and the laws of their respective states.

But, here we have the media blaming a Senator for rising to the challenge of a lifetime and requesting accountability before turning over the government to a group of hardcore radicals whose agenda did not bode well for America or Americans. In fact, that agenda promoted racism and favored hostile foreign powers.]

"A brilliant and frequent advocate before the U.S. Supreme Court and a former Texas solicitor general, Cruz knew exactly what he was doing, what he was risking and who he was inciting as he stood on the Senate floor Wednesday and passionately fed the farce of election fraud even as a seething crowd of believers was being whipped up by President Trump a short distance away," the paper's editorial board wrote.

The editorial board argued that Cruz compounded President Donald Trump's "lies" about voter fraud and the election. They shot down Cruz's assertion that any member of Congress that voted to certify the election would tell millions of Americans their concerns were unwarranted. <Source>

[OCS: What we have done to future elections remains unknown – but we do know that the present rules enable corruption and manipulation of our elections.]

The tech tyrants at work to de-platform conservatives…

Workers demand Amazon Web drop Parler over posts ‘inciting violence’ after Capitol riot


[OCS: Notwithstanding the similarity of the logo to the circle and “A” of Antifa… who are these relatively few to demand the silencing of thousands of individuals who are enjoying free speech on an independent platform of their own? Where were these fools when BLM and Antifa were using social media platforms not only to organize and incite violence but to implement burning down cities, assaulting and murdering American citizens?]

Bottom line…

Sorry, all you suburban white GOP Karens and Democrats, you can take your racist bullshit about white supremacy and shove it up your wazoo … We will not be silenced.

You do not need to riot or fight – resist by slowing things down to bollix up the works, just like the Democrats taught us.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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