Welcome, Day +65…

After the riots on Capitol Hill, Congressional business continued with several senators withdrawing their objections to certification of the election results in Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada. However, objections to the results in Arizona and Pennsylvania were sustained. In the House, a majority of Republican representatives voted down a proposal to reject Arizona’s certification of the state’s election results. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) voted in favor of the objection to Arizona’s certification.


This was not a picture of old-time patriotism. 


Ashley Babbitt attempts to climb through the broken window, is shot from the other side of the door, and falls backward into the crowd bleeding from a neck wound.

Let us take a minute to remember that a human being, a woman from San Diego, now identified as a 14-year Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt. While the exact circumstances are murky, it appears that there are reports that Babbitt was shot while climbing into the Capitol through a broken window. Babbitt served four tours with the US Air Force and was a high-level security official throughout her time in service. Three other individuals also died in “medical emergencies.”

In a display of utter callousness, the GOP’s Matt Schlapp told a nationwide audience on Fox News, “I understand there's a 16-year-old young woman who was shot. Now maybe she was doing terrible things and deserved to be shot ... we're the party that talks about law and order and respecting cops."

This was not a reemergence of the Tea Party; this was a mob event that many treated as a social event to give their lives meaning and garner a modicum of social standing among the Twitterati.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Democrats in Washington D.C. deliberately used a minimum of force on the mob, far less than was necessary to restore and preserve order – thus improving anti-Trump optics that could sway the Congressional response to any electoral challenges.

I am also of the opinion that there were trained agitators in the crowd that may have pushed the mob forward.

Moreover, I am distressed with the mainstream media, which characterizes today’s events as an “armed insurrection.” More like a riot with many individuals destroying equipment and stealing souvenirs.

The unfortunate consequences…


This would have been the perfect moment to use a beanbag round.

The devil went down to Georgia – and won…

It was extremely unhelpful that the GOP initially selected and supported two mediocre candidates to win critical races; even though they would have probably won absent the internal GOP dissent and external media distractions.

It was extremely unhelpful that the GOP did not present a coordinated attack on the Democrats – both candidates seemingly having their own disjointed messaging.

It was extremely unhelpful that Trump made it all about him and sucked the oxygen out of the the GOP efforts in Georgia. Teasing extraconstitutional actions that made having a Democrat Senate look like a rational check-and-balance. For this we can blame the GOP members of Congress who were, and remain, divided as to the direction of the party.

It was extremely unhelpful that GOP nut-bag attorney L. Lin Wood and attorney Sidney Powell advised Republicans to stay at home to punish the Republicans for not supporting Trump. This surely cost votes, perhaps enough to swing the election. That Trump did not immediately repudiate the wingnuts, may have made the difference in Georgia.

LlwL. Lin Wood appears to be a  very sick puppy.

It was supremely unhelpful that Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, decided to leak a tape of his conversation with President Trump at the last minute, suggesting wrongdoing, and thus ramping up anti-GOP sentiment which was repeated endlessly in the media echo chamber.

And, it was extremely unhelpful that all of the high-ranking Republicans in Georgia acted like bitchy little girls and appeared to be squishy liberal Democrats.

Thanks, GOP. For increasing the probabilities of higher taxes, more activist judges, crappier healthcare, and more racist social engineering.

Bottom line…

Not a good day for the GOP. Storming the Capitol was less effective than a mass display of silent strength and the threat of voter reprisals in 2022.

Just to be perfectly clear, there is no defense for those who breached the Capitol, and they need to be identified and prosecuted. Those in the media who are exploiting events and creating false narratives that tar thousands of law-abiding individuals for the actions of a relative few should be mocked and scorned. 

There is one saving grace. That is the batshit crazy things that Democrats said to consolidate their progressive base before the election were mostly meaningless. They were not “political promises made to be kept.” And, now that the Democrats will assume real political power, they will now have their utterances scrutinized and be held responsible for their actions. Yes, they can implement policies harmful to the United States, but knowing they could lose a major portion of the House and Senate in 2022 will moderate their positions.

That does not mean we are not screwed. It just means we may not be screwed as much as we imagined under a worst-case scenario.

-- steve

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