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Nothing much is happening on the surface, but that does not stop the progressives from using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to disparage the participants…

From Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton:

“Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah have formally joined Texas in its Supreme Court suit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—four battleground states who ran illegal and unconstitutional elections. The joining states agree with Texas: the defendant states exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify unlawfully enacting last-minute changes and ignoring both federal and state election laws, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election.” <Source>

The progressives are continuing to use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to disparage their opposition…

Erick Erickson: Ken Paxton, facing FBI probe, 'would love' a presidential pardon

Influential conservative commentator Erick Erickson says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s “absurd” lawsuit against the results of the 2020 election could be more about staying on President Trump’s good side and scoring a presidential pardon than anything else.

Mr. Erickson said the attorneys general from other states that have rallied behind the legal push “are willing to beclown themselves and their states all to get in good with the losing presidential candidate.”

“Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, is under a federal investigation and would love a presidential pardon,” Mr. Erickson said in his daily email blast. “His lawsuit is just more performative leg humping by someone desperate to curry favor with President Trump.” <Source>

Pennsylvania AG calls Ted Cruz a 'sad sack' after Trump asks for his help in Texas lawsuit

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) a “sad sack” after President Trump asked him to argue Texas’s election lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

During an interview on CNN, Chris Cuomo asked Shapiro what he thought of Cruz reportedly agreeing to argue the case to the Supreme Court, should the court decide to hear it.

"He has proven himself to be neither a genius in the law or a genius, frankly, in terms of an EQ,” Shapiro said of Cruz. “He is a sad sack.” <Source>

From Michigan:

Michigan’s Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision refused to hear a lawsuit that alleged electoral malfeasance and requested the Court take possession of all election-related materials including ballots, poll books, and equipment to preserve evidence while the legislature investigates allegations of fraud, audit the vote, and “finish its constitutionally-mandated work to pick Michigan's electors.”

The Court clearly wanted to side-step the matter, noting, “I do not think it is an appropriate exercise of this Court’s discretion to prolong the uncertainty over the legal status of this election’s outcome. This Court routinely chooses not to hear cases which raise interesting and unsettled legal questions in the abstract when we conclude the case would be a poor practical vehicle for addressing those questions. I consider it imprudent to hear this matter, a conclusion only amplified by my view that it is irresponsible to continue holding out the possibility of a judicial solution to a political dispute that needs to be resolved with finality.” 

Your funny for today…

It appears that former President Barack Obama is complaining that his connection with conservative Americans was disrupted by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

"I ended up getting enormous support in these pretty conservative, rural, largely white communities when I was a senator, and that success was repeated when I ran for president in the first race in Iowa," Obama said during a discussion at PEN America's virtual gala on Tuesday evening.”

"By my second year in office, I’m not sure if I could make that same connection, because now those same people are filtering me through Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and an entire right-wing or conservative media infrastructure that was characterizing me in a way that suggested I looked down on those folks or had nothing in common with them," he added.” <Source>

As a constitutional conservative, I seem to remember it had something to do with communism, corruption, cronyism, Clinton, never-ending scandals, and an un-American viewpoint.

In other news…

It is one thing to be ignorant, but quite another to be deliberately and maliciously a proponent of progressive and un-American policies that favor criminals over victims…

George Gascón was a disaster as a Soros-funded District Attorney in San Francisco, and now that city is in ruins, he has moved on to become the Soros-funded Los Angeles County District Attorney…

In the name and rhetoric of “reimagining” criminal prosecutions in Los Angeles County:

Gascón will no longer seek the death penalty for even the most heinous of crimes because he believes it is biased toward class and minority discrimination.

Gascón will no longer charge juveniles as adults even though a juvenile can easily commit murder and mayhem. Thus giving a pass to gangs that use underage children as enforcers and hitmen.

Gascón will not file nor prosecute "first-time misdemeanor offenses associated with poverty and mental health." His office will not contest the release of anyone in those categories that are currently incarcerated.

Gascón is implementing a “no bail” or “bail based upon your ability to pay” even though the purpose of bail is to keep the bad guys in jail or guarantee their court appearance.

Gascón will no longer seek sentence enhancements for firearm use during a crime or gang membership. Gascón has pledged to review thousands of cases that used sentence enhancement. Except, Gascón is likely to charge law-abiding citizens who use a firearm in self-defense.

Gascón has promised to review thousands of old “use of force” cases and re-open the ones he believes were decided incorrectly.

The City and County of Los Angeles, ruled by a cabal of self-righteous, ideologically-driven progressive socialist Democrat zealots, is quickly morphing into another fully dysfunctional city like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Flint, and many others.

…or promulgates an un-constitutional, anti-self-defense law like the one added to the City of Dublin, California’s Municipal Code…


Title 5 – Public Welfare
Chapter 5.89 -- Safe Firearm Storage

No person shall keep a firearm within any residence unless the firearm is stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock.

Exceptions for peace officers, individuals carrying the firearm in accordance with applicable law.     

If you think you can control your own behavior in your own private residence, think again.

Idiotically, the measure “seeks to curb access to firearms by children and other unauthorized individuals” -- as a “public health and safety” measure seeking to curb unintentional shootings by children and suicides, particularly youth suicides."

There will always be those curious children or those with malicious intent that will find a way to defeat any safeguards surrounding a forbidden object or simply steal a weapon from a less-hardened target. As for suicide, the ways are too numerous and inventive to describe. I personally know one individual, now living a happier, productive life as a gay man, that was accidentally caught by a security guard before they could throw themselves off a multi-story building on a college campus.

One might ask, are these efforts simply well-intentioned acts of misguided progressive politicians, or are they something more sinister like a concerted effort to disarm law-abiding citizens and render them powerless before a tyrannical state? Or, as we have recently seen, powerless against ideologically-driven mobs whipped into a frenzy by partisan activists and professional and trained agitators?

In these days of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrat's wholesale dumping of criminals into our communities, what other conclusions can you draw?

Hey! Gascón, speaking of justice and the death penalty…

Boo effin’ Hoo…

“The U.S. government executed Brandon Bernard by lethal injection Thursday, despite nationwide outcry and last-minute appeals to have his execution halted.”

“Tonight, those of us who love Brandon Bernard — and we are many — are full of righteous anger and deep sadness at the actions of the federal government in taking his life,” said Robert C. Owen, Bernard’s attorney. Brandon’s life mattered. To us, his legal team; to his two beautiful and talented daughters; to his mother, brother, and sister; and to the countless people around the country who came to know him and his story in recent weeks." <Source>

"I pray that even in his death, Brandon will advance his commitment to helping others by moving us closer to a time when this country does not pointlessly and maliciously kill young Black men who pose no threat to anyone, when we hold prosecutors to the highest standards of integrity in every case, and when our leaders exercise their moral authority where it is needed," Robert Owen wrote. "We were proud to call Brandon our client and our friend, and we will miss him greatly." <Source> [OCS: Owens is a douchebag – this is not a young black man who posed no threat to anyone – this was a vicious killer who tortured, killed, and then burned his victims, one still alive.]

Sorry, my sympathy is with the victims, one of which was deliberately burned alive…

“Brandon Bernard and his accomplices brutally murdered two youth ministers, Todd and Stacie Bagley, on a military reservation in 1999. After Todd Bagley agreed to give a ride to several of Bernard’s accomplices, they pointed a gun at him, forced him and Stacie into the trunk of their car, and drove the couple around for hours while attempting to steal their money and pawn Stacie’s wedding ring.  While locked in the trunk, the couple spoke with their abductors about God and pleaded for their lives.  The abductors eventually parked on the Fort Hood military reservation, where Bernard and another accomplice doused the car with lighter fluid as the couple, still locked in the trunk, sang and prayed.  After Stacie said, “Jesus loves you,” and ‘Jesus, take care of us’ one of the accomplices shot both Todd and Stacie in the head—killing Todd and knocking Stacie unconscious.  Bernard then lit the car on fire, killing Stacie through smoke inhalation.” <Source> [OCS: There was no proof Stacie was unconscious when she was deliberately burned alive! If there is any“righteous anger and deep sadness at the actions of the federal government in taking his life, it should be that they should have executed this animal years ago. “We the People” have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is ok to feel sorry for his relatives, but he chose his path knowing right from wrong. Had this crime occurred today in Gascón’s California, it probably would have brought celebrity status, a book deal, and a movie contract for executing those evil, right-wing evangelical Christians. ]

Bottom line…

Am I the only one who believes that the progressive socialist democrats, in reality, communists, want to further divide America along racial lines with their Marxist clap-trap like Critical Race Theory, class warfare, and intersectional sexual politics to bring about a revolution for the purposes of grabbing authoritarian control of America?

For those who are quick to scream “right-wing conspiracy theory,” have we not witnessed, along with sworn testimony and documentary evidence, the subversion of our major intelligence and law enforcement agencies by left-wing Marxist zealots like former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and their fellow travelers?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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