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“Louie Louie, oh no, you take me where ya gotta go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby…”

It is, indeed, a strange day when House Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) files a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to have the Court validate Vice President Pence’s authority to overturn the results of the 2020 general elections.

What Gohmert is doing is requesting that a federal judge to hear a case alleging that the Electoral Count Act of 1887, which requires the vice president to affirm the winner of the elections, is unconstitutional. The remedy requested is to grant Vice President Pence the authority to appoint pro-Trump electors and allow President Trump to remain as President – even in the face of a declared Biden victory.

"We continue to hold out hope that there is a federal judge who understands that the fraud that stole this election will mean the end of our republic, and this suit would insure that the Vice-President will only accept electors legitimately and legally elected. There must be an opportunity for a day in court when fraud was this prevalent."

“It is for this reason that I and other plaintiffs have filed a complaint for expedited declaratory and emergency injunctive relief to seek judgement from the court on the Vice President's authority when presiding over the Senate during the Joint Session of Congress. We are asking the court to uphold the powers laid out in the United States Constitution which grant the Vice President the exclusive authority and sole discretion in determining which electoral votes to count. As outlined in the filing, the Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional because it directs Vice President Pence to legitimize electoral votes in violation of the Electors Clause and limits or eliminates his Twelfth Amendment authority to determine which slates of electors should be counted and which, if any, may not be counted.  This is fundamental because no statute can constitutionally supply rules to the extent that such statute violates the U.S. Constitution. <Source>

For those wishing to read the lawsuit as filed: COMPLAINT FOR EXPEDITED DECLARATORY AND EMERGENCY INJUNCTIVE RELIEF (Case 6:20-cv-00660 Document 1 Filed 12/27/20)

Mo and Mo…

And then there is House Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), who suggests that “dozens” of House Republicans may object to the Electoral College results on January 6th when a joint session of Congress meets to tally the electoral votes.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Brooks cited “overwhelming” and “compelling” evidence of “serious voter fraud and election theft” and further claimed, “There are dozens in the House of Representatives who have reached that conclusion, as I have. We’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and maybe more depending on where we collectively want to go.”

The Mitt Romney School of GOPussification…

Senator John Thune (R-SD) told reporters last week that ANY attempt to contest the election results before Congress is “going down like a shot dog. I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense to put everybody through this when you know what the ultimate outcome is going to be."

The Senate’s No. 2 Republican said Monday that any attempt by a handful of House conservatives to challenge the Electoral College’s results proclaiming Joe Biden the next president is “going down like a shot dog.”

Senator John Thune said he knows of no senators who have committed to join an effort by several House Republicans to challenge Biden’s election when Congress convenes Jan. 6 to count certificates of electoral votes, usually a ceremonial process.

“The thing they’ve got to remember is, it’s just not going anywhere. I mean, in the Senate it would go down like a shot dog,” Thune told reporters. “And I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense to put everybody through this when you know what the ultimate outcome is going to be.” <Source>

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) characterized those fighting the system as “congressional grifters” trying to attract media attention or raise money.


I wonder how history will judge those nameless Representatives and Senators who did nothing as the communists took over the United States by buying politicians -- and without firing a shot?

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is John McCain in drag…

For all of you who are looking at Lindsey Graham as a leader in a post-Trump GOP --- While Americans are suffering from a communist China pandemic and losing their life savings, our elected representatives are shoveling taxpayer money abroad to support democracy where none can exist, and gender studies where religious demands control the lives of women.

Senator Graham defending a $25 million present to Pakistan... "Pakistan is a place I really worry about. Eighty-five countries a woman can't open up a bank account without her husband's signature. She can't inherit property. If you're a young girl in Pakistan life is pretty tough. So we're trying to make life better for women throughout the world. 

Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t Pakistan the world's fifth-most populous country with the world's second-largest Muslim population practicing Islam, which is a theocratic authoritarian political system and far from a democracy? A culture that demands women be treated in a prescribed manner and unlikely to be changed until the religion is reformed? A corrupt nuclear nation that has proliferated nuclear technology and created ISIS to protect its borders? So how can you defend $10 million for “gender programs” and $15 million for “democracy programs?”

Either this is a covert bribe or a sick joke on the American taxpayer?

Bottom line…

Ending on a fun note that is driving election conspiracy theorists bat-shit crazy.

According to the twits on Twitter, it appears that, according to a LinkedIn entry, a Ron Raffensperger worked as the Chief Technology Officer of Communist China-linked Huawei Enterprise Storage Solutions based in Shenzhen, China. Is this Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s brother? At least political consultant Dick Morris thinks he is. Of course Morris hawks gold and dodgy medical advice on his show, so he is not the most credible of sources. One might ask why The Gateway Pundit published the information and then disappeared it from their site? Breaking news or crap broken news? Spin that!

We continue to be screwed.

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