Welcome to Day + 51 … as we approach Christmas, things appear to be winding down somewhat -- except for the pushback from those accused of voting machine-related wrongdoing.


On the election front…

It appears that Dominion and SmartMatic have scared the bejesus out of some media companies with their demand for retraction letters from their respective lawyers, primarily those who gave access to Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, and to a lesser extent Rudy Giuliani.

And Dr. Eric Coomer, the Director of Product Strategy and Security for Dominion Voting Systems, has filed suit against the Trump Campaign, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and others for placing him “at the center of a national conspiracy to fraudulently elect the President of the United States.”

If anything, it appears that those bringing suits against various states alleging election fraud, including fantastical claims of foreign origins of voting equipment and other oddities, have not gotten to any court to present their evidence, nor does their evidence extend beyond unvetted declarations and affidavits from third parties. Even worse, although many of these Trump-affiliated parties throw around the words “election fraud,” it seems that fraud is not being alleged in their lawsuits, and they rely on allegations of unconstitutional or illegal procedural irregularities.

In one surprising move, a Delaware Court Judge presiding over an unaffiliated Carter Page lawsuit takes L. Lin Wood to task, apparently for his other non-Delaware election-related cases and says, “It appears to the Court that, since the granting of Mr. Wood's motion he has engaged in conduct in other jurisdictions, which, had it occurred in Delaware, would violate the Delaware Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct.”

Going case-by-case, the Judge notes, “Mr. Wood's conduct in filing this false affidavit violates DRPC 1.1 (Competence), 3.1 (Meritorious Claims and Contentions), 3.3 (Candor to the Tribunal), 4.1(a) (Truthfulness in Statements/False Statement of Material Fact), and Misconduct (Dishonesty and Deceit).” All of this questioning L. Lin Woods’ fitness to appear in his Court. “All of the foregoing gives the Court concerns as to the appropriateness of continuing the order granting Mr. Wood authorization to appear in this Court pro hac vice.”

Both Giuliani and Powell are still promising bombshells to come in the near future – something we have heard numerous times before. The only thing I regret is that they have apparently dragged Lt. General Michael Flynn down their rabbit hole.

Even the City of Detroit is pushing back.

Detroit Is Trying To Punish Sidney Powell For ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit—Legal Experts Say It Could Work

The city of Detroit is asking a federal judge to impose sanctions against attorney Sidney Powell and other lawyers involved in filing the infamous “Kraken” lawsuit, which the city argues was “frivolous” and was filed for the “improper” purpose of “undermining people’s faith in the democratic process.” <Source>

Will the politicians voluntarily give up their “emergency” powers?

With the pandemic providing an excuse for governors and others to wield exceptional powers over their respective residents, one wonders if that power will be relinquished without a fight? Not easily, it seems, they are now talking about a more virulent or easily-spreadable mutant virus – and the need to keep their “emergency powers.”

Why is South Africa's new variant so scary? UK bans all arrivals from SA where highly contagious Covid mutant is driving massive second wave among young people

  • Cases in South Africa have spiked from 3,000 to 9,500 per day in three weeks
  • New strain announced last Friday and accounts for up to 90% of SA's new cases
  • Strain called 501.V2 believed to be more extreme than one discovered in Britain
  • Two cases of SA mutant detected in Britain, Hancock calls it 'highly concerning' 
  • Scientists say it is more transmissible but so far not believed to be more deadly
  • More than 100 flights thought to have flown between UK and SA since October
  • Experts in South Africa warn: 'Maybe the virus is beginning to outsmart us'
  • UK, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Mauritius banned flights from SA <Source>

Biden Coronavirus Task Force’s Osterholm on New Virus Variant: ‘Nothing Will Stop This Virus From Transmitting’

Tuesday, Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, weighed in on the new strain of COVID-19 popping up in the United Kingdom.

After emphasizing the need for better testing, Osterholm told CNN’s “New Day” that the new variant goes to show that “nothing will stop this virus from transmitting country to country.”

“The U.S.’s program for sequencing these virus strains has actually been far under what we need,” Osterholm stated. “We need much better testing right now. The second thing is, remember, this has all emerged within the last couple of weeks. And so, the testing of only the strains within really the last two to three weeks would probably have given us the idea of how much of this is coming in from the U.K. or, for that matter, anywhere else. Let’s just be really clear right now: Nothing will stop this virus from transmitting country to country. Our job is to slow it down.” <Source>

Is the Biden team attempting to create their own virus legacy and to demonstrate the inadequacy of the Trump response?

Bottom line…

We see a massive loss of faith, trust, and credibility in our government institutions and news media.

To say we are screwed is an understatement.

-- steve

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