Welcome to Day + 43 and the last gasp of hope…


It appears that the chattering classes are faced with the improbability of a congressional challenge to electoral vote certifications and challenges to the seating of specific electors during the January 6th joint session of Congress.

The process is well-defined, but the outcome is uncertain even though some Republican “electors” who cast alternate votes were not authorized by any state official and do not have any legal status or standing. Vice President Pence, acting as the head of the Senate, does not have the authority to decide which electors are valid. It is also unknown what would happen if a Representative and a Senator from the State in question would rise to issue a challenge.  

Although Democrat electors in the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada are casting their votes for Joe Biden, slates of Republican electors in those states cast votes for President Trump just in case legal challenges succeed. The Governor of Georgia used State Police to lock GOP representatives out of the capitol.

Speculation and punditry continue.

Housekeeping: One reader asked why I appeared to be so dismissive of the Antrim County “Forensic Audit” …

“After reading the 23-pages of the so-called preliminary forensics audit report, with redactions of unknown material, and which contained extraneous information relating to the ownership of Dominion and its relation to foreign actors, I am not impressed. I was expecting the petitioner to use a well-known group of security experts with serious election system design and integrity issues.” <Source>

First, I can find no credible references for the auditing company in regards to previous cyber-security engagements. Second, the firm's major principals appear to be partisan businessmen without any credentials that would lend credibility to their ability to conduct a valid forensic audit of a voting system. Third, there are unexplained redactions in the report. And fourth and foremost, this document would probably not be allowed in court during a challenge related to third-party expert testimony.

In a motion to exclude the testimony of the firm’s co-owner and spokesperson, Russell James Ramsland, Jr. (Case 1:20-cv-04809-TCB Document 60 Filed 12/05/20), we can see others have come to the same conclusion. Especially the sufficiency, particularity, and specificity of the preliminary report; “Instead, Ramsland appears to be parroting analyses from other unidentified individuals who claim to possess expertise that he does not. This alone is more than sufficient to exclude his report.”


While I am skeptical of the potential for mass fraud in the “adjudication” process, I do not see where anyone examined original ballot images and reviewed them against the original documents or adjudication logs. I suggest you download the forensics audit report itself and the court filing using the above links and judge for yourself. While I would like to believe the findings, there is no way that this report should be publicized or accepted without scrutiny.


What we have learned in 2020…


Bottom line…

I cannot believe the Democrats continue to spew bald-faced lies, knowing that the media will cover their asses, just as I cannot believe that anyone would deliberately create a software system that was defective by design.

The battle goes on as the GOP capitulates on a number of fronts.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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