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How can one explain why Republican politicians are refusing to obey their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law? Are these people destroying America in favor of their self-interests, namely their reputations and their cushy positions? Placing their position, prestige, perks, privileges, and profits above their obligation to their Country, Constitution, and Constituents?

Georgia’s top law enforcement officer and Governor…


Georgia’s top election official and Legislature…


All Republicans and all appear obeisant to the Democrats and mainstream media.

A suspicious security video in the news?

Here we appear to have media sources claiming that they have security video and sworn testimony, under the penalty of perjury, claiming that an election worker allegedly told poll-watchers and the media that counting would cease and after they left, the counting continued, And, it appears that containers which may have contained ballots were removed from under a table and processed – without poll watchers present.

Some pointing to a large spike in votes for Biden as prima facie proof that the ballot box was being stuffed.

But do we really know what happened? Are those purported “hidden” votes simply stored out of the way because they were a trip and fall hazard? Did the containers contain ballots that were properly processed and awaiting counting? Nobody really knows at this point in time. Were the people who dismissed the envelope openers and processors who had already finished opening ballots?  Are the containers, characterized as “suitcases,” simply wheeled vote transporters?

The reason that sworn testimony must be challenged in official proceedings is that people can honestly believe what they thought they heard and observed -- and testify to that understanding as fact. This video proves absolutely nothing.


How the media explains this away…


Video Doesn’t Show ‘Suitcases’ of Illegal Ballots in Georgia

The Trump campaign is falsely claiming that surveillance camera footage captured election workers in Georgia adding thousands of illegal ballots that were brought into an Atlanta facility in suspicious “suitcases” on election night.

The campaign presented the video to Georgia state lawmakers on Dec. 3. President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, wrote on Twitter the same day: “The video tape doesn’t lie. Fulton County Democrats stole the election. It’s now beyond doubt.”

But state officials told us that the full video shows the supposed “suitcases” were actually standard containers used to secure ballots, and that the ballots in question were opened and prepared for counting earlier in the night in full view of observers. They said the campaign presented limited, selective parts of the footage.

That’s based on their review of the day’s video footage in full. Also, even though observers from the parties and press left the room before vote counting resumed, officials said, a state election board monitor and investigator from the Secretary of State’s office both returned to watch the counting until its completion.

Left unclear, though, is whether the observers and news media who were in the room were ever told by any election worker, explicitly or implicitly, to leave because the vote counting had ceased, as we’ll explain. Republicans allege that happened. Fulton County’s election director has disputed that claim.

What is the correct answer?

I would assume that the top election official, Brad Raffensperger, would have called the top law enforcement officer, Chris Carr, to request a Grand Jury hearing before releasing a statement. Thus, all parties could be sworn and testify and the matter could be resolved without hundreds of hours of speculation by all parties. At least the Governor has asked the Secretary of State to conduct a “signature audit” which proves little or nothing in terms of reversing the certification.

Bottom line…

As the saying goes, The GOP is like a purple unicorn, they are there for you right up to the moment you need them.

The real proof of election fraud lies in a voting system that lacks transparency, that observers were bullied and could not fully observe the proceedings, and there was major motivation (Orange Man is Hitler), means (obvious), and opportunity.

After the Russia/Trump/Flynn hoaxes, can you trust the government and its top elected officials? 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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